Know Our Capabilities and Why We Rock As a Team

Ruling the IT industry for more than a decade, our stupendous team of experts comes up with innovative and cost-effective solutions that have helped our clients rule the roost. Our adamant approach towards maintaining quality without compromise, in every solution we provide, has helped us emerge as a number one IT solutions provider across various business segments. Unleash how the potential of each of our team members contributes to our success.

Himanshu Mistry

Founder & CEO

Beginning this small IT venture with a zeal to achieve success by delivering quality solutions, Himanshu emerged as a successful entrepreneur. Banking on his skills and capabilities to execute a variety of products, during the initial stages, he gained complete knowledge about how IT can transform businesses. Utilizing this knowledge he created a talented team who had accurate knowledge about ins and outs of various IT solutions. Today, he stands out as a successful CEO delivering marvelous business results.

Jignesh Nakrani

CO-Founder & CTO

Partnering with Himanshu to create this successful IT venture, Jignesh Nakarni served as a main pillar to help XongoLab stand out successfully. Working as a Chief Technical Officer in XongoLab, Jignesh steers a variety of projects and manages various technical aspects of a project. Being experienced in various technologies, he decides the development life cycle for every solution offered by XongoLab. Strategy & Planning, Implementation & Deployment and operational Management are the chief areas he excels at.

Pradip Dash

Project Delivery Manager

Consistently delivering quality at cost-effective rates, our project delivery manager, Pradip Dash, stands out as an exemplary leader in the field of project management. Shouldering the responsibility of each and every project, Pradip helps accomplish them as per the deadline set by our clients. Efficient time and people management is his forte which helps him in successful delivery of project. Taking total control over the project right from the outset, he ensures that each aspect is meticulously handled.

ankit patel

Ankit Patel

Sales & Marketing Manager

Helping XongoLab clinch a variety of projects, Ankit Patel has played a pivotal role in the success of XongoLab. Coordinating with different departments to accomplish various tasks, he ensures that every section of the organization works in synergy and contributes to the overall growth of the company. Being an experienced sales/marketing manager, he prepares the desiderata for clinching various clients from across the world.

Hitendra Zala

Android Manager

Delivering a number of Android based solutions to our versatile customer base, Hitendra Zala, our Leading Android Manager, owes the credit for helping XongoLab accomplish a host of successful Android solutions. Helping clients advance using the best and latest Android tools and technologies, Hitendra stands out as a successful developer of Android solutions across various business segments. His mastery and knowledge of the platform helped him scale heights of success.

Sagar Dabhi

iOS Manager

With a passion for various functionalities this Apple owned operating system possesses, Sagar Dabhi designs the right iOS solutions for our clients. Implementing his knowledge on the various tools and technologies iOS SDK offers, Sagar has helped a number of businesses pave their way to success through the right iOS solution. His zeal to create result-oriented solutions has helped XongoLab clinch a variety of projects.

Pratik Balochiya

MERN Stack Manager

Pratik Balochiya, our MERN Stack Manager, is a team-player who believes in ‘Never Say Die’ attitude. With mastery over various JavaScript based technologies, Our MERN Stack Manager, Pratik, has helped us craft a number of outstanding solutions. Understanding client requirements in detail, Pratik helps a number of clients create products which make sales a piece of cake.


Kishansinh Parmar

Flutter Manager

Kishansinh Parmar is able and eager to learn new technologies before they become widely available. He delivers a wide variety of verticals in flutter platform. Who believe in "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard".


Nimesh Vaghasiya

UI UX Designer

Understanding each project both from the client and user point of view, our UI/UX designer churns out solutions that deliver actual results. With a deep knowledge of how different user interface elements interact with each other, Nimesh perfects each solution. Assessing user requirements, he helps frame a user design that leaves end users enchanted.

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