How To Develop Enterprise App While Not Getting Trapped In These 5 Blunders?

Develop Enterprise App
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • February 03, 2018
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“By the end of 2017, market demand for developing mobile apps will grow five times faster than the delivering capacity of the IT organizations” – According to recent research from Gartner Inc. when we talk about mobile apps, it is no more associated with the conventional apps focused on providing utility to the end-users. But it is more about enterprises and organizations getting into enterprise app development for internal business teams as well as for the agencies external to the company.

Today, enterprises are keen to extend their conventional IT solutions beyond the boundaries and offer internal as well as external resources, excellent services while providing ease of use. Enterprise apps have now become a CORE component of the digital strategy of each and every enterprise. It seems that there really is an app for everything we need. But does this fit for the enterprise app development too? What does it take to build robust enterprise app?

Most of the enterprises today hire professional enterprise app development services. But, do all of them really make it possible to understand the business and incorporate the end-users daily operational needs? If you’re into enterprise application development, you might be juggling with how to deliver enterprise app with utmost usability and resolve pain points of the enterprise app users.

At this moment, when enterprises are already struggling to get the pace in developing and deploying enterprise applications, being a developer, you must try to avoid below mentioned blunders while building apps for the enterprise.

1. The enterprise app is just extension of my existing back-end application!!!

Well, getting into enterprise app development services is itself a daunting task and when it comes to fulfilling the high hopes to enterprises to extend their existing back-end with the mobile app, it is more tedious. Don’t commit the mistake of copying existing features and screens of back-end system as-is to the enterprise app you’re developing!

Just remember that getting into enterprise application development is not all about your entire existing application dumping into mobile. Focus on pain areas of the users and try to present right information in a right way for the mobile app.

2. BIG BANG Theory – Trust me it will never work for the concept of enterprise app!!!

In between dilemma of how to develop enterprise app, many of us often get overwhelmed and think about bringing all the extraordinary features that we ever dreamed of for the enterprise application. But this approach will never work when it comes to developing enterprise app. Try to give a thought to what all your enterprise users are missing and how to address their concerns.

If you’ve hired enterprise app development company, they can help you out in understanding the concept of POC and how you can utilize to launch the app initially with the bare minimum requirements of users instead of loading it with tons other stuff that is of least interest for the audience.

3. No need to involve users…

This is one of the most frequently overlooked aspects of enterprise application development – “Ignoring end-users (internal or external) of the mobile app.” Of course, you are in rush and you want to finish your app ASAP, but hold on! At least take some break before getting the help of an enterprise application development company and do some thorough research on what the end-users are expecting from the app.

4. It’s okay if we SKIP few tests!!

Well, first of all, you should understand that you’re not studying in a college and we’re not talking about skipping classes. Developing enterprise app is a serious stuff and considering enough testing before rolling it out within an enterprise or to the external world. If you fail to do so, your app investment will not give you enough credit from the end-users. Don’t let your venture get ruined just for the sake of a few missed-out test cases; after all, it is for the betterment of your enterprise operations and improvement of the operational overhead of the end-users.

5. Trying to merge mobile app with existing back-end system…

Well, it sounds quite practical, but it will bring new challenges for you! You cannot wait until your back-end system gets stable and upgraded with all the latest patches you expected. Delaying deployment of your enterprise app cannot be hampered for the sake of upgrading your existing environment. Try to think from the usability perspective and go for a quick launch of the app as to let the small set of users perform some hands-on and give you feedback accordingly.

While these are a few pitfalls you should be aware of, it is must you get help from the respective business personnel and get the inputs from the beginning to ensure your app delivers what is expected from the users. Have you ever made mistakes in your enterprise app development venture? Do share with us in the comments…

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