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Give the on-the go shopper unmatched shopping experience with our exclusive Mobile Commerce App Development which feature the best of the growing eCommerce technology.


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M-Commerce App Development Company that Makes Shopping A Cake-Walk

Understanding the need of every buyer and seller seeking mobile shopping solutions, XongoLab took up the initiative to provide shopping on mobile. Life has become more hectic than ever. We have now come at such times when there is hardly any time to open our PC’s and spend time on a specific website. The world has gone mobile. Everyone wants things on their fingertips. Why will not your customers want? By utilizing our mCommerce app development services, you can get a mobile app which eases the buying process and attracts new customers.

Right from the product categorization to the check-out process, we automate everything. There is hardly any need for human assistance. Our self-navigatory m-Commerce apps and e-Commerce apps make buying easy for all your customers and encourage them to open the app whenever they find the need to shop. Imagine your sales figures, with your business eCommerce app and mCommerce app always being at the fingertips of your customers. You will not lose out any. The convenience an m-commerce app and e-commerce app provides to the customers not only makes them delighted but also ensures customer loyalty due to the new found ease.

Our team of talented mCommerce developers and designers utilizes best mCommerce app solutions which enables them to create exceptional applications. Prior to beginning the mobile commerce app development process, we not only understand the nature of your business and its requirements but we also think from the point of view of your customers who will be the end users of the app. When they are able to shop quickly and effectively, they will definitely transact more with your business. This translates to more business growth and also word-of-the-mouth publicity for it.

Our mCommerce application developers and designers using the best mobile commerce app development process, not only for creating a compelling and eye-catchy design for your business application but also formulates an easy checkout process. It is said that most of the customers abandon after finalizing the purchase and clicking on ‘Add to Cart’ button only because of the long checkout process. By simplifying the checkout process, our m-Commerce experts ensure that the checkout happens within minutes of item being added to the cart or basket. Get an m-Commerce app for your business and reach as many customers as possible.

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Easing Shopping On Mobile Through mCommerce Apps

Our M-Commerce apps are designed to deliver rich yet safe shopping experience to mobile users and to help businesses expand their customer base.

Features of our M-Commerce App Development Services Which Set Us Apart

  • Customized mCommerce App Development Process.
  • Attractive App Design to Keep Customers Engaged.
  • Third Party Integration.
  • Apps that Target Increase in ROI.
  • Apps that Work on Multiple Devices.
  • User-friendly Mobile Apps.
  • Utilize the Best of the Latest M-commerce Technology.
  • Cost-effective M-Commerce App Development to Ensure Profitability.
  • One-stop Shop for All M-Commerce Solutions.
  • Expert to Analyze Your Business Requirements.
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Frequently Asked Questions

On Which Platforms does Your M-Commerce App Development Company Develop Shopping Apps?

We create mobile applications on a variety of platforms. We have a team of designers and developers who have expertise and experience of making and mCommerce apps on Android, iOS, Windows, etc. We also work on other app development platforms.

What Devices will I Need to Manage My M-Commerce App?

For managing your mCommerce application you will need a PC, internet connection, and a smart device. We provide a number of login options, keeping in view your business type.

Now if I Some of My Customers are Using Android and Some are Using iPhones, then What is the Solution?

The solution is to go for a cross-platform mobile app which functions on different operating systems or devices. With our services help you get a single app code to work on varied platforms. Users with any device can shop from this app.

Can I Get M-Commerce App which Works Even for Users who don’t Use Internet Frequently?

To deliver a rich customer experience, by uploading information about new products, special offers, bonuses, you will definitely need an internet connection. Also, the buying process involves receiving orders and also payment and for that some power is needed. This power is nothing but internet.

How About Adding, Modifying, or Deleting Products Offered to Customers?

We provide a user-friendly database which can be easily edited. You can add, modify, or delete any information about any product/service at any time you wish.

How can I Use M-Commerce App to Grow My Business?

The mobility offered by your app will invite many customers to shop right from their smart device. Apart from this you can get instant feedback about your products and make suitable improvements or additions in your product database. You can also send notifications about discounts, festive offers, etc. to get more sales.

In How Much TIme can You Create M-Commerce App and What are Your Charges for App Development?

We usually give a TAT of 5-6 weeks to create a full-fledged mobile application. However, if you need it urgently, we can take up your app development project on a priority basis. The pricing depends on your business nature and requirements. Once we have this info, we can definitely give you a pricing structure.

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