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Digitization has swayed the healthcare sector, and to reach to your potential customers and have a perfect grip on the medical area you need to create a perfect app. If you are planning to supercharge your online healthcare business and gain an impeccable web presence, then, we can help you in making an outstanding healthcare app development services using our out-of-the-box strategies.

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Innovations in rendered services, information delivery and care models tend to revolutionize medical sector’s future. Hence, we thrive on offering the best possible healthcare app development services by leaving no room for any issues in the app developed. We implement the latest tools and technologies, like identity and right of entry management, Blockchain technology and SIEM, to tackle security related challenges and maintain the privacy of provided personal health data while rendering the services of health app development.

As being service providers of leading healthcare app Development Company, developers at XongoLab focus on building dynamic yet exceptional digital health apps that are highly secure and robust. Bundle of healthcare apps has been created by us with pioneering style. Our solutions are customized as per your requirements, i.e. we offer end-to-end health app development services and have the capability of developing complex to complex products from scratch with utmost perfection.

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End-to-End Healthcare Mobile Application Features

Many things about medical & healthcare can be accessed online through mobile apps or websites. The internet’s presence is clearly visible in medical, health as well as in lifestyle domains. XongoLab is an ultimate solution for hospitals, doctors and patients, as we have been offering healthcare mobile app development services ever since cell phone played a significant role in the evolution of medical sector.



Buy Online Medicines

When everything, today, can be done with just a single click, then why not buy medicine online? Save plenty of time by purchasing medicines online.




Doctors can keep an eye on and medicate chronic conditions in an effective and fastest way despite of their geographical distance.




It automatically maintains a record of what products are being sold & also reflects total revenue earned on each product.

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Wearable Devices

Many healthcare apps are supported by wearable devices, through which heart rate, cholesterol level, BP, and Sugar level can be monitored easily.

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Pill Reminder

Stay healthy and fit without missing a single dose of your medication. Pill reminder sends a notification as per the e-prescription.

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Payment Management

Through payment management feature, pay-slips can also be generated for the staff members of the hospital.

how Health app works

How Healthcare App works?

  • Data Generation

    Data is generated through various sources like Smart devices, legacy systems, healthcare providers and diagnostic tools.

  • Data Collection

    The data collected is made ready for compliances, structured for computation and sent to the cloud, hiding the patient’s identity information with a public hash tag.

  • Data Capturing

    The software captures and processes the data received using the rules of the business. If the data meets the business rules, the patient’s hashed identity is saved and the patient is notified.

  • Data Consumption

    The patient can access his data using his personal password and can share his public hash tag key with medical service providers to receive medical help.

health app benefits

Benefits of Healthcare App

  • Blessing In Far Remote Areas

    Patients living in far-plunge areas can take medical assistance using health apps without travelling long distances except emergencies. Also, they can book appointments and buy medicines via this app.

  • Ease In Handling Reports

    Preserving too many reports for a long time can be a huge burden and some reports can even get misplaced. Healthcare app comes with a report storing feature where all the diagnosed reports can be stored.

  • Appointment Scheduling

    No more wasting time by standing in long queues to book an appointment to seek medical help. Appointments can be booked wirelessly just with a single click through this app.

  • Proactive Response During Emergencies

    Medical service providers can keep a track on the conditions of the patient and respond proactively in case of emergencies by accessing the patient’s medical prescriptions saved in the app.

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Though we are very much confident that our every developed website and mobile app will lead you towards success, but still, let our past works make the picture clear for you!

Technology Stack

Expertise, dedication and understanding are the three words that describe our healthcare application development developers. Our developers pick the technologies circumspectly and by optimizing responsive time of the server, make those technologies run really fast, while focusing on the architecture’s overall sustainability.




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Industries Flourishing From Our Services

The business requirement of every industry is distinct from each other. Serving every industrial field with top-notch health app development services is a big commitment made by us; hence, we bring various industry-specific mobile applications for almost all industries. Our aim is to amalgamate business’s operational and development efforts to augment, perk up, and enhance processes.

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