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  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • November 27, 2017
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Apart from friends and family, I bet you can’t imagine a world without internet and smartphones. There are many other useful things in this universe, but a world without music; it is quite depressing. Most of us can’t imagine our life without music; it has that powerful aura that attracts us towards it.

Well, you will say that only individuals of specific age-group have that kind of addiction towards music, spending most of their nights wearing headphones/earphones. However, it is not true; different age groups have different taste in music and age doesn’t inhibit one’s love for music. There are thousands of on demand music streaming applications available in the market which can be easily accessed via smartphones. On demand live streaming app development has taken a major leap in the past few years. Development companies are turning their head towards music app development because they know that the need of music will never diminish from people’s heart.

Mobile applications have played a serious role in changing people’s attitude towards music. This is the reason why music applications are blooming in the app store as they have turned music listeners into music consumer market. There are hundreds of companies, that offer on demand music app development services and when we talk about music applications, it is not always the same. Some of them are digital audio workstations and some of them are simply the music players. Both, the types are diversified just like music.

On demand music streaming app development works on the following types :

• Music Making apps
• Music Download apps
• Music Identification apps
• Music Player apps
• Music Streaming apps

The above-mentioned music application types carry different features and thus, deserve a special attention. The world is changing its preference from downloads to online streaming and if you are considering on demand music app development, then there are certain factors that you should keep in mind; because every application in the app store is not successful.

How to make a music streaming app?

The answer to the question how to make a music app for Android, iOS or any other platform is not that simple. Choosing a platform for music app development is sort of a cerebral pain. Platforms like iOS and Android are unique in its own way, therefore; you are required to design accordingly.

The on demand music app development services consider numerous factors before getting to adapted development. As we know that there are different types of music applications, so it is important to consider which type you are going to prefer for the music app development. Well, it is obvious that you will say music streaming application. But, before starting the development process, you might want to know that there are few types of music streaming services offered by the music applications.

on demand music app development

1. Theme Radio Stations :
It is simply the radio that we have got preinstalled in our smartphones. This type of on demand music app development takes place considering drawing different radio stations together for a single platform. The theme radio stations are arranged using certain themes which can be easily streamed to any mobile devices, PC/laptops or home audio system.

2. Music Library :
This type of on demand music streaming app development is done to create a server-based music library where the users can access it and use it under the term and conditions of the app developer. The terms and conditions may include partially free access, flat rate or totally free.

3. Cloud Storage :
It is considered the best on demand live streaming app development type because this type of app allows the user to store their favorite songs and stream them whenever he/she likes; anytime and from anywhere.

Data storage principles of on demand music app development services:

The first and the foremost thing to do before you work on your on demand music streaming app development is to take care of the data storage. Data storage is an essential factor as it supports streaming. It acts as a backend server where the user can store and stream the music. Amazon Web Server (AWS) is one of the most prominent options for data storage options.

Your on demand music app development services must include the following key features :

For the USER Panel :
• In-app purchases (no ads), access to offline music, and playlist
• User profile
• Like and Share favorite tracks on social media
• Search songs, covers, and albums
• Download songs and listen offline
• Lock screen info (track cover, artist, etc)
• Background remote control
• Background play
• Counter play tracks
• Search album, track name, and genre
• Add track to playlist

For the ADMIN Panel :
• Manage promotions and advertising
• Manage memberships and subscriptions
• Manage users
• Add artist, style, track, and album
• Delete artist, style, track, and album
• Edit artist, style, track and album
• Prelisten track
• Publication of tracks with just a single click
• Upload tracks in bulk

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