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Augmented Reality one of the trendiest technologies in the app sector, is enabling the interaction between the users and the advanced digital world by using objects of real world. Technology has overstepped gaming realms. Rendering Augmented Reality app development services to a huge number of industries, our AR apps are highly secure, attractive, communicating, robust and profitable. Enhance your app user’s experience and improve your business with our innovative AR applications.

Innovative Augmented Reality Development Company

Connecting the virtual world with real world and laying foundation for a new world, Augmented Reality proves to be a pioneering force across diverse industry verticals. Generally, AR represents an altered reality view by augmenting the components and elements considering the environment. Our Augmented Reality development company builds immersive and captivating realistic apps, thereby helping the businesses to take the pleasure of augmented brand recognition.

Augmented Reality includes development of certain components such as images, sound and picture, motion together with GPS data for making the view informative and more alluring. We cater protected, scalable and stable Augmented Reality app development services for iOS and Android platforms using latest Operating System compatibility.

We adhere to the business standards so as to build the best AR solutions fitting the requirements of our clients. We use 3600 panoramic imaging, 3D modeling and visualization and real time identification of character for creating Augmented Reality apps. All our developed apps offer customer-centric, unique, and interactive experiences for your users using any device.

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Some Outstanding Features of Augmented Reality Application

Incorporating leading Augmented Reality features, we focus in Augmented Reality application development solutions for you to increase the customer interactivity and promote your brand. Being a consistent player in the ground of creating Augmented Reality apps, we are aware of the fact that AR is transforming the existing monotonous methods to a greater extent, hence, we develop AR apps that permits you in carving a prominent position in this competitive world.



3D Recognition

Being one of the most valuable features of AR SDK, it helps augment huge spaces around the user.




Best among the many must-have features of an augmented reality app, this helps in identifying objects, places, and images.




Making the optimum utilization of this game engine, our experts create powerful AR apps with incredible effects.

AR application


Use of Popular AR SDKs

Owing to years of experience, our AR specialists have mastery over various SDKs available to create AR apps.

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OpenSceneGraph Support

Being adept with the tools and technologies in this open source 3D graphic toolkit, our developers create outstanding AR based apps.

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Easy Visualization

The AR apps created by our technocrats enable users to view objects and modify them as per their personal inclinations.

how AR works

How Augmented Reality Apps Work:

  • Scene Capture

    Primarily, the real scene, which needs to be transformed into AR, needs to be captured utilizing a video recording device such as a camera.

  • Scene Identification

    The scene which has been captured in the above step should be scanned in detail so that the exact position for embedding the virtual content is located.

  • Scene Processing

    Once the scene is clearly recognized, the virtual content is then generated via a request from the internet or other database.

  • Scene Visualization

    In the final stage, a mixed image of the real with the virtual content is created by the Augmented Reality system.

AR benefits

Why Augmented Reality For Business

  • Enhanced Information

    AR apps help you to provide users with additional information about different objects and aspects that too in real time.

  • Bridges the Gap between Real and Virtual World

    AR apps blur the lines that exist between the real and virtual world by helping you present live information to your customers.

  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction

    AR apps help enhance the levels of customer delight by delivering an engaging and incredible experience to the end users.

  • Support Training

    AR apps are very useful in simulative training for employees. By ensuring high-tech training, businesses can improve employee productivity and efficiency.

Work Portfolio

We have successfully delivered innovative websites and application which leave a long-standing impression on your business. Below we provide you the glimpse of our award winning projects!

Technology Stack

Our seasoned experts work with a responsive methodology to deliver quality Augmented Reality application development services within the stipulated timeline. Whether it is Android, iOS or Windows platform, our technocrats bring technical expertise across various platforms, along with knowledge on cutting-edge tools and technologies and a complete understanding of the current app trends.




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Industries We Served

Irrespective of the fact that from which field your business is, taking up and creating AR apps will benefit your business greatly in near future. With our familiarity with technologies and past performance, XongoLab offers Augmented Reality development services for helping business entities ranging from retail to healthcare with an intention of strengthening and building enduring market significance.

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95% of satisfied clients have appreciated our work and recommended us to other clients.

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