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With gaming moving towards the horizon of complete HD realism and sensory immersion, Virtual Reality has jumped across the bounds in the sector of gaming. 2D Gaming users are today heading towards immersive genres such as Virtual Reality Gaming. At XongoLab, we create visually rich mobile and web VR Games. Manifest your success in a completely extraordinary way with the help of our Virtual Reality app development services.

Prominent Virtual Reality App Development Company

Virtual Reality being a specialized tool requires expertise and thorough knowledge so that it can be implemented lucratively. XongoLab a Virtual Reality development company is into the business of developing VR apps that will increase your brand’s prestige and help you reach the right status amid competitions. Focusing on to offer apt solutions, we first address the specific problems of our customer’s business, evaluate their opportunities, challenges and goals and then start our each Virtual Reality app development project.

The Virtual Reality technology powers virtual simulations for generating a theoretical 3D gaming environment especially for the end users. Make your company more recognizable with our advanced Virtual Reality development solutions. Credited with quite a lot of Virtual Reality mobile apps, we have gained experience and skills in this particular domain.

Virtual Reality has significantly emerged as a tech buzzword for businesses in the recent times because of its matchless talent for creating an incredible experience across the mobile and web. We are a team of passionate experts with a talent of embracing innovation for delivering captivating and unique Virtual Reality application development services.

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Salient Features of Virtual Reality Application

Serving the exact VR value adding solutions to a business requires a complete knowledge on the features of the Virtual Reality technology and we state that our developers have that knowledge. Using the latest frameworks, VR developers at XongoLab are highly proficient in providing Virtual Reality app development services for the major platforms like Microsoft Hololens, Samsung VR, Oculus Rift VR, Google Cardboard, and many other devices.



Lens Quality

A Virtual Reality headset is different only because of the lenses it has. Bigger, crystal clear and spherical lens must be used in VR headset with multiple Nano coating layer to render a complete 3D view and minimize dizziness and eye fatigue.



Adjustable Focal Length

To fit the image clearly on the screen and to experience Virtual Reality, adjustment of the focal length is required. Also, this feature is beneficial for those who have far sightedness and near sightedness, as they can adjust the lens to have a wonderful experience.

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Some VR headset attune very well with mobile devices having a screen size between 4.5” – 6”, while some are compatible with devices having screen size less than 4.5”. A perfect Virtual Reality headset must be compatible with all devices.

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Field of View (FOV)

This factor enhances VR headset’s quality, thereby giving it a unique trait. A normal VR headset FOV ranges from 70-85 degrees, while some headsets FOV surpass 100 degrees. Bigger FOV renders bigger screen resulting in better viewing experience.

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How Does Virtual Reality Works?

  • Infrared Sensors

    These sensors render visuals to the user using HDMI cable or mobile phone connected to the PC on the basis of his positioning and the movement of his head or eye.

  • Virtual World

    The headset mounted on the user’s head has one or two screens in front of his eyes that restrict his contact with the actual world displaying a completely imaginary 3D world.

  • Display

    The system presents a stereoscopic picture on the HMD display with at least a frame rate of 60fps, for avoiding any apparent lag, which might rupture or worsen the illusion or make the user feel uncomfortable.

  • Motion Controller

    The user uses motion controllers like remotes, body movements and gloves for controlling their on-screen gaming experience. The motion controller adjusts the scene according to the movement of the user’s head or eyes.

virtual reality Benefits


  • Explore Company Designs

    Using VR solutions companies explore their designs to educate their employees more efficiently and make their clients understand the designs in a better manner.

  • Trim Down Travel Expenses

    You can save a lot of company fund as you don’t have to travel to other places for attending business meets. Just put on your VR goggles and you are ready for face-to-face business conferences and meetings.

  • Enhanced Recruitment Process

    Live interviews can be conducted with the potential candidates living in some other cities or countries. Despite of being miles apart, VR enables you to watch the candidate’s reactions, body language and mimics as if he is sitting right in front of you.

  • More Workspace

    A messy workspace never leads to an energetic working environment. When VR replaces desktop monitors, you free up a lot of space on your desk and get more customizable space and wider spatial for your files and other necessary documents.

Our Latest Work

XongoLab renders services of app development to grab the targeted audience’s attention and increase the clientele number on the mobile app and websites so as to achieve the set targets.

Technological Stack

Despite of the progression in tools and technologies used for Virtual Reality app development and developing numerous other apps, our veteran developers can comfortably handle every development stack layer and complex Virtual Reality app projects as they are provided with frequent training sessions.




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Being a long established Virtual Reality Development Company, we are aware that requirement of every business is dissimilar. We are creating Virtual Reality apps as well as various other apps for a wide range of business sectors including Retail, Healthcare, Real estate, Manufacturing, Travel and Hospitality and many more.

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95% of satisfied clients have appreciated our work and recommended us to other clients.

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