Transportation and Logistics App Development

XongoLab fuels the transport industry’s technology needs by offering exceptional transportation and logistics app development services to enhance the industrial efficiency in the most efficient manner and to perk up the overall customer experience. We can help you in achieving your freight business goals smoothly as we have successfully delivered robust, innovative, scalable transportation applications of superior quality while following the NDA and adhering to determine deadlines.

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Best Logistics and Transportation App Development Company

Industrialization has made transportation the key to success for any business model. The larger the transportation base, the higher number of customers. Touted as the best on demand transportation app development company, we assure that the strategies used by us will facilitate you to sustain as well as grow immensely. Our transportation application shuns your entire delivery worries like route planning, load matching, tracking, etc.

We are determined at providing best on demand logistics app development services to our customers that help them in expanding their transportation business, gaining customer satisfaction and boosting up their business profits. Our cost-effective and automated logistics app enables you to experience growth as you can scale up or down your business whenever you intend.

With our on demand freight app development services, your enterprise can be operated by you more efficiently to deliver avant-garde services to your customers. Our innovative strategies provide you with synchronized feedback, quick data reporting and strict logistics management with guaranteed perfect integration with your every software system.

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Our Freight App Features

XongoLab brings an array of features specifically designed for drivers, customers, and administrator for managing their payments and trip tracking. Also, tons of attention-grabbing features are added to your freight app clone and freight app source code that will streamline your logistics business as well as help you run your business more resourcefully.

transport customer app

Customer App Features

  • Registration: Shippers or users can register in no time using his phone number, and social media like Facebook and Google.
  • Add Shipment Details: The shippers can add all details about the shipment like height, weight, quantity, type, and more.
  • Vehicle Selection: Be it a van, container truck or a trailer, the user has plenty of options to choose vehicle as per his needs.
  • Book Now or Schedule: By using this feature, the users can book the shipment request now or schedule for future dates.
  • Fare Estimation: An estimated fare detail on the services opted by user can be known in advance through the automatic fare calculator.
  • Shipment Tracking: The app enables the user to track the shipment live anytime and from anywhere with just a single click.
  • Multi-Payment Options: The app is integrated with many famous payment gateways like in-app wallet, debit or credit card.

transport driver app features

Driver App Features

  • Register: Driver can apply with some necessary documentation.
  • Request Alerts: Driver will get the alerts of every new shipment request.
  • Accept or Reject Request: Option to accept or reject any shipment request.
  • Check Shipment Details: Ability to check all the details about Shipment.
  • Track Location: Track shipment pickup & drop-off location on Google map.
  • In-app Calling: Driver can call the user through the in-app calling feature.
  • Receive Payment: Driver will get the payment as a cash or in-app wallet.
  • Job History: Check all available job history as a completed and ongoing.
  • Push Notification: Driver will get notify for every new request & app activity.

admin panel

  • Admin Dashboard: The admin can have a look at the critical business information and can customize them as per his preferences.
  • Vehicle & Fleet Management: Update the details of the existing vehicles with image or introduce any new vehicle to transport goods, do it immediately with the fleet management.
  • Manage Invoices: With the feature of invoice management, the admin can say goodbye to the expensive systems that process invoice and can automate billing or invoice generation and update the invoice statement.
  • Daily Reports: All about complete payment received the admin can gauge the business growth using daily, weekly or monthly reports.
  • Set Multi-Stop Routes: Multiple stops can be set by the admin for the vehicle that is on the way towards the destination.

Our Transportation App Work

Here, We shared some of our previous projects so that you can calculate the potentiality of our developers. Through our work provided you can know the glory of our products and can preview the content and style we use.

Trendiest Technologies Used To Beat Your Rivals

In this fast paced era, technologies keep on changing; thereby opening new dimensions for growth. To keep you ahead of your competitors, our technology expert squad sharpens their skills everyday with new and cutting-edge tools and technologies and make use of it to offer superlative on demand transportation app development services.







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Transportation Customer App Design & Flow

The customer freight app clone is built considering all the features that are required for the efficient functioning of the app. The app designed by us bestows an exceptional user experience that will prevent them from hopping to some other transportation app. The app helps the customer to determine the location of your fleet.

Transportation Driver App Design & Flow

This is a module that keeps a record of tasks done by the driver daily. Features embrace tracking the job status of driver, hours he has worked, mileage, post and pre-inspection and the details on deliveries made by him. Every small detail that is linked-up with the delivery logistics are integrated into the driver app.

admin panel

Admin Panel

An admin panel must be present in every logistics app, and this panel created with adequate features makes the task easier for the business owner to manage his business operations efficiently. Every feature coded seamlessly helps in maintaining the integrity of company assets and goods in an economic way. Through our on demand transportation app development solutions, a constant watch can be kept on the drivers and the app users.

Benefits Enjoyed By Hiring Our Solutions

Designated as the best transportation and logistics app development company, we capable of delivering class-leading freight mobile application as well website. We have created & launched countless scalable and robust apps for the industrialists belonging to sectors like Logistics, Transportation and many others.

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Personalized Platform

We develop a personalized back-end structure that manages your customer data to amalgamate your business services with various gadgets to meet all your business needs.

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Streamline Shipping and Delivery

Our solutions help you in streamlining all your business operations, i.e. from pick-up of goods to their delivery. Also, without any hassle, you can manage multiple orders at a time.

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Real-Time Notifications

Our app solutions developed using the best freight app source code sends real-time notifications to your customer via SMS or email whenever their goods get collected and delivered.

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Design & Mobility Solutions

We create easy-to-use app covering all areas like wire-frames, visual designs and user research so that your app can provide tremendous user experience.

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We collaborate with tools of third parties which help you to integrate your every business processes and build a cohesive platform for your entire services.

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Reports and Analytics

Our developed app displays a reports and analytics section through which you can acquire crucial business data in the form of a graph.

On Demand Freight App Development Process

At XongoLab, agile app development methodologies and top-notch freight app source code are used to develop and deploy your freight app. Our project manager understands your project, then carefully analyzes your requirements and performs technology integration for designing a scalable and forceful apps for you. Once the freight app clone is complete, we launch it on your behalf. After launch support is also provided as and when required.


On Demand Products For Other Industry

Having worked for innumerable customers in branding, we have gained the skill of customizing app as per the needs of their business. Be it a Logistic company or an online food delivery company, we expertise in crafting app solutions for every industry we come across.

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95% of satisfied clients have appreciated our work and recommended us to other clients.

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