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From the past few years, automation, performance improvements and security have been the markers of growth among various financial organizations and you can clutch all these traits for your financial organization using Fintech. Thus, to innovate and grow in the financial sector, obtain the unbeatable Fintech app development services. XongoLab with its deep knowledge on this financial technology can develop high-class solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Grow Your Start-up With Fintech App Development Company

Fintech is considered as a revolutionary solution of financial technology having the potential to transform the manner in which a financial body designs and delivers financial services. Using this technology, XongoLab provide customized applications to the Fintech startups, enterprises and banks keeping into consideration performance, scalability, security and development time as the vital objectives.

Fintech is an outcome when technology and finance are amalgamated. This technology holds the proficiency of offering effective and innovative solutions to promote your business and at the same time provides your business varied funding options. Being familiar with the ins and outs of Fintech technology, our experienced developers are skilled in refactoring monolith banking systems into well-organized and effective micro-services and also help in integrating Google Pay and Apple Pay services rapidly and faultless.

The app developed by us guarantees increased internal processes’ productivity, real-time visibility and financial services’ transparency. Our professional Fintech development services will help you in boosting your relationships with your customers that will ultimately increase the probability of their coming to you again to acquire your services or products.

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Fintech has ability to capture data and process them, immediately, is changing the scenario of how every business is carried out, how services and products are evolved in this new financial system and the manner in which consumers take part in this entire process. We provide an accomplished group of app developers who have experience in developing Fintech app development services to solve the needs of business coming from any sector.

Portfolio Management Tool

We develop this tool that generates investment or product approvals on the basis of the customer’s profile, investment horizon, return expectations and various other mentioned preferences.

Accounting Information System

Cloud-based designs are crafted for AIS (Accounting Information Systems) that are integrated with ERP applications, business intelligence mobile apps and modules generating reports.

Fintech Software Development

We render complete development of strong app and software for mobile and web platforms, featuring payment gateways, real time interaction of data, analysis model and custom reporting.

Financial Management Control

We develop shrewd financial management control panels, integrated with credit and banking sectors to securely scrutinize and reconcile the accounts.

Integration with Banking Systems

Seamless integration is done with banking systems like systems to originate loan, accounting software, etc. to allow employees to speedily respond to the client’s requests.

Fraud Detection and Credit Risk

Our dedicated Fintech development services offer complete customer support and security for the electronic payment gateway systems along with systems on Smartphone.

Blockchain Integration

Avail of automated and highly-secured Fintech development solutions using the command of Blockchain like share trading, digital payments, digital identity and smart contracts.

Investment Solutions

Broad experience in the Fintech involves platform developments for custom investment, portfolio and asset management, artificial intelligence and robo-advisors.

Logical CRM Solutions

CRM systems are integrated with well-groomed technologies like AI, voice technology and micro-services to optimize the business management in an effective manner.

how to work

How does Fintech Works?

  • Application Submission

    To use the services of a company an application is to be submitted. An online application form available on the official site of the respective company is filled by the customer & submitted.

  • Application Evaluation

    The application form is evaluated and accepted or rejected on the basis of their profile’s eligibility. The risk factor is measured taking into consideration the age, credit score & income of the applicant.

  • Digital Verification

    Data provided by the customer through the application form like their id proofs, document & residence proof and income statement are verified digitally to save effort to get precise results. Once verified the applicant becomes eligible for the services asked.

  • Further Implementation

    Once the company is satisfied, it disburses the loan or agrees to render its services within hours. All the execution and settlement is done via internet. Secured dealing ledger database is shared by every party, through an established and distributed network.


Benefits OF Fintech

  • Improves Strength

    Fintech makes better the strength of long-established financial bodies by enhancing their performance & boosting their profits. When credit unions and banks partner with Fintech firms, they can easily manage lengthy and time consuming tasks effortlessly.

  • Greater Convenience

    The firms involved in the financial technology are making complete use of the mobile connectivity. This connectivity significantly adds to the total number of individuals who are able to access the services offered by the firm and as well increases the convenience and efficiency of the transactions.

  • No Global Barriers

    The world of Fintech is having no borders. It aims at breaking down international barriers for facilitating financial services throughout the world with the help of its leading technologies, thereby enabling immediate data transfers all over the globe.

  • Lower Costs

    Fintech firms can enable their clients to benefit themselves from the lower premiums as they relieve themselves from any brick & mortar costs like salaries, advertising and rent and in its place to invest their money in enlarging their services.

Work Showcase

We develop extraordinary and tremendous website and apps that help you create new benchmarks in your industry are right at your disposal when you partner with our technically competent team.

Technology Stack

As a reputed Fintech software development company, we come forward with superlative financial technology solutions to help you conduct your business even more efficiently. When it is about developing Fintech app, the key features on which we pay high attention are performance, clean code, security and app’s enduring viability by using below latest technologies;




    Node Js



    React Js

    Share Point



    Meteor Js

    Vue Js

    My Sql




    Cake Php



Industries We Served

Our Fintech app development solutions stay in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank and other financial Acts on every systems and devices. Industries we cover are Retail and Investment Banks, Insurance companies, Trading companies, E-commerce, Agriculture, Electronics, Manufacturing, Housing Sector, Food, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Fashion, Retail, Education and many more.

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95% of satisfied clients have appreciated our work and recommended us to other clients.

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