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Built on Node.js, Meteor JS framework is isomorphic and open-source JavaScript platform used for developing revolutionary and faster apps and also for rapid prototyping. Utilizing the perks of Meteor.JS framework to lay the technological foundation for successful startups and hit multiple targets, XongoLab offers reliable and scalable Meteor.JS development services that can make you earn success.

What is Meteor JS?

Using JavaScript within database, front-end and back-end protocols, Meteor.JS framework is efficient in producing light-weight and comprehensive cross-platform apps. With its approach of “all-in-one”, the layer of the application, from the database to the templates, gets updated automatically. The framework plugs in hundreds of libraries along with added functionalities for Android and iOS applications.


Meteor JS is by default real-time framework; hence it spearheads your project. It integrates with MongoDB database and makes use of Distributed Data Protocol as well as subscribe-publish pattern for automatically propagating the changes in the data to the customers. It has production application’s range like, Pintask, SonicAgile, Respondly and Verso.

Database server

Meteor.JS compiles the application with Apache Cordova which requires no additional codebases for Android and iOS. Many Codes of MeteorJS are built on the Underscore.JS and jQuery JS library as foundation for additional common tasks. Proprietary libraries such as Tracker and Blaze handle its front-end development. It supports, officially, three UI rendering JS libraries like Angular, Blaze and React.

common tasks

Features of Meteor JS Framework

This framework comes with a stack of support and integration features. From a production standpoint, our services on Meteor.JS development always stand behind you to cater you with scrupulously designed apps.

framework features

When Do I Need Meteor JS Development Services?

Recognized as the game changing library for rapid application development for both mobile and web, this JavaScript library speeds up the app development process and saves a lot of effort and time.

  • Presence of several integrated features such as automatic JS and CSS modification, reactive templates and hot-code reload.
  • Renders supporting client-side technologies like templates, events and helpers.
  • Enables easy transformation of web app into Smartphone application using Meteor with Cordova.
  • Permits direct access to database, hence no loading of data from back-end or Rest is required.
  • Has efficient web platform “Galaxy” through which client apps can be deployed or monitored.

Meteor.JS Development Company Delivering Impactful Solutions

Despite of the type and size of the business, the digital revolution has transformed the way in which various businesses operate nowadays. In this era of hyper-connected world of consumers, our Meteor.JS development company builds interactive and responsive MeteorJS web or app.

Making use of JavaScript for database, server-side scripting and frontend development, MeteorJS turns out to be an appropriate framework for end-to-end solutions. Our Meteor.JS developers have been scrupulously trained in Node.JS and MongoDB app integration for comprehensively catering your project perquisites. Using our services of Meteor.JS app development, we help you in transforming your dreams into a tangible and winning application.

Considering your current and future requirements, target audience and your potential needs, our expertise assures you with top-notch results. If you desire to build a robust, scalable and graceful application for your company, then XongoLab proves to be a perfect pick for you.

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    Exceptional Meteor.JS Development Services

    Anyone can control the steering wheel when the ocean is quite. With our flexible and creative Meteor.JS web development services, we succeeded in surviving market volatility and fierce competition and today we have evolved as a strong MeteorJS development company.

    Meteor.JS API Development

    We help you develop scalable APIs to enhance the user experience and functionality of your app. Our programmers make use of this framework JS for rapid prototyping.

    Meteor.JS Web Development

    Our programmers’s team offers superlative and result-oriented solutions of Meteor JS software development that yield versatile and forceful applications.

    Strategy & Planning

    We strategize appropriate pathway & test-drive every development procedure wherein various integration tests & unit tests are executed for avoiding reworks.

    Meteor.JS Integration

    We help you in flawlessly integrating your pre-existing technology with this JavaScript framework which is used mainly to create cross-platform code that functions on every mobile OS.

    Meteor.JS App Development

    Utilizing this flexible JS framework, we provide attractive & responsive mobile apps. As this framework is still in its development stage, bugs and complications are resolved with every new release.

    Support & Maintenance

    Round the clock maintenance and support services are rendered to our clients so that their workflow doesn’t get affected due to the occurrence of any issue.

    Meteor.JS eCommerce

    When it is all about marketplace and e-shop Meteor.JS software development services, our programmers render first-rate services to our clients.

    Testing Services

    Our well-trained experts hold mastery in building online portals and are proficient at providing custom product development services to both large and small scale businesses.

    Astonishing React JS Apps

    Our developers hold extensive knowledge in building digitally transformative and pioneering Node JS framework web applications. They proficiently know how to handle emergencies and work hard so that those emergencies fail to interrupt your workflow in the future.


    Fueling the driving need for innovation in every solution we offer, XongoLab keeps its team always updated with comprehensive knowledge about technological changes. Our skilled Meteor.JS developers live & breathe in tools and technologies for designing and developing unparalleled mobile and web apps.




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    We are expert in developing astonishing unique Meteor.JS app development services for all our customers coming from multiple verticals including retail & open cart, travel & tourism, banking & finance, e-learning, transport & logistics, automotive, healthcare sectors and entertainment & media.

    industries sectors
    •  On Demand
    •  Music
    •  Transit
    • Artificial Intelligence
    •  Machine Learning
    •  Fintech
    •  Education
    •  Health
    •  Smart Retail
    •  IOT
    •  DevOps
    •  Blockchain

    Hire Meteor.JS Developer

    Utilizing adaptability and flexibility of the Meteor JS framework, our developers build integrated strategies that you think about and create seamless websites and apps through which you connect with your customers. Whether it is the development of a brand new app or upgrade of pre-existing app, XongoLab’s expert team crafts stable and high quality applications speedily.

    When you outsource your Meteor development project to XongoLab, you can look forward to have superior quality services, dedicated resources, advanced project control and cost savings. We can haughtily state that we have rendered our Meteor.JS app development services to a bunch of companies varying in size as well as field. Go through our different hiring models;

    • Part-time Hiring
    • Full-time Hiring
    • Hourly Hiring

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