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XongoLab re-imagines Artificial Intelligence for building apps for next generation that would drive organization improvement and transformation to a completely higher level. Our artificial intelligence development services make it possible for you to redefine the manner in which you operate your business.

Artificial Intelligence Development Company

As an artificial intelligence development company, we provide unbeatable AI development services that showcase the machine learning technological power. Machine learning algorithms and tools are used by us to help businesses develop Artificial Intelligence driven solutions and products.

AI blends brainpower with high-tech technologies like machine learning, video analytics, robotic processing, etc. that assist in reorganizing business processes via mechanization and bestowing immersive client experience that matches well with their satisfaction level. The AI developers at XongoLab expertise in gripping the latent qualities of technological areas such as IoT, Cloud, Big Data, BI, Mobility and then uniting them with our Artificial Intelligence solutions for empowering businesses with better growth and enhanced RoI.

XongoLab being an authorized artificial intelligence service provider organization is backed by passionate professionals having extremely good understanding to integrate AI with the cognitive technology for offering you paramount artificial intelligence app development services with the help of which you can boost your business.

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    how AI works

    How Does AI Works?

    • Acquire Data

      Data is acquired on the basis of the previous graphs to design experiment and formulate business issues.

    • Data Analysis and Virtualization

      As per the data reports, surveys, dashboards and presentations are created for virtualization and analysis of data.

    • Classification and Clustering

      These are two algorithm strategies, in which data are first classified by assigning labels to the data and then data that are similar are clustered thereby making it easy for the system to enhance the functioning of the business.

    • Predictive Analysis

      Human brain processes are replicated by computers and machines to improve the business operations. After analysing structured and unstructured data, the machine predicts trends as well as behaviour patterns.

    AI benefits

    Why Business Need AI?

    • 24/7 Availability

      Machines never require refreshments and breaks like we human beings. Without getting distracted, bored or tired, they are capable of performing the tasks continuously. Throughout the clock, digital assistance is also offered by the machines to their clients through ‘Avatars.’

    • Error Reduction

      As the entire task is accomplished by the machines, possibilities of errors are very less or equal to zero. For space explorations, these AI-powered machines are best to use, because the data provided will be very much correct.

    • Amazing Work Efficiency

      For any specific repetitive tasks, AI powered systems are best as they have amazing efficiency. The very best thing about these systems is that they achieve precise results and eliminate human errors that could have aroused because of repetitive tasks.

    • Reduce Training & Operation Cost

      Neural Networks and Deep Learning algorithms that are used in Artificial Intelligence to gain knowledge of new things do not require any training sessions.

    Our Excellent Artificial Intelligence Development Services

    We offer connection-aware and self-oriented Artificial Intelligence development services in such a manner so as to help your organization attain persistent business growth. By adopting the best practices and applying the most effective development methodologies, we have brought digital transformation to large and mid-sized organizations. Below are some AI based services which we offering:


    Machine Learning

    Enabling machines to control the data captured for self-learning as well as for making decisions just like human beings. ML algorithms are developed and deployed to significantly enhance your business operations.


    A Neutral Network

    It is created replicating the functionality of neuron in the human brain so as to make things easier. This tool finds numerous patterns for AI developers to retrieve training to the machines to identify the patterns.

    Image Processing

    Image Processing

    Through this service, businesses can automate dreary video or image processing for enhancing business operation efficiency with methods such as, Image Classification, Image Processing and OCR.


    Chatbots Development

    Efficient & interactive Chatbots are built to answer to the queries of your customers by offering rapid and well-organized responses that would improve your sales and reduce cost.


    Robotic Processing

    Automating tiresome tasks with high accuracy and efficiency via Robotic Processing. Robotic processing also reduces the manpower requirement and enables you to earn more profits.

    Language Processing

    Natural Language Processing

    NLP stage is interaction with natural language permitting humans to converse with the computer systems in regular and ordinary language to execute tasks.

    Our Projects

    Combining domain experience and technological expertise, our tech-savvy experts have delivered enterprise grade website and mobile app which makes it possible for you to achieve your customer profit targets.

    Technology Stack

    Technology is making huge evolution in respect of new and enhanced strategies as well as trends. Covering a whole host of disciplines such as TensorFlow, MS Azure, Mahout, and many more, our AI development service provider technologists build bug-free and robust solutions for your business that will surely elevate your ROI.




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    Irrespective of the industry size, type and shape, we are proficient in offering unique solutions for every business sector. XongoLab as the foremost artificial intelligence app development company has programmed web and mobile apps for diverse industries like Real Estate, Travel & Tourism, Healthcare, eCommerce, Retail etc. thereby making possible for them carve a prominent position amongst their rivals.

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