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Utilizing the best of robust AngularJS framework, our AngularJS Development company of India builds interactive UIs and data dominated single page applications.


With a vision to be a preferred point for innovative apps development using every technology possible, XongoLab offers dynamic development services which are tuned to suit the latest technology developments. With a strong team of AngularJS developers, we craft superior web applications that redefine the end-user experience. With our AngularJS development services, you can be assured of a quality application that can transform your position in the industry.

What is AngularJS

AngularJS is a Javascript MVC framework consists of a toolset that empowers application development. It is an open-source front-end development framework meant for web application development. Maintained by Google, it powers AngularJS application development process to create well-structured and bug-free mobile as well as web apps.

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Offering great support for two-way data binding and testability, AngularJS is the most in-technology in demand. Development in this open source framework is backed by a community of developers. With the flourishing AngularJS web application development technology; you can expect more interactive web page and lesser server loads, and interactions.

Dynamically updating the data store, with the changes being made by the user, it saves a great deal of time. It also updates the user interface with the data changes. Utilized widely for creating single-page web applications, AngularJS application development makes way for light weight coding techniques.


Features of AngularJS Framework

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When Consider AngularJS?

If you are looking to create an application built on top of a RESTful API using front-end framework then AngularJS is the right choice. Our AngularJS web development services can help you avail of two-way data binding and secure single-page apps.

  • Ideal for data-heavy websites and apps
  • If you’re looking to create real time web apps (e.g. chats apps) Node will be the best technology for these type of applications.
  • If you’re looking to build APIs It’s perfect for handling lots of requests that are I/O driven (e.g. operations on database) and scales very nicely.
  • If you want to build streaming applications
  • Capable of handling traffic spikes

AngularJS Development Company Offering Dynamic Solutions

XongoLab AngularJS web application development services are oriented towards creating powerful apps that draw response from the users. It focuses on optimizing the development process, using the potent features of AngularJS framework, so that you can avail of single-page apps. Even with a limited HTML ecosystem, you can derive complex user interactions using AngularJS application development.

Featuring a tightly integrated toolset it makes way for creating fully functional client-side apps which emphasize on development with less coding. Our AngularJS development lays emphasis on compact coding which signifies the coherent functionality representing the underlying data. As a skilled AngularJS development company we give prior importance to data and then to its representation and implementation. Our flexible hiring models give you the freedom to proceed with AngularJS development as per your need and budget.

Our Best in the Industry AngularJS Development Services

  • AngularJS Development
  • Real-time Application Development
  • Chatbot Application Development
  • Streaming Application Development
  • Test Driven Development
  • Social media & Interactive apps
  • Interfactive dashboards
  • Learning platforms
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • ExpressJS Application Development
  • Chatbot Development
  • Backend and Dashboard Development

AngularJS Development Company of India Mastering Latest Technology

Utilizing RESTful API, XongoLab AngularJS web development professionals create user-friendly apps that dynamically stores the data changes, made by the user, to the data store, and also update user interface, at the same time rather than at a future point of time.

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Easy to manage coding and dynamic web viewing makes Angular.JS a preferable option when compared to other web developing languages. It complements cross platform mobile apps and provides interactive user interfaces. It is provides for revolutionary and economic web development.

With our certified well- trained and experienced Angular.JS developers, customize your website using dynamic viewing, which displays different content each time, and maximize data processing with more reusable code. Attract more and more users with interactive pages and cross platform applications. Web applications created by Angular.JS have the ease and feel of desktop applications. With our eager technical support team, we can guarantee a better ROI and web application!


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Our cutting-edge technology development solutions help your business expand beyond the horizons and surpass the set goals. Our services promise results.

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We believe in acquiring the best talent in the industry and retaining them to deliver exclusive development solutions to our clients across the world.

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Our regular technology training sessions ensure that our developers remain updated with the latest technology trends, which helps them deliver high-end solutions.

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We consistently focus on encouraging a disciplined and rewarding work culture. We follow strict NDA guidelines and your business information is safely guarded.

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