Top 7 Amazon Web Services for Mobile Applications Development

Amazon Web Services
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • November 22, 2019
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Security, storage, global infrastructure, developer and management tools, application services, support, and integration with pre-existing infrastructure are some of the basic requirements that must be present in every user-friendly, stable, and robust mobile application. Earlier, mobile app development companies used to establish a technology infrastructure that provided all these requirements either by accumulating third-party services or by creating all of them right from scratch.

However, developing all these necessities from scratch demanded a huge investment in resources, manpower, and yes money too. On the other hand, accumulating and integrating third-party services with the existing systems raised questions about maintainability, security, and reliability.

A single cloud platform could be the actual solution to the above-mentioned complexities that could satisfy every basic requirement stated above. Now the questions are does that platform actually exist? Yes, it does and it is none other than Amazon Web Services.

AWS or Amazon Web Services in fact provides developers with the flexibility for building an app that has enhanced flexibility, ensures scalability, and is reliable, all at the same time.

Amazon Web Services is at present the champion in the cloud services platform all over the world and has 100+ AWS services including almost 19 categories.

Below is an insight on 7 AWS services for amplifying your upcoming mobile application development project with AWS.

1. Amazon VPC

With this cloud computing solution, it becomes easy to upgrade the level of Cybersecurity for the business. Launched to counter the incidents of data breaches, Amazon VPC has helped in creating a safe space that only authorization makes easy to access.

Hence, it becomes possible to achieve the following goals:

  • Theft prevention.
  • Control over the virtual networking.
  • Data authorization becomes difficult to interfere with.

2. Amazon Lex

An AI (artificial intelligence) solution, Amazon Lex helps to develop conversational interfaces perfect for placing text as well as voice commands.

This follows next by the support it provides in building, testing, and deploying the chatbots so that seamless communication with clients is easy to perform.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Interactions are meaningful and sophisticated in nature.
  • Console is easy to scale.
  • Scaling takes place at a quick pace absolutely automatically.

3. Amazon SNS

With Amazon SNS, it becomes easy and streamlined to send notifications to users across platforms such as the phone and the computer.

Providing notes that are durable, and ensuring that the service is easy to manage with zero crashes, therefore, it goes on to ascertain that the sensitive data remains secure. It additionally makes certain that mass message delivery does not consume too much finances or time.

4. Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is an object storage service solution offering best-in-class scalability, security, data availability, and performance, which implies that customers of any size and industry can make use of it for storing and protecting any amount and size of data for various use cases, like mobile applications, websites, backup & restore, enterprise application, and IoT devices. It provides user-friendly management features that allow you to manage your data and organize sensitive access controls for meeting your specific requirements. This AWS service has been designed with 99.999999999% durability and robust security and has various storage classes to store innumerable application data for companies worldwide.

5. AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda lets you run code seamlessly with significant events without provisioning and managing servers. Simply upload your codes and AWS Lambda will take care of the scalability and other related issues. Once you upload, the code (known as Lambda function), also starts functioning with the related configuration information that includes function name as well as resource equipment. You can also set such functions that would automatically run the code whenever a certain event happens.

With AWS Lambda, you can create a customized back-end so that you can make changes or updates easily, which will not drain too much of the battery of the user’s phone and also trigger backend apps when demanded. The most significant part of this service is that you don’t have to develop additional frameworks, bring in more tools and learn any new programming language. In addition to this, you pay only for the computing time that you have used and need not pay when your Lambda function is not functioning.

Your code is run by it in a highly accessible Eco-system and performs functions like operating system and server maintenance, automatic scaling, capacity provisioning, security patch and code deployment, and monitoring of code and its logging.

6. Amazon DynamoDBS

A serverless system, Amazon DynamoDBS assists in seamless scale-driven app operation by providing support in tasks such as storage, processing, and data access.

Possessing a document and key-value storage model, therefore the service is perfect when the task of building gaming apps or even ad tech apps development is required.

Some of its unique advantages are:

  • Functions at an accelerated pace.
  • Possesses low-latency data access.
  • Includes a fully managed in-memory cache.

7. Amazon Redshift

A cost-effective database-as-a-service AWS cloud service solution, Amazon Redshift helps in tasks like extensive data housing along with providing support in scaling the system as per business demands.

This follows next by the advantages it provides, such as-

  • Helps to manage clusters in a seamless manner.
  • Being a cloud service solution, it becomes easy to build apps that are compatible with third-party apps.

Key Takeaways

AWS services are a very big blessing for enterprises as they can respond immediately to changing requirements of businesses and never pause or halt when there is high demand. Right from networking to storage options, computing power, and databases, AWS Services offer innumerable services related to cloud computing through which you can improve your productivity and scale the infrastructure services as per your business requirements. This follows next by the support it provides in taking care of different IT needs without the requirement of an in-house server. Offering a documented web services API, therefore tasks like account access and deploying programs and software independently becomes a seamless task.

Wrapping Up

After reading the article, we are sure that you have understood why AWS is necessary for businesses. Not only does it ensure scalability, but also helps businesses to stay in tune with the changing demands of users. However, determining or selecting the best AWS service solutions from among the ones listed above may undoubtedly be a task. The best way to go forward is thus to connect with us at XongoLab. Partner with us, and check out how we channel the use of the best industry practices to build your mobile app using AWS and take it to the next level.

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