About ToGo Express

For making food delivery services available to customers anytime anywhere, our client came to us with the concept to build the ToGo Express food delivery app for them.

Our team of developers and designers collaborated next to build this intuitive app using the latest tech stacks and design methodologies so customers could navigate the app conveniently and find meals they want without any issues.

ToGo Express is a food delivery app with the most sought-after features so customers can easily locate restaurants nearby, select meals matching their taste buds, and relish them with convenience.

Alongside support the food delivery app gives restaurants and customers, it has a wide array of advantages to offer delivery drivers. It aids them to earn well based on meal deliveries they make.


ToGo Express – Features

Take a walk through the features present in the food delivery app that allows customers, delivery drivers, and restaurants to connect with one another and support the latter to automate management and get services boosted visibility.


Manual Task Assignment

Restaurants can hand-pick a delivery driver from the app itself and manually assign the task of performing meal deliveries to them.


Table Availability

Customers get real-time information on availability of tables in a restaurant and make reservations to enjoy a hearty dish.


New Order Alert

Delivery drivers receive new order updates so they can reach the restaurant conveniently and perform meal deliveries.


View Task Details

Delivery driver receives the delivery task details- restaurant details, customer location details, customer’s name, etc.


Take a peek at the hurdles that came in the way of our developers and designers during the course of food delivery app development services. Understand the different roadblocks they faced.

Get Order Alert

We were finding it hard to receive order alerts for meals so drivers would be able to get notified of new delivery tasks.

Assign Tasks Manually

Integrating the feature to assist manual task assignments to delivery drivers was a hurdle that came in our developer’s way.

Integrate Location Tracking

Including a location tracking feature for customers and delivery drivers to know each other’s real-time location was a task for us.


Our Solutions

To keep these roadblocks at bay and ensure meal delivery services, menu management and other different tasks were easy to perform, we brought forth these solutions.

Customer App
Restaurant App
Delivery Boy App
Admin Panel

Tech Stack

Have a peek at the set of tech stacks that we used while performing food delivery app development for this intuitive solution so it functioned robustly and did not face any incidents of crashes.


Xcode 10.1








Android Studio




Google Map API







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