About La La Laundry

To automate traditional laundry service operations and ensure that customers got the support to get their clothes washed in a rather convenient way, our client brought forth this app’s idea to us.

They got in touch with us to discuss the plan and we then had our team of developers and designers align together to build this solution using the latest tech stacks and design methodologies.

With an intuitive interface, the app is easy to navigate. Hence, different actions starting from booking laundry services to getting them delivered are a cakewalk.

Also as a result of having some of the best set of features included within, such as an advanced search filter, live location tracking, nearby laundries, etc., customers get the comfort to find the laundries near them and get their clothes clean.


La La Laundry Features

Take a look at some of the standout features of the La La Laundry app. Check how it streamlines laundry services and makes it easy to access by customers, apart from opening doors to a path filled with profits for the laundry business.


Customize Laundry

Customers can set preferences for the kind of laundry service they want and get their clothes washed and dried in a manner that suits them best.


Premium Services

Different laundry related chores are easy to handle for customers and ensure they do not spend a lot of time behind it and get it done quickly.


Schedule Pickup

Supports customers pick a time and date they want to avail of the laundry services and get the offerings done at that date and time itself.


Order History

Offers details of past services booked from the laundry delivery app. This includes the offerings accessed, payment mode selected for them, etc.


While employing laundry app development services, we came across these major roadblocks. Our team of developers and designers had these questions that were quite alarming when we were building this app.

Customizing Laundry Service

Finding an integration that would make it easy for customers to create laundry requirements was a task for our designers and developers.

Finding Order History

Locating the order history and getting hold over all the past laundry orders was difficult and seemed like a challenge to us.

Scheduling the Order

Scheduling the order pickup and subsequently setting the time and date when customers could flexibly access the laundry services from the app became a roadblock.


Our Solutions

To mitigate these roadblocks first. Second, and most important to ascertain that the customers, the laundry business and the delivery drivers could carry out operations on the app with simplicity, we brought forth these solutions.

Customer App
Delivery Agent App
Laundry Partner App
Admin Panel (for Laundry Business)

Tech Stack

Check out the tech stacks we used during the course of on-demand laundry app development to ensure it works robustly, without facing any crashes in between.


Xcode 10.1








Android Studio




Google Map API







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