Why AngularJS Used for Development Purpose?

  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • October 10, 2017
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This is a genuine and prominent platform for developing dynamic web applications. It is an easy approach for the developer to make the components clearer and interactive. The best part of AngularJS development service is that there is no requirement to use observable functions. Angular needs less writing of the code which prompts to better understanding and additionally there will be less probability of occurrence of an error. It is the most popular and admired framework among JavaScript frameworks. It has so many benefits over other frameworks.

• Let’s throw some light on the advantages of using AngularJS:

1. Minimal coding
A developer always looks for the easiest way in which code can be executed and that too with 100% accuracy. This would be an astonishing approach for the developers as AngularJS has a significant feature of reducing coding. You will find more and more data models which can be written in a simple way. There is no requirement of setters or getters. The developer can freely manipulate or modify the data with the help of filters.

2. Entire UI support
To mention a respective application’s UI, AngularJS takes into account HTML. The user interface created by HTML is less complicated and possess more interaction. This user interface which is created with HTML has a solid base in comparison to other JavaScript interfaces. The reliable feature of AngularJS is HTML enables the developer to choose the suitable controller for the development. This can help you to decide the appearance of the components.

3. Google backing
Developers who are using AngularJS can be relaxed as there is a strong base formed by the Google that will enable the complete support. AngularJS is well-known for its Google backing, as it has exceptional features over the other common Javascript frameworks. It is evident that AngularJs is the fantastic result of an invention by Google engineers Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons. This is the main reason that attracts many developers to use AngularJs.

4. Enhanced flexibility
To augment the level of flexibility in your application while developing through the angularJs development service you can use the filters provided by AngularJS. These filters will sort out and filter the data before the appearance so that it doesn’t make a large difference to the components used. Filters can also be admired for deploying enormous additional features like reversing the array order or formatting the decimal places. Just similar to the directives these filters can execute as standalone functions that would be completely different from the developed application.

5. Easy testing
AngularJs has so many modules in which many of the parts can be easily modulated as per the requirement. Using function, the of separation of modules, the developer can feel comfortable just by implementing the mandatory facilities. This will lead to automatic testing. AngularJS Development Services at XongoLab is the best service provider. Furthermore, if you need to opt for the alternative of one file one module then you can just keep it simple as no need to stress over an order of loading the modules.

6. Dependencies
The best function of AngularJs is that it performs the dependency injection very well. During the testing duration, AngularJs will enable you to divide your app into separate modules which will be initialized in a different manner but will have dependencies. After your dependencies are injected, you can freely enjoy the services of HTML like $HTTP service and $httpbackend mock can be used to swap it out. This will allow you to have a genuine unit testing, which will be independent of the services available in HTML. This feature can be beneficial in producing the end to end testing of the applications.

7. PubSub system
Most the PubSub systems used for the purpose of decoupling interaction is not very much connected to the context. This will affect the speed of the application and diminishes it. In AngularJs development service, there is a function namely smart broadcast() which is used to handle the controllers and emit() is used to handle the ancestors. This framework also possesses some features which are similar to the parent scopes.

Altogether, this is the best suitable framework among different JavaScript frameworks which deploys less coding and gives excellent user experience.

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