6 Fundamental Questions You Must Get Answered By Mobile App Development Client

Fundamental Questions
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • January 22, 2018
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You’ve decided to go for mobile application development to lift-up your career and even managed to bag a project as well. But, how would you ensure that it goes all well and gives you successful project on your list? Well, the best way is to understand the client business and behaviour of existing mobile users to deliver the mobile app in a best possible way.

When we talk about client business, the business users today tend to be like a small infant, which is fussier, demanding, distracting, and even aggressive sometimes. Being into mobile app development, it is your responsibility to understand what the business users are expecting from an app and how you can deliver it without any flaws.

To avoid the flaws, it is a must you get a clear idea about whether the mobile app you’re developing to tackle business as well as end-users’ issues or not. And the only way to get over the failure in mobile app development is to have a pre-defined set of questions to be asked to the client before heading towards the development of the mobile app.

For you all fresh faces getting into the mobile apps development services, here is the list of the questions you must get answered by a client before starting the development of a mobile app.

• Get an overview of the company and motivation for building mobile app…

One of the very first questions you should ask the client is about their company and the nature of their business. Until you know how the business is working, it is not possible to set the goals for the mobile app to be developed that exceeds expectations of the client.

It is important to understand the motivating factor behind the mobile application development venture from a client. Of course, money and increased customer reach are the basic goals, but that is not enough. You must get clarity on how mobile app will resolve the problem of a user.

• Can you brief about the IDEA behind your app?

Without this, it is very easy to fall into a trap of re-work and re-focusing again and again. How your mobile app is different than other existing mobile apps? What are the unique features you are trying to offer through this venture? Does discussing your app create buzz, curiosity or excitement? It is must for you to get a detailed discussion on the “IDEA” behind the mobile app. You can even ask a client to give a short form of a story including primary features of the mobile app to support the idea.

• What about the target audience?

One of the most overlooked aspects of a successful mobile app is to understand the target audience behind it. Ask client about the target audience he is aiming for the mobile app. What platforms or devices are they going to use? What are the pain points you’re trying to hit through this mobile app for the target audience? The more you ask, more clarity it will bring for you to design the app.

• How important you think design will be for your mobile app?

With your target audience and respective platform defined, you can think ahead for the next step – DESIGN! It is must you work-out on the rough outline of the possible design in order to avoid later on delays. Instead of thinking at the end point, it is a great idea to focus on the design part at the very initial stage of developing the mobile app.

User experience is the key for the success of your mobile app and thus, it is must be in-line with the goal of the mobile app. Ensure that the app you design does exactly what you want and bring out-of-the-box user experience.

• What is the tentative budget for your mobile app?

Well, this is one of the most basic things you should ask for! Money matters the most and when it comes to the mobile app, you must have to go for a realistic and budgeted approach. There are developers or companies providing mobile apps development services who are providing mobile apps under $10,000.

But, do you think you can make it happen for your client? Get in touch with a client and have a clear discussion about the budget of the mobile app as it doesn’t include only development, it also involves iterations and marketing too!

• How you are seeing the unforeseen challenges for your mobile app venture?

No matter how perfect you plan the development strategies of the mobile app, you must understand that success is never guaranteed. You must discuss with a client about the unforeseen circumstances that may occur and iteration with the app.

It is important to sit on a table and openly discuss the iteration strategies and incident reporting to achieve long-term sustainability in the competitive world of the mobile app.

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