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Taking your business way ahead of your competitors, Xongolab provides cutting-edge on demand courier app development services which focus on knitting a digital infrastructure from the scratch with intricacies of friendly UI and customised features. We have excelled at the art of creating robust and appealing courier apps that are uniquely crafted to help your business gain success. We provide the best business solution at most reasonable price.


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Foremost On Demand Courier App Development Company

With a team of expert courier app developers, we envision to deliver the best and tailor-made on demand app development services which helps your couier business spread its reach. As the technology is taking over our lifestyle, major audience has to be reached through an efficient and user friendly online platform. Our proficient on demand courie delivery app development services ensure that the courier app development projects which we execute are upgraded with latest technology and the flexibility of working on diverse platforms like iOS, Android, Windows or Cross-platforms, so that you don’t miss out on your customer base.

For taking your courier business forward, it is necessary to improve efficiencies, save costs and impress more customers. We, as an on demand courier app development company, have got your back. With an automated delivery management system developed by our courier app developers, you can manage and track every step of delivery through your mobile. Our on demand courier delivery app development services ensure that your app provides the most basic features like tracking and tracing of parcel, online order entry and monetary accounts management to advanced features such as locating nearest courier fetching address.

We are well-versed in technologies such as PHP, Node.JS, React.JS, React Native, Flutter, Android, Swift, and MongoDB, which enables them to understand and accommodate diverse development demands of our clients to deliver a customised and unique web application. With our courier delivery app development services let you send the tracking link directly to the customer to trace the consignment from start to end with better GPS and activity recognition when the consignment is moved from one place to another. It also provides you an option of checking the price of transport the parcel between mid-stations.

Striking Features of Courier On Demand App Development Services

The powerful features which we incorporate in our courier applications help your business perfectly meet its unique requirements. We also come up with exceptional features which no other courier app has got. With our on demand courier app development services, you can stay carefree regarding the quality and expenses. With an option of choosing from a different hiring models, you can worry less about the unwanted overheads.

Best Solution

With a team of dedicated and well-versed courier app developers, we provide the best courier delivery app development solutions precisely fulfilling your needs.

In-Time Delivery

Our developers make themselves accountable to you by regular reporting the progress of the project and delivery it in time.

Hiring Models

Based on your requirement, you can choose from different hiring models to work for you, either full-time or hourly, on-site or off-site, with rates.

on demand courier app development


With the trust our clients put in us, we make sure none of the details are leaked to anyone outside the project team. We maintain extreme confidentiality.


The courier apps we create provide you the opportunity to change or add any feature or customizable solution at future point of time.

Affordable and Productive

Our courier delivery app development is not only cost-effective but is also made best-in-class by the expertise of our coders.

Courier Delivery - Customer App

We are including as more as possible features in the courier delivery customer app like social media integration, live tracking, payment gateway, panic button and more. Have a look below screens of our courier customer app!!

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Courier Delivery - Courier Boy App

We are including as more as possible features in the courier delivery boy app like document verification, track customer location, digital signature, push notifications and more. Have a look below screens of our courier driver app!!

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Courier Delivery Admin Panel

With a stunning layout, our admin panel helps you to manage easily all data like customer, delivery boy, courier services, payment reports and more. Have a look below screens of our courier driver admin panel!!

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Courier Delivery Website

With a user-friendly website, customers can easily book the courier delivery. Customer and driver both will use the website as an application with the same process and features. Have a look below screens of our courier delivery website!!

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Advantage of On Demand Courier App Development

  • Efficient Delivery Management System
  • GPS Enabled Tracking and Tracing of Parcel
  • Improved Location Finding
  • Option of Enabling Push Notifications Regarding Shipping Events
  • Barcode Scanning & Digital Signature
  • In-app Payment Method & Local Wallet
  • Instant Signature Capture on Delivery
  • Instant Cancellation of Consignment Booking
  • Technical Services
  • Advanced Customised Features
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do We Charge for App Development?

The price differs based on the size of project, the feature you want to add and the platforms you want your app to run. You can request a quote from us by mailing us your requirements.

What is The Timeframe Required for App Development?

Starting from understanding your requirements and accommodating them, planning, development and launching, it takes approximately 15 days to a month for courier app development to complete the development.

What are Cross-platform and Native-platform Apps?

Cross-platform apps are developed with the aim of running the apps in different platform like iOS, Android and Windows, using the same framework. Native-platform apps are built for a single platform, i.e. the framework created for iOS will not work in android and vice versa.

Can You Help a Non-technical Person to Use the App?

On Demand app development services have worked with non-technical people before. Our developers are very patient and understanding. They put in every effort to understand your requirements and make sure that you get what you asked for.

What Technology You Use to Track the Consignments?

Courier app development services prefer to rely on Google maps for the GPS tracking of the consignments. However, we can work with other maps too as per the demand of your customers.

Do You Provide Maintenance and Upgrade Services?

– We have a dedicated team of IT professionals who are available 24*7 to provide any technical assistance through message, whatsapp, or call.
– We also provide support and maintenance services.
– Our developers keep themselves updated regarding the latest technologies and make sure that the apps they develop are latest and bug-free.

What Makes My App Successful?

Our team of developers research and study the latest trends of the app store and understand what features make an app successful. They suggest required changes and addition of features to you so as to make your app gain more customer base.

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