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Life has become very easy after its evolution as everything from messaging to making and receiving calls, from reminders to tracking daily walking steps can be done in no time. We render customer-centric mobile applications that run impeccably on wearables. Through our developed apps, you get business-aligned, stunning and modified Wearable app development services. We build bespoke and smoothly functioning apps for professional and personal use.

Make Life Easier With Our Wearable App Development Company

A drastic change can be seen in the present era. Every day new technologies are seen blocking the doors and Wearable is one of those technologies. Being a forward-looking Wearable app development company, XongoLab has accommodated itself with futuristic and emerging technology. XongoLab having an excellent command over this new technology jumps into the field of rendering Wearable device app development services.

Wearables are greatly popular these days and are currently essential as a productivity tool, as a health tracker and many more. These devices present an accurate data of your health and body activity. Right from creating designs for your application to its deployment, we arise as a loyal IT organization to render Wearable app development services exceeding your expectations and deliver unique and quality results with assured satisfaction.

With an ability to implement the best and appropriate technological tools, our wearable application development developers minimize the failure probabilities of your business app. Our impeccable solutions lateralize processes ensuring that quality, development and infrastructure employees are performing their tasks in tandem.

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Get Started With Wearable App Features For Hassle Free Living

Whether it is a Smartwatch or an Apple watch, our Wearable application development experts take every essential boulevard for creating and designing an app that takes the user experience towards completely new standards. XongoLab works with upgraded, shifted and changed technologies to render a completely unique Google glass app, iWatch app and Smartwatch app development services.



Hands Free Notification

Wearable devices are built using Smartwatch app development skills which render the users the facility to monitor their social media notifications by just twisting their hands.



Connected Everytime

While you are running, swimming, cycling or doing any exercise, peeking into your notifications, calls or messages is possible through these devices, as they are right on your wrist.

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Important Reminders

A message pops at the top reminding you about the special occasion or about upcoming event, meeting etc. All reminders set in the Smartphone get synchronized with the wearable device.

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Ergonomic User Experience

Wearable device is lightweight that enables fast and easy loading. Also, the device aptly responds to the commands, which renders ergonomic user experience.


How Does Wearable Works?

  • Sensors Collect Data

    Sensors present on the devices monitor and collect the activity data of brain, heart and muscle. Also incoming calls, notifications and messages are managed by those sensors.

  • Upload Data

    The data is transferred to mobile phones or uploaded on computers using Bluetooth, mobile data or Wifi for storing the data permanently.

  • Feature Extraction

    The original data containing the most inequitable info is transformed into a data set having very less variables. After that the data are stored permanently in the proprietary servers rendering the final user and the third party a complete access to the stored data.

  • Data Analysis

    Here analytic processing of stored data is done to provide desirable results. Basically, data analysis is done in third-party and proprietary servers.


Benefits Of Wearable App

  • Staying Connected

    You get alerts from wearable devices for every message, email, incoming call, notification and many more. Also, you can trace your lost phone as well as connect with and control your home’s IOT enabled devices using Wearables.

  • Data Accuracy

    Data of your body activity like walking, running, exercising etc. is collected immediately which implies that data is accurate. Even, you get accurate data of your pulse rate, blood pressure, sugar level etc.

  • Fashionable

    Wearable devices are becoming today a big fashion statement. Wearing a fitness band or Smartwatch you can express how fashionable you are.

  • Prompt

    Taking mobile out of the pocket and turning the screen on to use any app or search for something is very time consuming. Wearables can present you the information required without any delay.

Work Showcase

This section not only shows our ability and work, but also reflects our expert’s proficiency. We transform your business ideas into a profitable product. Here are a few examples of our work.

Technology Stack

Inhibiting the skill of how to perfectly integrate your app with front-end and back-end features and functionalities to perk up user experience, our Wearable app development services offering developers blend their technical expertise with the current market trend so as to come up with a unique solution for you. We work together with you as a technological and strategic expert partner, to make the most out of this trend-setting device technology.




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Industries Flourishing From Our Services

XongoLab has wide experience across every industry. We have provided business-centric technological Wearable device app development solutions to a notable range of business sectors. With entrepreneurial dynamism and innovation, we have served all shapes, sizes and kinds of industry lines, from multinationals to small scale firms and every company that comes in between. Property & Real Estate, Food & Restaurant, Banking & Finance, Education & Training, Hospitality & Travel, etc. come in the list of the companies we have served.

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95% of satisfied clients have appreciated our work and recommended us to other clients.

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