NodeJS With React – Certainly A Magical Combination To Develop Web Apps

nodejs with react to develop web apps
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • April 29, 2022
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The budding technology bestows a plethora of options to the developers when it comes to the development of the front-end and back-end of a web app. Today, with multiple options available, it becomes really tough for developers to pick the technologies that are not only trending but also the ideal ones.

While talking about the hottest technologies, the magical combination of NodeJS and React is creating a buzz in the app development industry. As we all know, individually both technologies are amazing and stand at the top of the list of technologies for developing web apps. Now, the miraculous combination of these two technologies is playing the role of the game-changer in the world of web app development. Let’s read about this in detail.

React is the popular front-end JS library used for creating a compelling UI, while NodeJS is a server-side JS environment used by developers for creating scalable web applications with high functionality and minimal latency. The combination of NodeJS with React is going to be extremely useful for developers building full-stack web apps.

Well, you must be wondering, what is the necessity of combining these two technologies, and how is the combination so useful for the developers? So, to figure this out, you need to go through this entire article. In this article, it has been discussed the benefits that can be derived from combining these two trending technologies. Also, their role in creating fast-running and easy-to-maintain web apps has been discussed here in this article. So, let’s start now.

A Quick Glance On NodeJS


NodeJS is a cross-platform, open-source, back-end JS runtime environment running on the JS engine V8. Being an open-source programming language it can operate on several platforms, thereby reducing the app development process as well as time. With NodeJS, the duplication chances are completely omitted when you are using the Javascript modules and language.

NodeJS with a Javascript runtime environment makes it possible for you to build a robust and personalized back-end for your web app. Data-intensive web apps benefit significantly from this event-driven language. Other than this, it can be operated on various devices. Also, it enables you to speed up your code execution process.

The unique non-blocking feature of NodeJS makes it an ideal language for developing web apps. As per W3Tech, websites built using NodeJS are approximately 30 million. As a single-threaded model is being used by NodeJS, it doesn’t require buffering while performing output/input tasks. Though it is single-threaded, NodeJS is highly scalable.

◉ NodeJS Perks

  • JS framework that can be used for the development of client-side as well as server-side apps.
  • More scalable and more versatile in comparison to other JS servers. Both horizontal and vertical dimensions can be scaled easily.
  • It permits quick code execution, as the non-blocking I/O operations maintain their runtime environment.
  • Being built on the V8 JS engine of Chrome, NodeJS can boost the performance of your app by 50%.

◉ NodeJS Key Features

nodejs features
  • Open-source
  • Enhanced performance
  • Server development
  • Single-threaded can handle a huge volume of data efficiently
  • Extremely scalable
  • Event-driven, asynchronous and non-blocking
  • More feasible to speed up the app development process
  • No buffering and quick streaming of data
  • Cross-platform interoperability
  • Utilizes Javascript
  • Effortless coding

◉ NodeJS Used For

  • Creating web apps
  • Extensible projects that have plenty of enclosed modules
  • Complex SPAs
  • Data streaming
  • Dynamic libraries
  • Server-side proxy

A Quick Glance On ReactJS


While talking about the front-end JS library, ReactJS is the best and the most preferred one, as it enables you to build reusable UI elements. As per Stack Overflow’s survey, ReactJS is considered the most famous web framework. From a total of 57.378 responses received for the survey from app developers, 68.9% of respondents said that they would continue using ReactJS to develop web apps.

It helps in developing substantial web apps with dynamic, data-driven displays. Other than this, ReactJS has excellent functionality and responsiveness across several devices. Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, Instagram, and WhatsApp are a few prominent apps built using ReactJS.

Its uncomplicated design approach enables the users to build scalable online apps with ease and without the need of learning or being familiar with sophisticated programming languages and frameworks.

◉ ReactJS Perks

  • SEO is easier with ReactJS.
  • It provides numerous tutorials and tools along with comprehensive documentation so that you can start quickly.
  • Your app can have a tremendously intuitive UI.
  • Along with supporting app development, it provides the server-side picture.
  • Being a component-based JS framework, ReactJS makes the code reusable.
  • It enhances speed due to virtual DOM.
  • A JS developer can start developing an app with ReactJS straight away.

◉ ReactJS Key Features

reactjs features
  • Stable code
  • Quick performer
  • One-way data binding
  • Easy maintenance
  • Uncomplicated
  • Mobile application development
  • JS Syntax Extension
  • Multiple components
  • Conditional statements
  • Virtual DOM
  • Exceptional efficiency
  • Upgrades only the required section

◉ ReactJS Used For

  • Building big social media websites
  • Dynamic libraries
  • SPAs (Single Page Application)
  • Web browsers
  • Excellent UI rendering large databases

Reasons to Combine ReactJS With NodeJS For Web App Development

Making business reach to potential customers was not as easy 10 years back as it is today because the technology was not so advanced at that time. Today, companies can connect with their potential customers through whichever possible devices and platforms.

Today, most developers make use of JS code like ReactJS and NodeJS for developing web apps as high-performance apps can be built quickly. This resulted in the surge of NodeJS and ReactJS development services across the world.

With NodeJS, JS code can be run flawlessly on several platforms like Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. And with ReactJS, you can develop a smooth, straightforward, and consistent user interface.

Here the reasons are highlighted stating why NodeJS and React JS should be combined for developing web apps.

  • Real-time Data
  • Why are you creating a website? To keep the customers engaged for a long time, isn’t it? The bonus point of real-time apps is that they are very attractive because of which the viewers stay for hours and hours on a website. The prolonged engagement hours of the customers prove to be very beneficial for the businesses. With ReactJS the UI designs can be made attractive and using NodeJS real-time data can be handled conveniently.

  • High-server Load
  • Certainly, your website is going to have various facets because of which the server may experience a heavy load. This ultimately can result in the crash of the websites. Now the question is how this issue can be sorted. Well, by using NodeJS with ReactJS for developing software, the developers can attain positive results. Leveraging this combination, the website can handle multiple requests easily.

  • Streamlined Process
  • A few years back, there was tough competition between ReactJS and NodeJS. Random polling used to be conducted to know people’s opinions on which technology out of the two is better. But, to come up with something new, developers are looking for ways in which both technologies can be blended for the best results. The ReactJS and NodeJS development services offering developers observed that with NodeJS, some ReactJS components work very well. Hence, this combination helps the developers in executing the app development process speedily and efficiently.

  • Rich-functionality & scalability
  • The unique combination of NodeJS and ReactJS enables you to create data-centric, complex, and dynamic web apps. With the intuitive user interface of ReactJS and NodeJS functionalities, universal and interactive web apps can be built.

  • MERN Stack
  • mern stack

    MERN stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS is MERN. All these powerful technologies, when merged, build a dynamic stack that aids in building data-driven web apps and websites. This MERN stack can be used with strong DBSM along with NodeJS and ReactJS to give an exceptional dimension to your website.

  • JSON (Javascript Object Notation) APIs
  • The availability of speedy code sharing and the code reusability of ReactJS enables you to efficiently create JSON APIs for web application development. And NodeJS can efficiently allow this.

  • Same language Back-end & Front-end Code
  • Back-end languages like Ruby or Python are not easy to understand and learn. Earlier to create back-end codes, the developers had to learn these difficult languages. But, with the combination of NodeJS with ReactJS, the developers need not have to learn those difficult languages or new frameworks.

    NodeJS can be used for back-end development or server-side development, while ReactJS can be used for building front-end code without transitioning between programming languages and frameworks. This saves up time, resources and money as well.

  • Increased & Comprehensive Use of JS
  • Also, NodeJS with ReactJS enables you to deploy the full functionality of JS for creating front-end as well as back-end apps. More flexibility, freedom, and ease are offered by this combination when developing web apps or websites, as a single language is being used during the entire development process.

  • Fastest Development
  • The fast app development process saves you both time and money. NodeJS and ReactJS together enable you to build a feature-rich and highly functional web app quickly so that you can generate ROI quickly.

  • SPA (Single Page Application)
  • A lightweight back-end structure through callback functions can be built easily when NodeJS and ReactJS are together. Using this deadly combination, you can create SPA that doesn’t demand reloading while you are working on or updating the app data.

How is The Combination of NodeJS and ReactJS Beneficial For Clients?

The combination of NodeJS and ReactJS is simply not termed “A Magical Combination.” The client projects that have been developed by NodeJS and ReactJS development services offering developers enjoy the benefits in the areas mentioned hereunder:

  • Maintainability
  • Developing your web app using ReactJS and NodeJS, your developers need to learn only one single language, i.e. Javascript. Hence, they can keep pace with your NodeJS backend and ReactJS frontend and can easily maintain your web app.

  • Fast Prototype
  • ReactJS and NodeJS, both being modern technologies, play a vital role in developing a fast prototype.

  • Availability of Experienced Developers
  • The popularity of Javascript, ReactJS, and NodeJS amongst tech aspirants and young developers is known to everyone. Furthermore, there are dozens of experienced developers who are very familiar with these frameworks. Hence, you as an entrepreneur get abundantly experienced developers whose services you can hire.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • ReactJS enables reliable and easy SEO together with developing a superb UX for SPAs.

  • Reusability
  • The components and key modules of your application can be reused consistently in a tested and proven manner. This is the biggest benefit that you can enjoy from this wonderful combination of ReactJS with NodeJS.

Types of Apps That Can Be Developed With NodeJS and ReactJS

Impressive apps with a robust backend method (for managing heavy traffic) and interactive UI can be created with the incredible combination of ReactJS with NodeJS. The apps that have been built with these two technologies together have been enlisted here:

  • Social Media Apps: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Real-time Chat Apps: Messenger, Discord, Slack
  • Music Streaming Apps: Pandora, Spotify
  • E-commerce Apps: Amazon, Esty, Shopify
  • Video-Sharing Apps: Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok
  • Forum Apps: StackOverflow, Reddit
  • Blogging Apps: Medium,

All these apps are leveraging a huge success. As there are unlimited mobile app development options with NodeJS and ReactJS to consider, you need to carefully understand the needs of your business and then hire the NodeJS and ReactJS development services.

Bottom Line

Is NodeJS with ReactJS capable of meeting current market demands? Certainly, it can. An increase in the popularity of both technologies can be marked prominently. For sure, they are futuristic technologies. Moreover, they are highly in demand in comparison to Java. Their deadly combination is resulting in the development of groundbreaking web apps.

NodeJS together with ReactJS is a good combination in the app development sector that aids developers in creating outstanding web apps. All you have to do is to find the best web app development company offering ReactJS and NodeJS development services so that you can hand over your project to them.

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