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Behind the success of every single page application, there is a crucial role of an ideal framework. Backbone.JS is a powerful and lightweight framework that adds structure to your SPA, thereby making it highly responsive. With a steep inclination to steadily acquire and scrunch new encoding languages, XongoLab is a well-known in providing Backnone.JS development services to build highly customizable web apps that fetch vivid business needs.

What is Backbone.JS?

Backbone.JS, the name itself indicates that it is a framework that acts as an application’s backbone. Motorized by models, customized events and key-value binding along with an arsenal of API functions, the framework streamlines web app development process. It also facilitates views along with declaratory event management while linking entire existing APIs over the RESTful JSON interface.


Being a lightweight front-end app development tool based on MVP (Model-View-Presenter), many Backbone.JS developers use it for developing single page applications together with synchronization of servers and clients. This framework also makes the process easy of giving names, running functions as well as sharing device data which can be deleted, saved, manipulated and managed in the web server.


Features of Backbone.JS Framework

The most salient feature of Backbone.JS is that it enables the detachment of the business logic from the user interface. Entangling of the two does not permit easy alterations. Hence, when logic is not dependant on UI, the interface becomes much easier and user-friendly. Other features of this valuable framework are stated below:


Why Do I Need Backbone.JS Web Development Services?

Due to the increasing figure of web app using BackboneJS framework, static net pages have been replaced speedily by dynamic web pages. Backbone.JS web development services facilitate you in organizing your JavaScript appropriately into reusable MVC patterns.

  • BackboneJS utilizes a variety of models, events, views, router plug-ins and collections to yield scalable and flexible web applications.
  • If you are looking forward to edit, add and delete anything from your web page without any hassle.
  • If you want your app’s HTML gets updated automatically whenever the model changes.
  • If you want to handle DOM in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner.
  • Being an open source and free library, it comprises of innumerable available extensions.

Backbone.JS Development Company Elevating ROI Graph

Being a famed Backbone.JS Development Company, We acquired a wide range of experience in building digitally transformative, high performance and feature packed native apps for smartphones to adapt to the chief mobile platforms Android and iOS. The technocrats of our company make use of specialized technology and their industrial experience to assist our clients reach the next level of success.

Services of BackboneJS development facilitates in building highly responsive and well equipped web applications to respond to numerous AJAX requests prowling a web application. Our broad experience of managing every single complex project is a sign that we can handle and complete your project within the budget and timeframe.

From the time of the inception of Backbone.JS, we have understood its potential; hence we have started rendering its Backbone.JS development services to our customers. We pursue best practices while developing a web app for making it scalable and future proof. We develop healthy relationships with our clients that are jointly beneficial.

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    Our Unmatched Backbone.JS Development Services

    Modern market demands for quick alterations and in such cases adaptability is essential. Making use of this efficient platform for developing a matchless and easy to use web application, XongoLab has rendered numerous Backbone.JS development services to both large and small scale businesses.

    Backbone.JS Development

    XongoLab is highly capable of developing feature-packed and high performing web applications which are secure as well as scalable.

    UI UX Design

    XongoLab’s Backbone.JS designers are proficient in JavaScript and CSS3 languages which help them in creating unique and attractive graphic and designs.

    Backbone.JS Custom App

    With the inbuilt features of this framework our developers build advanced custom apps to embrace multiple platforms and maximize your user experience

    Rich & Interactive Web

    With years of experience, we hold the skill of rendering the best approachable web applications and websites for the progress of your business.

    Cross-Platform Development

    XongoLab’s experience in cross-platform development using Backbone.JS technology to develop an amazing websites and application.

    HTML5 Mobile Development

    Every HTML5- based web apps built by us are both sustainable and are built in such a manner so that those apps can be seamlessly scaled and maintained as needed.

    Mobile Game Development

    Our developers help various brands by creating customer-centric and engaging digital experiences with the intention of delivering best gaming results.

    24×7 Support & Maintenance

    Ongoing maintenance, bug fixing, optimization assistance, feature updates and many more are the support and maintenance services that we offer constantly.

    Spectacular BackboneJS Apps- A Peep into Our Projects

    XongoLab’ exceptional design and UI experience leave audiences stunned and deliver high results to businesses. Our portfolio of accomplished Backbone.JS has been rendered rich with a variety of apps we created for our esteemed customer base spread across international borders.

    Most Recent Technologies For Concrete Results

    The modern era is full of technology and this is the reason new frameworks are being introduced every now and then to the technology world for decreasing the app development complications. Simple but methodical, we follow matchless, proven approaches and make use of the latest technology to ensure that our every project developed is of the highest quality.




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    Industries We Served

    Our BackboneJS development team implies their extraordinary talent and creativity to render the most excellent solutions across different industries like healthcare & fitness, sports, education & e-learning, retail & e-commerce, banking, media & entertainment, travel & tourism, food, transport & logistics, event management and many more.

    industries sectors
    •  On Demand
    •  Music
    •  Transit
    • Artificial Intelligence
    •  Machine Learning
    •  Fintech
    •  Education
    •  Health
    •  Smart Retail
    •  IOT
    •  DevOps
    •  Blockchain

    Hire Backbone.JS Developers

    Backbone.JS makes web application light, fast and uncomplicated to maintain and update. It won’t alone solve your issues magically. You will have to take the help of Backbone.JS professionals who can use its functionalities and features appropriately for developing a user-friendly app. Using this JS framework, our proficient Backbone.JS developers are capable of creating a multi-platform on the basis of years of experience which will suffice your business’s vertical needs and elevate your ROI graph.

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