Top Useful Tools For Creating Amazing Web Apps On AngularJS

Amazing Web Apps
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • February 09, 2018
  • 2 min read

Web development is one of the most tedious jobs to do in the world, when you are talking about some certain web development language then there are many different tools which you might get to help in the process of making a web app or a website design. There are different languages in the market currently, which keeps on increasing the productivity of different applications. Websites in early days were made on HTML and CSS and today a website has a combination of different languages which makes developing the websites quite a difficult task even for developers.

Along with these languages, you get a number of different frameworks to be used to create the website so that you can easily make different web apps with various websites features. If you are choosing Angular JS as your choice of framework for developing different web apps having varied website features, then you will need some of the tools to help you in the process of developing them and hence today we will be talking about different tools which can make your work quite easy and less hectic as it would have been without them.

1. Karma

If you are into developing software or developing applications, or websites then you must know that testing phase is one of the most important phases for any kind of application, and hence Karma is the most important tool which will help you in testing AngularJS applications. Karma is the best tool you will find to test AngularJS based applications and it offers features such as real browser implementation and different mobile handset support. If you learn how to use the tool you will be saving much of your time in the testing phase.

2. Djangular

One of the best apps to save you from different hassles of developing different app content. This tool does what it says, you can reuse the tool whenever you feel, and it will create app content based on AngularJS platform. Most of the AngularJS development companies use this application for its ease of use.


If you are a developer then this tool will become your best friend, macros are like your best assistant if you are a developer. deals with macros and mentions, this will help you to input different mentions and macros directly to the element you need to insert to and as an AngularJS developer, this is the best thing you will appreciate. The tool also doesn’t use any jQuery strings and it also makes the tool one of the most appreciated one.

4. Videogular

When you are working on a framework you will not want another framework to be implemented from the base, and that’s the point where video gular helps you; it can easily feature an HTML 5 based playing capabilities and help you implement the player in the web app or the website. Many AngularJS development service providers use this tool the most frequently.

5. Mocha.JS

JavaScript capabilities are never questioned, but at times while developing you have to test how they will work in normal working conditions. Most things depend on the browser and even the framework, this tool is node.js dependent and hence works the best.

6. SublimeText

You must have used BlueJ for coding in Java, CodeBlocks for C & C++ and many such editors for different languages SublimeText is the editor for AngularJS and you must use this as many freelancers providing AngularJS Development services uses the same.

These are 6 Tools which every AngularJS development service provider must use to enhance their productivity with AngularJS.

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