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Supported and maintained by Google, AngularJS framework, is the most effective tool for creating single-page applications. Recognized as innovative and creative AngularJS development services, XongoLab have served a wide array of industries emerging from different verticals. Partner with us to discover the best of this JavaScript front-end web framework.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a structural framework which is effectively used to create dynamic web app by using HTML as your template language. It facilitates rapid development times through data binding and dependency injection. By facilitating framework for client-side Model-View-Controller (MVC) and Model–View–View-Model (MVVM) architectures, this wonderful platform simplifies both the creation and testing of applications.


Offering great support for two-way data binding and testability, AngularJS is the most in-technology in demand. With the flourishing this technology; you can create different types of apps, including video-streaming, travel, user-review, weather, eCommerce, and social apps.


Providing tools and technologies to create a single page app, AngularJS helps businesses in delivering rich and responsive user experience. Dynamically updating the data store, with the changes being made by the user, it saves a great deal of time. It also updates the user interface with the data changes.


Features of Angular.JS Framework

Rich in varied libraries and features, AngularJS form one of the most comprehensive JavaScript frameworks which makes development process quick and easy. Through our flexible and comprehensive Angular.JS development services, we not only aim to fulfill business needs but also meet the requirements of end-users.

framework features

When Do I Need Angular.JS Development For My Business?

Apart from being a platform that provides rapid development times, AngularJS renders a number of benefits to businesses utilizing it for creating web apps.

  • Delivers cost-effectiveness by expediting the development process as it needs less coding
  • Less prone to break in comparison to JavaScript special attributes which allow AngularJS developer to choose from corresponding elements.
  • Changes made to the User Interface are reflected almost right away
  • Inbuilt testing libraries which ensure impeccability of the final outcome
  • Leads to the creation of complex browser-based apps which deliver user experience similar to native apps

Top Quality AngularJS Development Company

Being in the industry for more than a decade, our AngularJS development company has achieved a number of accolades for delivering high performing websites and apps. Being abreast of all the latest technological changes, we deliver growth-oriented results to meet the constantly changing market demands.

Supported by Google, this open-source framework, Angular.JS, comes up with novelties every now and then. Supported by a huge community of experts, it constantly keeps evolving and improving to help programmers craft high-performing web apps. Bring your business to the next level and beat all competition by utilizing the expertise of our Angular.JS developers who leave no stone unturned to deliver brilliant outcomes.

Making testing extremely simple, Angular.JS development leads to web apps which are highly impeccable. It has inbuilt testing tools which substantially bring down human efforts in checking the errors and thus lead to efficient development process. All you need to do is convey us your business requirements so that we can craft result-oriented AngularJS web development services which are in sync with the latest industry trends.

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    Versatile AngularJS Web Development Services We Provide

    Being quick to load and artistic in feel our AngularJS development solutions are highly preferred by clients across the globe. Making use of the variety of libraries provided by this extremely comprehensive framework, our technocrats offer completely customized services:

    AngularJS Web Development

    We craft artistic, user-friendly, and functionality-rich web applications through our versatile experience in the industry.

    Single-Page App

    Highly utilized for this purpose, this high-end development platform facilitates the creation of high performing single-page apps.

    AngularJS Software

    Helping clients meet the industry standards, our team of talented professionals delivers high-quality software which is easy to follow.

    AngularJS Mobile App

    We create fantastic mobile apps so that your customers can access your product/services in the most expeditious manner.

    AngularJS Back-end

    Create dynamic and interactive back-end using the skills and expertise of our seasoned AngularJS experts.

    Social Networking Platforms

    AngularJS helps in the creation of social networking platforms through the powerful tools and technologies it offers.

    Plugin and Custom Widget

    Maximize your existing solution to gain improved business outcomes by creating bespoke plugins and widgets.

    Real-Time App Development

    Being abreast of the latest changes AngularJS offers, we deliver real-time apps which richly offer unique features and functionalities.

    Marvellous Angular JS Apps

    In order to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients, We design all applications with scalable architecture & modularity enabling them to integrate easily with the systems of the third party during development time. We stick to our commitments made and fulfill them within strict deadlines.

    Technology Stack

    Creating scalable and robust web and mobile apps are possible only with the use of latest technologies. Leaving any technological change behind would be like landing project success in jeopardy. Realizing this our team always keeps themselves upgraded with the changing technologies.




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    Incorporating rich features, we have delivered outstanding AngularJS development services across various business domains including healthcare, business, finance, banking, food, transport, tourism, etc. Serving multiple domains we have honed our expertise and capabilities to meet the constantly changing demands of clients from various markets.

    industries sectors
    •  On Demand
    •  Music
    •  Transit
    • Artificial Intelligence
    •  Machine Learning
    •  Fintech
    •  Education
    •  Health
    •  Smart Retail
    •  IOT
    •  DevOps
    •  Blockchain

    Hire Angular.JS Developers

    To meet the exact needs of our clients, our AngularJS developers study the nature of their business, their industry, and similar competitor strategies. This helps us come out with a truly out-of-the-box and ahead of the race app ideas. Join hands with our Angular.JS experts to accomplish a website or an app in the blink of an eye.

    We in-house a team of skilled developers who possess professional expertise in helping you accomplish your business goals. They bring in their unique expertise to make your solution stand out. We offer flexible engagement models which are designed especially for different industry verticals and organizations of varying sizes.

    • Part-time Hiring
    • Full-time Hiring
    • Hourly Hiring

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