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Gojek Like Clone App

Gojek like clone app, a comprehensive platform hosts innumerable on-demand services like handyman, car booking, food delivery, grocery delivery, home cleaning, tow truck, lawn moving and others. Kick start an enterprise similar to Gojek with our remarkably designed and developed Gojek like clone for standing apart from all your counterparts confidently.


Gojek Like Clone App Development – A Limitless Solutions

In this digital world, almost all of us require an app to commence our daily routines. This epoch of increasing on-demand services demands for an app that could solely serve a wide array of services because downloading and handling too many apps in a single device becomes a very daunting task. Considering the present era’s necessity, XongoLab steps forward as a redeemer and offers Gojek like clone app development services featuring more than 52 on-demand services.

Invest in our specially crafted Gojek like clone source code to embark on your commercial journey by offering plenty of services from one platform and generate more revenue within a short time span. As our Gojek clone provides a complete range of vivid kinds of on-demand service providers, we design and develop these apps in such a manner that are absolutely uncomplicated and can be understood easily while booking any type of services. The app interface has been designed specifically to make sure that both the service providers and the customer can use it effortlessly.

  • Taxi Ride AppTaxi Ride
  • Moto RideMoto Ride
  • Car RentalCar Rental
  • FoodFood Delivery
  • GroceryGrocery Delivery
  • BabysittingBaby Sitting
  • BeautyBeauty Service
  • Car WashCar Wash
  • CarpenterCarpenter
  • DoctorDoctor
  • Dog GroomingDog Grooming
  • Dog WalkingDog Walking
  • ElectricianElectrician
  • Fitness CoachFitness Coach
  • HandymanHandy Man
  • Home CleaningHome Cleaning
  • Lawn MovingLawn Moving
  • lawyerLawyer
  • Lock smithLock Smith
  • MaidsMaids
  • MassageMassage
  • Pest ControlPest Control
  • PhysiotheraphyPhysiotheraphy
  • PlumberPlumber
  • Security GuardSecurity Guard
  • Tow TruckTow Truck
  • Tutor AppTutor
  • Vet AppVet
  • BarberBarber
  • Car repairCar Repair
  • CateringCatering
  • MechanicMechanic
  • Mobile TechnicianMobile Technician
  • Office CleaningOffice Cleaning
  • Party CleaningParty Cleaning

GoJek Like Clone Script Package

We offer highly customizable and cost-effective Gojek like clone script solutions integrated with advanced features along with other deliverables such as:

  • Customer Android & iOS App
  • Service Provider Android & iOS App
  • Admin Panel (Backend)
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Service Provider Panel
  • Web Landing Page
  • Full Source Codes
  • All APIs of Products
  • 1 Year Free Support
mobile design

Unbelievable Features of Gojek Like Clone App

Our stunning UI designs helps you enhance user experience and keep them engaged with your app for hours. Using our strategically designed and developed Gojek like clone script your customers can have access to multiple on-demand services.

Customer App Features
• Easy Login

The user-friendly app doesn’t have any complicated login procedures. With minimal basic details any user can login with ease.

• Access Multiple Services

The user can access more than 50 services including on-demand service providers, transport and delivery from a single app.

• Book Now or Schedule Service

By using this features user can book any on-demand services like taxi or handyman for same time or schedule for the later.

• Service History

All service history can be checked by the use either it is on-going or completed with full details. He can also remove histories.

• Offers & Promo Codes

There is also offers & promo codes feature available which can be used to get some extra discounts by the user while booking.

• Rate & Reviews

After finishing the service, user can able to give rate & reviews as per the service provider’s behaviour and service quality.

• Payment Option

Multiple payment options are made available to the user by the app. The user can use in-app wallet, cash, or credit/debit cards to make payments.

• Track Service Provider

After the request of the user is accepted by the service provider, the user can use this feature to track the real time location of the service provider.

• In-app Chat or Call

In case of any query or question regarding the services requested, both user and service provider can call or chat each other by in-app chat or call feature.

Service Provider App Features
• Login or Register

For receiving service requests, the driver can straightforwardly login or sign up from his Smartphone by providing some basic information.

• Create Profile

For displaying their specialties on app, every service provider should create personal as well business profile with all necessary details.

• Accept/Reject Request

The service provider has full authority to accept or reject user request. In case of rejecting, a request will be sent to another service provider.

• Customer Feedback

All the reviews received from the customer on the services rendered by him can be viewed by the driver and he can know his faults and potency.

• Manage Profile

The service provider gets an option to manage his personal as well business profile details such as name, services, contact number, email and more.

• Earning Reports

Detailed reports on total revenue earned for the day along with requests declined can be viewed and exported by the service provider anytime.

• Track Customer Location

With the help of in-app GPS system, service provider can track the exact location of the customer and start navigating to reach at the location on a Google map.

• Generate Invoice

The service provider gets an automatically generated invoice after he completes service along with details of service name, tax, total amount, discount and more.

• Manage Payment

The payment details can be added or modified by the service provider anytime and can also get the earnings deposited directly into his per-defined bank account.

Admin Panel
• Dashboard

This powerful dashboard permits the admin to view site statistics such as total orders & revenues, new customer, new service providers, etc.

• Manage Customer

Admin as per his discretion can modify or add details of customer including name, address, booked services, payment options and many more.

• Analysis & Reports

Admin can analysis all insights regarding customers, service providers, service requests, earnings, etc. and export the report in support document.

• Mass Notification

Through this feature, Admin can send notifications and broadcast message to every service provider, user, as well as on-demand service renders.

• Manage Service Provider

Admin have an option to add or edit any service providers with details like profile, services, service rate, and more.

• Manage Service Requests

It becomes easy for the admin to view everyday’s service request along with user and service provider location, booked services, rate, and request status.

• Payment Settings

Payment settings such as commission, taxes, discount & payment modes can be easily managed by the admin.

GoJek Like App Clone

Several enterprise companies and startups have utilized the expertise of XongoLab’s skilled developers over various Gojek like clone app development projects. We work passionately on every project to provide our customers with on time robust solutions.

Technology Knowledge Base

In this digital era, nothing is impossible when there are too many tools and technologies. From simple Mendix and PHP to the most complex Machine Learning and Artificial learning, whatever the technology stack it is, our Gojek like clone app source code developers are well-versed with each of them.

react Language

React Js, React Native

flutter Language


node Language

Node JS

angular Language

Angular Js

Swift Language

Swift, Java

mongodb Database


Google Map Google


Stripe Payment Gateway


Our Systematic Gojek Like App Development Process

XongoLab is one of the most consistent companies that follow growth-oriented Gojek like app development process which help you reap your investments into huge profits. We implement the most suitable Gojek like clone app source code and apt development methodologies and techniques to develop an exceptional product for you.

Project Analysis

We discuss with you to find out what all you are expecting from the app and then we perform a deep analysis on your requirements.

UI Designing

We create flawless designs for your end users and use wire-framing to get the most intuitive and efficient design


The approved designs are modified into an application with solid frameworks.


Prior to launching, the app passes through rigorous testing to ensure it is bug free and also passes through platform compatibility check.


Once assured that everything has been uploaded and integrated perfectly, the final product is launched on App stores.

Powerful Paid Add-ons For Gojek Like Clone Source Code

XongoLab’s Gojek like clone source code delivers a pleasant experience to your customers while using multiple services. With some paid add-ons, you can enhance your customer’s experience and have a firm grip on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

We leave no space for puzzlement and we try our best to solve every query of our clients. Our FAQ section has proved to be very helpful for our every visitor who wanted to learn more about our Gojek like solutions.

GoJek Clone

Can my app have only those services that I want?

Yes. You can remove or modify the services in the app as per your preference. If you want only limited services in the app, you can have. But, you should inform us about which services you desire to provide to your clients and we will modify or add those services for you.

Can you customize and modify the source codes as per my requirements?

Yes, XongoLab offers 100%, unencrypted source codes that are modifiable and flexible. Our codes can be customized easily as per your requirements.

How many customers and service providers can operate the Gojek App?

We make use of the most effective Gojek like app that permits unlimited customers and service providers to operate the app hassle free.

Will I get after launch support from you for the app?

Yes. Once your app is launched on Apple app store and Android Playstore, we ensure to offer the after launch support including absolutely free bug support for a complete one year in conjunction with dedicated support through our support system.

Will you launch the Gojek like application for me?

Definitely we will. We hold a long experience in launching vivid types of apps on iOS and Android app stores. As soon as we are done with your project, we ensure that we will successfully launch your product.

Client Reviews

95% of satisfied clients have appreciated our work and recommended us to other clients.

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