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The tradition and work culture is roving with businesses depending more on the efforts of the team instead of individuals managing the entire project singlehandedly. The emergence of DevOps is an innovative solution that has built a bridge to connect the team members of development and operation department. XongoLab uses it to accelerate the development processes of software and application in an attempt to render relatively high velocity DevOps development services.

Joining Hands With Trusted DevOps Development Company

Being a fervent DevOps development company, we develop astonishing individualism for our customers by combining brilliantly designed solutions and interfaces with austerely tested code. Our team of DevOps solution providers provide backup and failure recovery application ops, cloud consulting, migration and infrastructure management services.

We render flexible DevOps development services on various cloud platforms like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and many more. Our agile solutions prevent companies from working with a silo mentality and allow standardizing and automating of various operational and development tasks for the company’s steady functioning and constant improvement. We are open, honest and sincere in dealings and ensure to fulfill our commitments. We pursue excellence in whatever we do.

Faster delivery of products implies more workflow that leads to better turnover of capital. We are having a prominent niche in the assessment of DevOps and a pool of dedicated DevOps service providers who study and analyze IT operation applications along with the recent ways to develop workflow of a firm. Our skilled DevOps specialists will render you complete support and assistance straight away.

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Expand Your Business With Our DevOps Development Services

Looking forward to launch your startup and rival with gigantic players, XongoLab can help you in achieving what you deserve. Competent to create dynamic and smart solutions using this technology, we emerge as an absolute DevOps service providers. We create impactful digital development solutions by means of proven commercial and open-source technologies that appropriately meet with our client needs. You can have a glance on vivid DevOps services that we provide.

Development Solutions

Our DevOps development solutions help a firm to align with its goals, reliably and rapidly, producing superlative software-based services and products.

Configuration Management

We assist in managing your code and automate them with cloud platform. Apart from this, our said services make your web server and services available for your clients.

Forecast and Alerting

We keep a constant watch on the software to pre-empt hurdles prior to our occurrence and take immediate actions to overcome the hurdles before it is being noticed by clients.

Infrastructure Automation

By implementing automation and IaC (infrastructure as code), we alleviate human inaccuracies and minimize the delays in rendering the solutions while boosting employee happiness and productivity.

DevOps Consulting Services

Our domain proficiency covers server support, server orchestration, virtualization and security of server. To accelerate the process of launching your services, leverage our DevOps consulting services

Platform-As-A-Service (Paas)

We provide a framework for developing, customizing and deploying apps to cover the major needs of a business like API management, support across various cloud platforms and seamless integration.

Integration & Deployment

We blend shared fundamental repository with individual’s work products for tighter integration, early bug detection and to render latest developments for testing.

Infrastructure Monitoring

We continuously monitor your logs, infrastructure and applications for quick incident management, improved collaboration and enhanced customer experience.

Support & Maintenance

We grant you complete access on our team via chat, ticket systems, email or Skype to know anything about the DevOps services.

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How DevOps works?

  • Continuous Planning & Development

    Development phase involves identifying the targets which you want to attain through the developed software. It includes application’s planning and coding and then promoting the codes up to the development stage with the help of automated deploys.

  • Continuous Testing

    Testing phase is a vital part of developing software that involves automated examination of the developed software for bugs. The testing is carried out to render constant feedback on the business risks and to make sure that the software is perfect and bug free.

  • Continuous Integration

    The Integration process being a seamless involves the integration of changed or new code with the pre-existing code. After code integration, the new code is verified with an automated build pipeline, enabling the developers to figure out & rectify the errors immediately.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Monitoring stage involves observing the software to record the vital information like weakness and risks in the software. The developers monitor the software constantly so that they can perform on-time correction of errors.



  • Faster Deployment

    A business can benefit itself by deploying latest systems and applications in a more efficient and enhanced manner, while keeping the effectiveness intact. Continual deployment and innovation becomes synonyms to each other and makes the deployment quicker and easier.

  • Ample Time To Innovate

    After the implementation of DevOps, your business streamlines processes as well as improves efficiency, thereby leaving ample time in your work schedule to brainstorm and develop new ideas, resulting in the growth and success of your business.

  • Rapid Problem Solver

    It is quite obvious to face problems while running a firm. The more time it consumes to fix an issue, the more cash bleeds from your firm’s coffers. Implementing the processes of this technology permits you to crack the problems rapidly, thereby enabling you to get-back on the track sooner.

  • Adieu defects

    In the production environment of an application, defects are the worst enemies of an app. With the invasion of this technology, flaws and defects have become almost negligible, thus making it a perfect technique and instant solution to manage defects.

Web & App Showcase

Our dedicated team of developers frequently reinvents and update themselves with the most recent trends and technologies to deliver the most upgraded mobile applications and website.

Technology Stack

Technology changes daily, hence it’s actually essential to become accustomed with the latest technical landscape. XongoLab caters for the unmet needs of the customer harnessing budding digital technologies quickly and creatively. Creative skills are blended with technical knowledge by our developers for carving out DevOps development services of finest level.




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With proud we can state that from the date of our company’s foundation we have rendered our development services to many companies varying in sizes and shapes and coming from various business sectors. The diverse industry verticals served by our company belongs to agriculture, manufacturing, electronics, infrastructure, retail, logistics, smart home, food, utilities, hospitality, and many more.

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95% of satisfied clients have appreciated our work and recommended us to other clients.

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