Progressive Web App Development

The Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is those that can be downloaded directly from the browsers without the users having to search it from the app store. Very similar to the native apps, the Progressive Web App development offers many added features that are a boon to the users. With the popular companies switching over to PWA development services, they have reported an increase in the engagement and conversion rates. It can be rightly assumed that it is the preferred choice of social media and the e-commerce giants. As a best Progressive Web App development service providers, We always try to fit in the requirements of our customers so that the end effect is what brings them the much-required revenue and loyal customers.

PWA Development Services- The Best Alternative for Native Apps

The Progressive Web App development is a fit on every browser. It is responsive to fit in all the devices. Moreover, it can be used when there are issues of the network. Whether the user is offline or there are poor connection issues, the PWA displays the last online content on the user device so that interaction and engagement are maintained. The PWA development services include that it can be downloaded from the browser rather than search for it in the play store.

Built on the progressive enhancement principles, the PWA development services provide a native app feeling with the same interactions and navigations. The best part is that it allows for push notifications to be sent on the browsers so that the users do not miss out on anything. There are no complex installation procedures required for the Progressive Web Apps and can be easily shared through a URL.

The PWAs are supported by Microsoft edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox with many other web browsers already keen to support it in the future. The Progressive Web Application development is an emerging technology that provides all the rich mobile experience in the web browsers. Some of the fine examples of PWAs are Twitter Lite, Alibaba and Flipkart Lite.

A Brief Review of the Progressive Web Application Development Benefits

Easy Installation:
The Progressive Web App development services include that of easy installation. The users can keep their favorite apps on the home screen without having to download it from the app store. Even on the mobile devices, they get easily loaded as an app icon. It does not require lengthy download time or it is not needed to be downloaded from the app store.
Offline Management:
With the Progressive Web App development services, the web apps will allow the users, ability to work offline. They can also work when the network speed is low. When offline, it will enable loading of at least a custom offline page. This means that the last user online access page is displayed when offline so that the customer can view the site without any interruptions.
Cut Down Costs:
The PWA development services include the function of them being discoverable as applications. This cuts down on the costs otherwise needed to build a native app. The Progressive Web Application development significantly reduces the operative and maintenance costs when compared to the native applications.
Cross-Platform Performance:
One of the main Progressive Web App features is that it can be downloaded in any browser or device without any impact on its functionality. It is built with progressive enhancement as a fundamental principle thus enabling it to work for every user regardless of the browser. Being highly responsive, it is compatible with all devices and browsers.
Minimum Data Use:
Native apps require a large amount of data usage. In comparison, the Progressive Web Application development requires less data usage. They do not require much of the additional space on the mobile device thus increasing the efficiency and performance of the device. Moreover, the service worker update process ensures that they are always fresh and up-to-date.
Native App Feel:
The Progressive Web App development services are engaging in nature. The push notifications can be sent through it increasing the customer interaction in businesses. The feel is similar to that of the native app with the same interactions and navigations. The contents are safe and freshly updated that are responsive and Operating System platform independent.

Our Best Works of Progressive Web App Development Services

We are the best Progressive Web App development company and we tell it with conviction. See and decide for yourself about our work. Get an insight into the projects we have worked on the Progressive Web Application development and the results we have credibly delivered. No doubt, the customers are doubly enthralled with our coding and work.

Hire Our Progressive Web App Developers

Our Progressive Web Application development team is different. We are open to every challenge and we assure that the best is delivered. Our Progressive Web App development services are aimed at providing the best solutions to the customers. The team of dedicated Progressive Web App developers has technical expertise that is superior and reliable. With their vast experience, they provide a flawless web app design that seamlessly integrates into any web browser with its core functionalities intact. The quality testing done by the team is top-notch and they are sure that they never miss the deadline.

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Why We Are Best as a Progressive Web App Development Company?

When we talk about emerging software technologies, Xongolab has been credited with providing innovative and unique solutions by keeping abreast of the latest Progressive Web Application developments. We design projects in tandem with the customers’ needs that provide high-end solutions to escalate their business goals. We are the best Progressive Web App development company that delivers smarter and faster web pages that feel like native apps.

  • Tried and Tested Solutions :

    Our team of Progressive Web App developers tries out the web apps before it is delivered. So rest assured, the final product is flawless and bug-free with an immaculate design that combines features and functionalities.

  • Responsive and Progressive Web Design :

    We are the Progressive Web App development company that designs responsive web apps. Our web apps offer seamless interaction through multiple browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and IE with increased and robust performance.

  • Cost Effective Engagement Models :

    The main reason what withholds customers from seeking new solutions is the project cost. We are that reliable Progressive Web App development company that keeps the budget constraint in mind but delivers the best always.

  • Dedicated Progressive Web App Developers :

    Our Progressive Web App developers are trained and proficient in their technological skills so that they design web apps that are effectively functional and high on appeal that will win the user experience and serve its purpose.

  • Committed Customer Management :

    Not only are our PWA development services innovative and unique, but are also reliable. We extend technical support for our customers from the initial design to the later use phase as and when required without any higher costs involved.