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What is Your Experience in the Related Industry?

Our talented and hardworking team can do apps development for mobiles and websites. There has been a huge growth in the stream than from when we started initially. The arrival of smart phones has changed the complete scenario and we were able to successfully deliver various projects related to mobile and web applications.

What is the Privacy Policy that You Follow?

We believe in developing apps by taking into consideration of the idea of our clients. And we make sure that each and every idea with us is kept completely confidential. The confidentiality is throughout the development of the project even by our employees. We make sure that we sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before starting the discussion.

Are You Ready to Work According to the Time Zone of the Client?

To be honest, our entire development team follows the Indian time zone standards at work. But if situation demands, like for some specific meetings or discussions we are ready stay awake at your convenient working hours. We prefer such meetings to get confirmed and preplanned to avoid any delay and to coordinate the members accordingly.

What is the Methodology that You Follow in Project Development?

We believe that each project is different from the other that makes it unique and hence different approaches. But almost all the projects undergo common steps at development phase like gathering the requirement, analysis, prototyping, UI design, solution consulting and development and testing. These steps and selection differs with the requirement of projects and clients.

Do You Provide Any Paid Support Contract?

We offer support contracts for our clients who ask for extension of the support on completion of the project. The charges for the same depend upon the projects and the same can be clarified once the scope and depth of the project gets finalized.

Does the Code Get Re-used?

We don’t use the license keys, project ideas, trademarks, original processes and business models/secrets with anyone else. But, while considering the authoring process that goes in developing a code, we make use of libraries that is open source and libraries owned by us to save the time for development and also avoiding the pain of re-invention.

What is Time Required for Arranging Resources for a Project?

We believe that a dedicated team should be available for finishing a particular project. The dedicated team that is formed after discussions will be set up within not time to start the work within very few hours of the acquisition of the project.

What is Way to Monitor and Communicate the Development of Project With the Developer Hired?

We have developed our own system for managing projects where our clients can watch their progress daily. An id and password for login is provided separately. You will have the privilege of assigning tasks, creating them and also get the follow up from the developers dedicated for your project through our PMS. For faster communication you can be in touch with the developers using various IMs.

What is the Skill and Experience of Your Developers?

We have a team of experts who have been divided between iPhone, Android and Blackberry. The technical expertise in each field includes usage of X-code editor, sql lite database and objective C.SVN for the control of subversion control for iPhone. For Android, Android SDK, Java, Eclipse editor and sql lite database is used. For blackberry its same as Android but uses Blackberry SDK.

Will You be Able to Send the Resources to the Site at the Time of Initial Setup?

Yes, we are happy to send our resources onsite depending on the requirements and locations especially for helping with the initial startup of the project. And if the project location is not where our office is present on special cases and for projects that involves more investment resources will be sent from corporate office for the same.

What is the Pricing Model that You Follow?

We follow the very simple model of Fixed Scope Model for pricing where fixed time and price is provided. Another model that we follow is the Evolving Scope for projects where costs cant be fixed initially and where it can go more and more as the project gets developed. In such cases we charge for each team member that will be needed on monthly basis. The milestones for payment will be clearly mentioned for both the scopes which will be mostly aligned to the delivery dates.

What will be the Cost for Similar Projects?

We prefer projects that last at least for a month. For small projects you can go ahead hiring our developer for at least for 15 days. The price will be anytime higher when compared to higher projects.

Web Development

What Web Technologies XongoLab Work With?

We are a group of people who prefer to use modern technology and we put in tremendous effort to adapt, learn and also bring in new technologies in web development field. We have excelled in various latest technologies for mobile apps and web development. We sometimes do have to work with tools like Configure I.T, PhoneGap etc. A combination of softwares is used for creating the UI design.

Can We Client Select their own Preferred Developer?

We have a scheme wherein you can select your preferred developer provided you are using the Evolving project scope. The profile of ideal candidate in your mind should be shared and discussed with our team for scheduling interviews and in finalizing selection process.

Can We Change the Scope of the Project in the Development Phase?

If you have chosen the Fixed Scope Model then we prefer the scope of the project is discussed and concluded in the initial stage. This will help in the completion of the project or web development within the time frame. Whereas in case of Evolving Scope Model you will have all the rights to change the scope as the team will be driven by you. You will have the right to set new goals, timelines, scope and much more.

Can Your Team Work with a Technical Team that We Already Have?

We will be happy to work with your technical team which will end up in making a strong and competent team. We also recommend and suggest hiring people from our team to cover up for any gaps present in your team for creating an ideal balance for the entire project.

Can We Conduct Interviews for Hiring Developers for Our Project?

Yes, it is possible if you are going for the model where you will be managing the entire team by yourself. You will have the right to schedule the interviews, meet the prospects and evaluate them on the requirement of the project. We also provide the resume and experience details of our employees which you can use for your reference.

Mobile Technology

What is Basic Difference Between the Hybrid Apps and Native Apps?

Hybrid apps is a web app that is build using JavaScript and HTML5 which is then wrapped inside a thin container that will give access to the features of native platform. They cant use some of the features of devices like the native apps. Native apps on the other hand are mainly built on various platforms. They are mainly built using development platforms and native SDK.

What are the Technologies that You Work With?

We work with B2B or B2E mobile apps for enterprises, startups and small businesses. We already share a track record for creating result oriented, engaging and high impact mobile apps on all the major available platforms from cross platform, native and Hybrid technologies.

What If I Need to Make Changes to App that has been Once Launched?

To be very honest with you, if you are looking forward for making changes to launched apps then it is going to cost you. We recommend that our clients have their project scope well defined before the start up of the project to avoid any last minute confusions and to save money as well as time.

Do You Upload Apps to the Apps Store?

Yes, of course we do upload apps to the app store that do free of any cost. However, you will have to pay a small amount which is the minimum amount of charge which is a fees imposed by the parent company.

What are the Programming Languages that You Work With?

The programming languages or the framework that we normally use to develop mobile applications mainly depends on the platform that is chosen by the clients. Like for example for applications on iphone we use Objective C, Xcode, Swift and other identical tools as well as languages provided by Apple. And for Android phones we use Android SDK.

Do You do Any Marketing of the Developed Apps?

Yes, we are ready to do the marketing of the apps developed if our client asked us to do so.

Can I Make a Single App that can Work in all Platforms?

Yes, by all means you can make a single App that can work in all platforms. And in such cases you may need to go for cross-platform mobile app development where our team of developers uses frameworks used to develop certain main application and then later on deploy it through the desired platforms.

What is Necessary for Hosting an App?

The need for hosting an app depends on the structure of the app that you are using. If you are developing applications that need web services to connect the database to the app then you would need hosting to manage database as well as the web services. In case you are having server and required hosting infrastructure we can help you in doing the same.

What is Web Service and API Called As?

Mobile apps do not have any access to the remote databases when compared to web apps. So for fetching the data directly from the server you need an alternative service. And that alternatives are web services and API. With the help of JSON files/XML files from the databases we can make use of the data from the files.

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