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Chatbots are helping the industries to boom as they can handle multiple business services like customer care, obtaining feedback, recording complaints, booking, managing payment procedures, searching, etc. XongoLab builds new age messaging bots for revolutionizing the manner in which your business interacts with your clients and streamline the interactions.

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We XongoLab, a Chatbot development company offers completely avant-garde Bot services so that you can clutch the automation power and boost your business functionality. Our Chatbot developers provide highly sophisticated Chatbot app development solutions which you can implement in your business for enhancing customer interaction as well as providing them the best responses.

Leveraging the power of AI, NLP/NLU and ML technology, we breed a new Chatbot generation that will follow the command given by you as well as understand your requirements just like a human. Adept in developing cutting-edge Bot solutions for Facebook, Messenger, Skype, GroupMe, web chat, Slack, Telegram and Kik, we have provided customized Chatbot development services matching your needs. NLP is used by us to understand the latest technology and context like Node Js, Luis, MongoDB so that Bot can deliver the best user experience.

XongoLab’s Chatbot developers have developed various Bots and created automated assistants that have been designed especially to transform the manner in which organizations interact with their clients, provide interactive experiences and have programmed customer support through the platform of Chatbot.

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    how chatbot work

    How Do Chatbots Work?

    • NLP Usage

      A Bot message is being sent by the user. The text is turned into a structured data by NLP, where the plain text is converted by the machine into some codified commands which the Chatbot can understand.

    • Request Analysis

      The Bot analyzes the request of the user for identifying the intent of the user and for extracting the relevant entities.

    • Matching Request with Pre-fed Data

      After analyzing, the Chatbot matches the request of the user with the pre-fed data. When Bot gets the data, it transfers the data into the decision engine.

    • NLG Usage

      Natural Language Generation processes convert the transferred data into plain text and the response travels back to messaging backend to provide the user with the apt answer.

    why bot for business

    Why Chatbots For Business?

    • Save Time

      Chatbots help your organization in saving a lot of time by providing automated and fast responses to almost all the questions.

    • Reduce Errors

      Unfortunately, when humans handle customer’s queries and other problems, there are possibilities of popping up of errors. Chatbots replies to the questions instantly with the correct answers without making any mistakes or without forgetting anything.

    • Repetitive Work Automation

      Honestly, not a single person likes doing the same task over and over. Chatbots help in automating tasks that has to be performed repeatedly. There are also several slack bots that automate repetitive work.

    • Cost Effective

      One bot can substitute loads of workforce and can handle thousands of clients simultaneously, which helps you in bringing down your expenses and enhancing your revenues and customer base.

    Feature-Packed & Impactful Chatbot Development Services

    We build bot that can handle complex and simple dialog flows, also can contextualize and remember the conversation data for executing transactions, handling interruptions, and completing tasks without drafting a single code. XongoLab is one of the preeminent Chatbot app development companies that help you in optimizing workflow, reducing the reply time and preserving your business prospects with smart, reliable and intelligent Chatbots.

    Conversation Design
    Conversation Design

    Basically UI/UX 2.0. Conversations can be driven by the interfaces by amalgamating them with traditional elements of UI with Natural Language Interfaces. It create a simple experience in an attempt to copy the Human-touch in the best possible manner.

    Chatbot Architecture
    Chatbot Architecture

    Chatbots are designed especially for the clients and also for internal use. Appropriate combinations of plugins, APIs and frameworks are used for every Chabot use cases. Multiple techs have been used for data processing, queuing, third-party integration and NLP.

    Natural Language Processing
    Natural Language Processing

    NLU & NLP are used for parsing languages and identify different categories like Context, Actions, Entities and Intents so as to frame responses around them. Technologies like API.aj, SmoochBlob, NLTK and CoreNLP are used.

    Processing Pipeline
    Processing Pipeline

    False positives as well as false negatives are minimized by pre-processing the pipeline, so that it can handle common and frequent inaccuracies with dependency POS-checking, lemmatization, parsing, etc.


    For the least amount of downtime, on-premise or cloud deployment and REST/microservices based architecture are done. For containerization Docker is used and for container management ECS/Kubernetes is used.


    Deployed Chatbots can be easily integrated with any of the existing backend. RESTful APIs facilitates smooth integration. Enterprise Service Bus is also provided for integrating the Bots with CRMs & various applicable data source.

    Our Stunning Work

    Take your profits to a higher level using our developed website and apps. Whether you are looking to launch a new web app or just have an idea, get our best on-hand services for high returns.

    Technology Stack

    Technologies have always played an essential role in development. To walk along with the current tradition, our work program focuses on updating regularly our professionals with the the latest technology influencing the market. Irrespective of the unpretentious growth, making tools and technologies as the cornerstones, we enable you to march towards the success path.




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      Jasmine Js




    Bots are very much scalable and automatable; hence many industries avail for our Chatbot development services for bringing a tangible change. Experienced in building Chatbots for various industries from Retail to Banking, XongoLab has acquired deep knowledge about which industry vertical will need which type of Chatbots.

    industries sectors
    •  On Demand
    •  Music
    •  Transit
    • Artificial Intelligence
    •  Machine Learning
    •  Fintech
    •  Education
    •  Health
    •  Smart Retail
    •  IOT
    •  DevOps
    •  Blockchain

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