Key Building Blocks to Bring Innovation in Your Live Video Streaming App

Live Video Streaming
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • April 04, 2018
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Do you know 81% of internet and mobile users watched more live videos in last two years than watching stuff over the television? In fact, live video streaming is becoming a new branding mantra for the digital marketers and the reason behind this is because 80% of audiences prefer to watch live video from a brand instead of a conventional blog!

The above stats are quite impressive, huh? Ever since dubsmash videos have been launched and made popular across the world, new and interesting ways to upload videos have become viral.

Okay, but why live video streaming mobile app development is so popular???

Instant access to millions of live streaming videos, sharing your own videos and a lot more are benefits you can leverage from it. But being a business owner, it opens up a new window of opportunity to attract your audiences.

* Refreshing way to showcase your product or content through live media. These days, internet advertisements grab 18 times more users than a conventional advertisement over the television!!!
* Fair chance to interact with live audiences.
* Leverage from tons available tool-kits to help you enhance your videos and get ahead of competition.
* Target different genres with plethora of watchable and interactive videos
* Just remember, social media also loves live streaming videos!

The reasons are not ending here and it can go on and on, but I believe it is enough to give you glimpse of what you can leverage from live video streaming app development.

That was all about how and why live video streaming apps are popular. But when you think about getting your own app or hiring live video streaming app development services, there are a few best practices you must ensure to get the appealing and result-driven app. Let’s find out what it takes to build a compelling and engaging live video streaming app for you?

• User Profiles are the key to any live video streaming app!

When we talk about the live streaming app, it doesn’t only involve posting or sharing live videos. But it is more about interpersonal communication, showing ourselves to others and let them know who we are and that’s where user profiles play a vital role. You’ve to think about how you want users to be authenticated? How to let them create their accounts, access their account profiles and secure privacy of their profile. Also, consider how easily and the level of personalization your app allows to the end-users.

• Focus more on the search functionality

Many times it happens that we focus more on the profile and consider search functionality the least concerned while getting into live video streaming mobile app development. If you look at the popular streaming apps, you will find that users can choose nicknames of their choice, including a combination of special characters or symbols. This makes it difficult while searching any user profile or videos posted by them.

Focus more over how you can make the search functionality more formal and streamline to avoid such issues.

• What about storage of contents?

Well, this is one of the most basic features you have to work on. These days it is fair enough to watch the videos online in real-time. But considering the growth of this segment, you have to think about future and keep an option ready to allow viewing video broadcasts only when they’re completed. It means you’ve to give a thought on how you can allow storage of contents from your live streaming app? You can go to the cloud storage to manage content storage. However, you have to think about other complications associated with cloud storage!

• Give a thought to compressive videos!

One of the most basic aspects of your live video streaming app is video compression. Currently, the minimum acceptable framerate for streaming video is 25 FPS, but it is below the expectations of today’s HD users. Audiences today prefer HD contents and videos, which puts you in trouble to incorporate 60 FPS HD video support into your app. Therefore, you must think about compressing such heavy videos.

• Don’t forget about commenting capabilities

Video sharing is a social activity and when we talk about social media, commenting capabilities is immortal part of it. Enable instant commenting for the videos that are being posted by the users and let them interact in a passive way to make the viewers feel more of exclusive!!!

• Start working on effective market research

It is highly advisable to go through a detailed market research before developing live video streaming app. If you aim to achieve huge popularity status just like YouTube, Periscope etc. you should get a detailed feedback and improvements from the small set of users before realizing app in the market. Try to accommodate the same before making it available for the live audiences.

Don’t stop! Go ahead and think about advanced technologies for your app. In order to make your live video streaming app a huge success, you have to constantly focus on implementing and deliver something innovative, i.e. H.265 stream compression codec, 360 degree live video streams etc. for the target audience. Share your feedback in the comment section. We love to help you with live video streaming app development services!

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