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The online privacy statement is very much critical for XongoLab. Valuing your privacy, while providing top-notch app development services to you has been the core of our strategy. Our Privacy Policy highlights our confidentiality practices relating to the personal information collected and stored by us about you via our website.

Protecting personal client information is a fairly large responsibility. Hence, XongoLab respects your privacy and safeguards the info that is provided to us by you. This Privacy Policy portrays our work pattern regarding how we collect personal info, use them and share with the third party. By visiting our webpage or filling our registration form with your personal data, you acknowledge the work pattern mentioned in our privacy policy statement.

On providing us with your confidential and personal data, you agree and confirm to all the rules and regulations mentioned in our privacy policy. Please carefully go through our privacy policy to have a clear knowledge on how we gather, use, store, protect and handle your personal information and what all areas our privacy policy covers.

To Whom Is Privacy Policy Applicable?

Our privacy policy is applicable to every visitor, user and all those who visit our website, access our services, use Chat Support or subscribe to our blogs.

How We May Gather Your Data?

Personal Identification Info: We gather your personal identifying info in numerous ways, when you visit our website, subscribe to newsletter, place order, fill out the registration form, request for our services or respond to our surveys.

Non-personal identification info: We gather your non-personal identification info whenever you visit our website. The non-personal identification info generally includes the name of the browser, details of your computer used and your IP address.

1. Data Requested By Us:

By using any of our offered services, possibly there are chances that we may request you to fetch us with either all or some of the data mentioned below so that we can store them for future use.

  • Your Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Postal Address
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype

2. Cookies:

Small text files that we transfer to the hard drive of your computer via your web browser on your first visit to our website are called cookies. Cookies enable us to identify your IP address and detain and retain certain information only after you permit and agree to our usage terms. You can avoid cookies by declining the cookie request.

For running targeting ad campaigns and expanding our services, we have linked up with some of the genuine third-party companies and their privacy policy that may slightly differ from ours; hence we are not liable for the agreements of those companies. The third party with whom we have linked are mentioned below and we would recommend you to have a glance at the privacy policy of those companies:

  • Google Analytics – Used for enhancing the experience of the user and we have nothing to do with your personal information. The information collected by it includes browser or device used, activities on site and IP address for measuring and reporting statistics showing how much you have been influenced by the web. To know more about how your data are handled and dealt by Google Analytics, go through their Privacy Policy.
  • Zendesk – For rendering round the clock support, we require your basic information so that we can reach you instantly to acquire service related details and offer you all the required services. Hence, for faster communication with you, we use Zendesk Chat Support. We would highly recommend you to check out its Privacy Policy by visiting its respective website.
  • HubSpot – It is a trusted and popular CRM used for saving all your contact information securely that you have shared with us to acquire our services. Have a look at its Privacy Policy.
  • MailChimp – For sending promotional emails and tracking who all are interested so that good support can be provided to them, we make use of a genuine tool named as MailChimp. Through MailChimp, we can easily track which individual has opened the mail and visited our website through that mail. We would suggest you to have a look at its Privacy Policy by visiting its respective website.

Why The Info Is Collected After Your Permission?

Below are mentioned the reasons behind the collection of your information:

  • To converse with you on the current project or regarding the services for which you have enquired.
  • For notifying you via email about important notices or when we make any alterations to this Privacy Policy.
  • For providing a satisfactory customer support as well as analysing our relations with clients.
  • For identifying and blocking any illegal activity and fraudulent transactions, for exposing spam and for protecting the company’s and its client’s interests and rights.
  • To update you with our new services and products, upcoming events, promotions and offers that can benefit you.
  • To render our services that you have asked through a variety of means, like enabling partnership, gathering project requirements, deployment or development of your project.
  • To collect your valuable reviews and improve our product quality and services based on your reviews.

How We Keep Your Data Secure?

XongoLab has implemented abundant security features for preventing the unauthorized access to or release of personal information. All XongoLab employees keep your personal information confidential. If any employee breaches the security norms, XongoLab will take instant action against that employee.

If anything related to your data security pokes your mind, we would recommend you to go through our Security Policy or drop us a mail at for further assistance.

Is Your Personal Data Shared By Us?

You can rest assured that your personal data is pretty much confidential at XongoLab, whatever the circumstances are, not even a single data of yours is shared by us with the third party.

How Do We Safeguard Your Every Information?

No single information received from you is made public. The reason why we ask for your information is to communicate with you and provide you with the requested services. While collecting your information and storing them, we ensure that the information will be used by us in the most authentic way eradicating the probabilities of information exposure and leakage.

On visiting our website, most probably you will come across a field or a file that will ask you for some of your information such as name, email id, contact number etc. We assure you that whatever data or detail you have submitted will never be misused, rented or sold. However, we may use the data for keeping an internal record or for communicating with you in future.

Information provided, stored and used is handled and controlled by us very significantly. We use Malware Scanning regularly. Our privacy policy bolsters a secure and trustworthy relationship in every possible way!

Your Rights & Choices

Your information stored with us is completely under your control. Following are the rights that you hold:

  • Unsubscribe: You can anytime unsubscribe. The link to unsubscribe is underneath every marketing or promotional newsletter email which we send to you.
  • Opt-Out bottom: Unsubscribing instantly removes your name from our promotional list(s), still you may be contacted by our marketing, development or sales team through emails. If you want no contact from any department of our company, kindly reply that particular department with ‘opt-out’ written in your email body or subject.
  • Blocking Cookies: You have the right to block or remove certain cookies by means of your browser settings. Note, that there could be a failure in the proper functioning of the offerings if you block or remove cookies.
  • Other rights: You have the right to not to share your info by denying to fill up any form. You can ask us to edit any wrong data or delete any particular data that we have about you. Also you can demand for the access to all your personal data.
  • If you have any question regarding our privacy policy or data handling practices, we would be glad to hear from you at

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