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Craft a personalized and user-friendly solutions utilizing the talents of our developers who possess mastery over all the upcoming technologies including Kotlin. This innovative programming language helps in framing intuitive Android and iOS-based apps. Supported by Google, it offers all the techniques needed to deliver a truly outstanding app. Utilizing our expertise we create highly scalable and robust Kotlin app development services which make your business stand in the front on the business battleground.

Technically Competent Kotlin App Development Company

Being the most futuristic and result-oriented Kotlin app development company, XongoLab equipped itself with Kotlin methodologies to offer the most sophisticated solution to its clients across the globe. Making the best usage of the Kotlin features, our Kotlin developers improve the development speed while keeping the code to the minimum.

Kotlin is powerful language which helps in overcoming a number of setbacks presented by the Android operating system and is preferred by programmer these days. Designed to interoperate fully with Java, Kotlin helps perform android app development in an impeccable manner. Improving efficiency of the app development process, Kotlin serves as a powerful language that facilitates streamlined of an Android application. Our Kotlin app development services are oriented towards helping your business expand its customer base with the use of latest technologies.

Google claims that in the coming days Kotlin programming language will evolve to expedite mobile app development process and make it more exciting than ever. We have upgraded the capabilities of Android experts so that they can explore the hidden potential of this open source language. Partner with us so that you can avail of the most exclusive Kotlin development services.

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    Why Choose Kotlin Frameworks for Web App Development?

    Being a quickly evolving programming language, Kotlin is the most futuristic platform for mobile app development. Offering impeccability when it comes to server-side web app development, Kotlin is also preferred due to its clear code and reduced development time. By utilizing Kotlin as our programming language, our Kotlin app developers deliver efficient solutions to global clientele across various business verticals.

    Easy to Adopt

    Fast Development Rate:

    With this time saving open source development platform, programmer can develop their app at a faster rate. It helps them code efficiently.

    Better Compatibility

    High Adaptability:

    Kotlin is effortlessly learnt by Android developers due to it being a simple language. The lean and intuitive syntax makes development easy yet interesting for developers.

    Faster Coding

    Offers High Security & Reliability:

    Kotlin programming language comes packed with a number of safety features. Through Kotlin’s compiler the accuracy of programs is verified to negate run time crashes.

    Customizable Widgets

    Functional and Object-Oriented Coding:

    Kotlin works both ways- functional as well as object-oriented. This helps developers steer clear of any duplication during the coding process.


    A Powerful Tool:

    This programming language serves as a powerful tool to develop apps as it is open source. Huge community of developers come together to share their learnings which saves a great deal of time.

    Flexible User Interface


    Easily enabling developers to add new functionality to existing classes, Kotlin serves as one of the most versatile programming languages used to construct mobile apps.

    Our Footprints Towards Success

    Known for delivering highly creative Kotlin development services, we are appreciated by clients for designing highly functional and artistic web stores. Our footprints depict the way we have traversed to reach at this stage of popularity. XongoLab has transformed business results through by accomplishing the following projects.

    Modern Technologies We Avail of

    To be at the leading edge, in this fiercely competitive era, we with our marvelous and knowledgeable team of designer and programmer frame sophisticated Kotlin solutions. We always keep a check on updating technologies to be able to deliver the latest of the advancements to our clients as well as to the end-users.




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    Varied Industries We Serve with Our Expertise

    We cater to versatile needs and serve every client no matter what their business area. From small, medium, to large scale business, we have catered to the business requirements of every client possible. From food, fashion to marketing and consulting, we have met the needs of different clients. We provide versatile Kotlin app development services which are adjusted as per the project requirements.

    industries industry text
    •   On Demand
    •   Music
    •   Transit
    • Artificial Intelligence
    •   Machine Learning
    •   Fintech
    •   Education
    •   Health
    •   Smart Retail
    •   IOT
    •   DevOps
    •   Blockchain

    Kotlin Methodologies Process

    Helping businesses become industry leaders, our Kotlin app development company is oriented towards adopting a systematic approach towards app development. Right from the outset, we organize things in a way which leads to minimum time investment, thus improving project effectiveness. Understanding the requirements of our clients, we also help them further enhance their product by giving valuable suggestions which are based on deep research as well as experience.

    Requirements Conceive Your Dream Project
    Blue-print Project Blue-Print Plan
    Budget Budget Formulation
    Start Jumpstart The Project

    Why Choose XongoLab For Kotlin App Development Services?

    Creating fast-paced Kotlin mobile apps on both Android and iOS, XongoLab has honed its skills in the area. Topping the list of best mobile development companies, we have emerged as the number one provider of cutting-edge Kotlin development services.


    Technical Expertise

    With expertise in cutting-edge technologies, we have launched 100 and more successful apps on Play Store. Our knowledge on latest technologies help improve existing services


    Result-Oriented Solutions

    Studying the prevailing industry trends before coming up with a solution, We are working on Kotlin programming language craft pertinent solutions that match up to client expectations.


    Global Clientele

    Well-known for delivering high-end mobile development services, XongoLab has served 500+ businesses and still the number is growing.


    Agile Methodology:

    Our agile and versatile application development methodology help our clients scale higher and boost their business value..

    Hire Kotlin App Developers

    To provide flexibility to our clients and to help them avail of our Kotlin app development services, we present three hiring models (Part Time, Full Time, Hourly). Businesses, based on their budget and requirements, can opt to hire a full-time or a part-time dedicated Kotlin developer to work exclusively on their project.

    Whether you want our in-house team to work on your project or wish to hire a dedicated Kotlin app developer service, we are flexible in our approach. Though the development time may elongate, you will be able to utilize the unique expertise the dedicated resource has got. Take a look at the hiring models which we offer to our clients across the globe.

    • Part-time Hiring
    • Full-time Hiring
    • Hourly Hiring
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