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Simplifying lives, both for Taxi business owners and individuals who commute frequently, XongoLab offers creatively crafted Taxi Booking Applications & Taxi App Source Codes which make taxi booking process a piece of cake. Call us today or have a chat with us to know how a simple taxi clone app can breathe life into your taxi business.


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Top Rated Taxi Booking App Development Company

Blending functionality with innovation we deliver professional taxi booking app development services to clients across the world. The immense popularity of taxi booking app source code for android or iOS can be gauged by the fact that we are rapidly gaining inroads to the intricacies of the taxi business model and are thus able to design an appropriate app which renders the right services as required by our clients.

Innovative thinking and its implementation are in our corporate DNA. In today’s brimming business environment you need a robust and user-friendly taxi app that undoubtedly will be provided by us to you. Our number one taxi app developers or builders bring in creativity while designing the application. Our end-to-end taxi app development services make life easier not just for drivers but also for the end users, i.e the passengers.

XongoLab, a taxi booking app development company never considers it done because we are always on the outlook to incorporate ideas however minuscule it is. We are always open-ended with our taxi clone app projects so that there is ample scope for further scalability and upgrades. Just pitch in your ideas related taxi booking app and we turn it into absolute feasible reality for you.

We are a growth oriented taxi app development company which also strives for the business expansion of its clients. We create the taxi clone app and taxi app source code, keeping your prospective business expansion plans in consideration. This way you will have a flexible taxi booking app which meets your current as well as the future needs.

Headlights’ of Our Taxi App Development

Our taxi clone app development plan has all the necessary features like payment integration, real-time tracking, user-friendly interface, record history details, feedbacks, and more. The features included in the base taxi app development which we offer are more than sufficient for your business needs. We as a taxi booking app development company have also introduced many unique features like texting option, multi-language support and easy login through multiple channels which are the USP’s of our taxi app.

Easy Login/Register

Our taxi clone app facilitates customer to register or login easily through multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter or Email.

Live Chat Option

Our taxi booking app negate the need for making calls as they provide a texting interface which helps the driver and prospective passenger communicate easily.

Fully Customizable

Our flexible taxi booking app source code and clone empowers you to make changes in the app at any stage in the future to make room for customer requirements.

taxi app

Feedback Process

Our taxi clone apps include a feedback feature which enables passengers to give feedback in a quick way. Smart feedback input fields help improvise your business.


To extend the use of our taxi booking app across people of different ages, we offer multi-language support. From a child of sixteen to a grand-pa of sixty, everyone can use our apps.

Wallet System

To make it easy for passengers to pay, we integrate our apps with a wallet system. This makes it easy both for drivers and passengers as they needn’t search hastily for a currency change.

Taxi App for Customer

We are offering as more as possible features in our customer taxi app like social media integration, real time tracking, 3rd party payment gateway, local wallet, panic button and more. Have a look below screens of our taxi booking app!!

Taxi App for Driver

We are including as more as possible best features in our driver taxi app like driver document verification, track customer location, push notifications, bank integration and more. Have a look below screens of our driver taxi app!!

Taxi Admin Panel

With an eye-catching layout, our taxi admin panel helps you to manage easily all data like customers, drivers, vehicles, payment reports and more. Have a look below screens of our taxi admin panel!!

Trends in The Taxi Industry

The evergreen taxi industry is on the digitization mode. Taxi booking service providing companies like Uber and Ola are surviving just on an app. In this mobile world, taxi is now available at a finger touch.
Categorization of taxi users is common. Now, taxi has become more of a luxury, than a necessity, due to its rates being at par with other means of transport. People, who can afford to go by bus or rickshaw, prefer taking a taxi due to easy to use taxi booking app.
Expansion in taxi user base: The number of people using taxis has expanded to a great deal due to user-friendly taxi booking app. From old-aged to handicapped everyone can easily use a taxi to reach their destination.
With the user base expanding, we will also see growth in the number of services provided by taxi app development companies. Like they may even offer facility to help immobile individuals get seated in a taxi and reach a specific destination.

Advantage of Taxi Clone App

  • Automated System which Brings Down Manual Labor
  • Record of Each and Every Trip
  • Automatic Calculation of Fare
  • Direct Communication Between the Customer and Service Provider
  • Recorded Trip Details which Increase the Levels of Transparency
  • Ensured Feedback After Trips Helps Improvise the Business
  • Easy Payments Through Wallet System
  • In-App Notifications to Both the Parties
  • Categorization of Vehicles to Uniquely Serve Customers
  • Ability to Trace Any Vehicle at Anytime
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Frequently Asked Questions

On Which Platforms Do Your Taxi App Builders Create Taxi Booking Apps?

We provide taxi app development services on a number of platforms. Our taxi app builders are equipped with skills to create taxi booking apps on Android, iOS, and Windows.

Do I Need Any Hardware Equipment to Make Use of the App?

Apart from a smart device, PC and an internet connection you will not need anything to avail of our app. Considering taxi business needs in mind, we offer flexible login options.

Can I Get a Single App Created Which Runs on Multiple Devices?

Yes. We do offer cross-platform app development services wherein you can get a single app source code which functions across multiple platforms and is available to users with varied devices. This way you can cater to a wide range of passengers.

Can I Get a Taxi App Which Works Offline?

As we need to constantly update the passenger as well as the driver about each other’s location, there needs to be an internet connection in both the devices. Hence, our taxi apps can work only online.

Can I Know Where a Specific Taxi is at Anytime I Want?

Yes. Utilizing the GPS features in our taxi booking apps, you can know the address where a specific taxi is at. With the taxi app functioning in the driver’s device, it becomes easy for you to locate him.

How can Non-English Users Utilize My App?

We include multi-lingual support in our app development process. You can get the app to support any number of languages per your requirement.

How Much Time Does It Take to Create the App and What About the Rate You Charge?

Our app development process, including deployment, takes around 5-6 weeks. We also create apps within specific deadlines which might be lesser than the said period. Once you state your requirements, including the features you want in the app, we give you a price quotation.

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