Frequently Asked Questions

Obviously website visitors and clients will have queries relating to the company, its products and services offered. For the convenience of our visitors and clients, we have assembled all the questions along with helpful answers in a single page named as FAQ page. No more our audiences have to keep on browsing to find the answers as they can get the answers to their questions from our FAQ section in no time.


Can You Throw A Light On Your Experience In This App Development Field?

Our dedication, capabilities and technology skills has enabled us to develop numerous apps for websites and mobiles. From our inception date till today, we have bagged a huge number of worldwide clients. Our years of experience has honed our skills using which we have enabled our clients to remain one step ahead of their rivals.

How Will I Get To Know My Project’s Status?

XongoLab has developed its own Project Management System to manage projects and from where our clients can get to know the status of their project. We also give you complete freedom of creating and assigning project tasks and getting an update from the respective developers hired by you for your project via this Project Management System.

What Methodologies Do You Follow While Developing An App?

Every project is unique and demands for different strategies. But, we follow Waterfall app development process steps such as acquiring requirements, analysis, planning, prototyping, creating UI design, developing, testing and launching.

General Questions

Can XongoLab build applications for both Android and iOS?

Undoubtedly, yes! Almost all the apps that we build support both Android and iOS mobile platforms. Most of our clients want apps that can run efficiently on every platform, hence we make use of development frameworks like React native and React that makes it possible for us to develop an app that speedily supports both platforms.

How much time will it consume to develop and deploy my app?

There are many factors that contribute to developing and deploying a successful app. It totally depends on what features you want in your app, on which platform you want your app to run and which hiring module you choose.

We are already having designs, can XongoLab move ahead with those?

Probably, yes. Though we prefer following our own app designs as it permits us to develop the best and consistent app, but if you have your designs we can develop an app with that. If we feel that the designs provided by you are strong and will be successful, then surely yes, we can work on that but If the design doesn’t meet our set standards, then we will honestly present our views and recommend you a better design.

Mobile Technology

Is it possible to Make Alterations in the App that has already been Launched?

Yes, it is possible. Our app development experts will help you in making changes depending upon the modifications you want. But, we would like to inform you beforehand that any alteration in your application is chargeable. We will charge on the basis of the alterations made.

What all Programming Languages are You using to develop an app?

We are familiar with every programming language. On the basis of the platform you choose to operate your app we pick the framework and programming languages for developing an app for you. For example, Objective C, Swift, Xcode are used for iPhone applications and for Android platform we apply Android SDK.

Will you deploy my App on the App store on my behalf?

Certainly yes, we will deploy your apps on the app store without charging an extra penny from you. However, we will charge only nominal fees (a small amount) that are charged by the parent company for installing the app.

Web Development

Are Your Developers Able To Work With My Existing Technical Team?

As we are specialists in developing bespoke projects, it is very common for our developers to work with any existing team. It will be our pleasure to work with your existing technical team. We ensure that our developers and yours will make a competent and strong team.

Can Interviews Be Conducted By Us To Hire Developers for Our Project?

Obviously it is possible in those cases where you are going to handle the entire team of developers by yourself. We give you complete right to go through the CV of the developers, conduct interviews, and select the developers of your choice.

What are the Web Technologies that you Work With?

XongoLab has always preferred to use latest and trendiest technology for developing an app like React Native, Flutter, Swift, Java, and more. Our developers are keen learners and have learned about every new technology quickly and are familiar with the nitty-gritty of all the technologies. We blend multiple software for creating engaging user interface designs.

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