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Breaking down your website into small components, our React.JS Development Services fixates on simplifying even the most complex of front-end development processes.


Utilizing this efficient platform, ReactJS, for bringing down development times, XongoLab has served a number of businesses of varying size. We believe that technology is the future and insist on using the latest technology, ReactJS, for building path-breaking websites and applications that make life easy both for our clients and end-users. Our proficient ReactJS development company undertakes development by components and makes the process appear simpler. We target on bringing down the time taken in developing apps.

What is React.JS

React.JS is the latest JavaScript open source library utilized to split pages or features into smaller parts of reusable components. With the use of React.JS a website can be built by a combination of several components, which are built on the top of the other components. ReactJS, created by Facebook, is also used by other popular companies including Yahoo.

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React.JS is currently used by popular websites including Netflix, Imgur, Bleacher Report, Feedly, Airbnb, SeatGeek, HelloSign, Walmart, and others. It is backed by a community of React.JS developers who come up with sophisticated web applications using the latest features of this JavaScript library.

React.JS is used to create a website in parts. Its notable features include one-way data flow, virtual DON, JSX, Architecture beyond HTML, and React Native. React.JS is a user interface framework in which HTML is created in a reactive data flow using JavaScript functions. Allowing one-way data bindings, React.JS simplifies logic rendering and stands out among other JS libraries.

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Features of React.JS Framework

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When Do I Need ReactJS Development For My Business?

If you want to create a website or an app which can be categorized into a number of components, then ReactJS is the answer. Go for ReactJS development if you wish to utilize fast apps with loads of data.

  • Ideal for data-heavy websites and apps
  • If you’re looking to create real time web apps (e.g. chats apps) Node will be the best technology for these type of applications.
  • If you’re looking to build APIs It’s perfect for handling lots of requests that are I/O driven (e.g. operations on database) and scales very nicely.
  • If you want to build streaming applications
  • Capable of handling traffic spikes

ReactJS Development Company Creating Appealing User Interfaces

ReactJS development facilitates coding component by component. We offer our ReactJS development services to our clients who are looking to create huge applications with data that keeps changing regularly. It brings down website loading times and enhances its performance to a great deal. The development process is optimized as the components being developed are reusable. As a professional React.JS development company of India, we also leverage the inbuilt SEO services of the platform to ensure that our clients beat their competitors as far as visibility is concerned.

Our component driven development process is executed by splitting a website into reusable modules. This simplifies its support and brings down the impact one component can have on the entire application. An application, broken down in separate modules, extends long term benefits to both the development process and the product. This developing technology promises more in the future as its functionality is being consistently upgraded and so we constantly update our training modules to offer ahead-of-the-game ReactJS web development services.

Our Result Oriented ReactJS Web Development Services

  • ReactJS Development Services
  • ReactJS UI/UX Development
  • ReactJS App Development
  • WebRTC Development
  • Frontend Development using ReactJS
  • Web Development Using React / Redux
  • React JS Plugin Development
  • ReactJS Social Networking Solutions
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Customization Services
  • ReactJS Mobile Development
  • ReactJS Template Creation

React.JS Development Company India Using Up-to-date Technologies

We utilize the underlying features of React.JS, including ES6, Babel, Redux, webpack, and dev server to deliver a ReactJS solution that gives a cut-throat competition to the market players. The increase in the React.JS projects serves as an impetus for us to apply this technology to novel projects.

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Hire React.JS Developers

React.JS, a nascent Java library, is known for its directly usable modules which simplify complicated programming. These can also be incorporated into all sorts of frond-end frameworks making it the ideal option for web page development.

With our certified and experienced React.JS developers simplify Object Oriented programming required for web development. Only our ReactJS developers prioritize productivity of web pages by employing lesser library functions, running the web server and re-loader faster by reducing redundant bits, and using asynchronous coding. We offer economical web development services and customizable web pages. Reach your targets on time with our 100% customer satisfaction track record!


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We believe in acquiring the best talent in the industry and retaining them to deliver exclusive development solutions to our clients across the world.

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We consistently focus on encouraging a disciplined and rewarding work culture. We follow strict NDA guidelines and your business information is safely guarded.

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