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Healthcare Mobile Apps
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • November 17, 2017
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The digital era has changed our lives completely as from the workspaces to any of the services we avail are digitized completely. From availing the cab service to ordering food online, everything can be achieved on demand. Not only that; the new entrant to on demand services are the doctors. The medical industry is advancing day by day, however the disease rates in individuals are also very high and every day, a new disease is discovered.

At the time of medical emergency, it is difficult to get an immediate assistance of a professional and instead of waiting to get an appointment with the doctor you can avail the services of a doctor on demand mobile applications. In the present scenario, the majority of the population owns a smartphone and it has only created a huge business opportunity for the mobile application developers. The doctor on demand app can help to access the patient data electronically.

The need of doctor on demand mobile application has impacted the growth of electronic medical records (EMR) and the on demand applications, after transport and food industry, will definitely affect the health industry as well. In the present scenario, people prefer their doctors to be at their doorsteps and this has opened the doors for the on demand app developers to engage in on demand doctor app development. The health industry is considered the biggest market for on demand services and on demand doctor app is the first step towards it. On demand doctor services are today’s new requirements as it can provide an individual with instant medical assistance.

If you are considering on demand doctor app development, then you must know that this type of applications can be used not only by the doctors but also numerous pharmaceutical companies, healthcare industry, and more related entities.

The doctor on demand app development must be done considering the following factors :

1. Electronic Medical Records (EMR):
The electronic medical records are the electronically induced data of the patients stored by the hospitals, which can be accessed via any of the electronic mediums like computers, mobile apps and more. Also, when developing the app, you should prefer a suitable platform like Android and iOS as these two provides an easy access to play stores.

2. Electronic Health Records (EHR):
Implementing electronic health records in your on demand app will help the doctors to access the patient’s medical records with ease. In most of the cases, at the hospitals; the doctors are unable to access the medical records of the patients timely which lead to higher hospital costs and charges. The doctor on demand app development must be done considering this factor.

3. Virtual Visit:
The on demand doctor app must also consist of a platform where the doctors can virtually visit the patient in case he/she is not able to visit the home. It is not possible for the doctors visit every home and the on demand app will help them to make e-visits to the patients. For common symptoms like a cough and cold and fever, the doctors can write down the prescription without visiting your house.

4. Messaging Services:
Communication is the most important factor when it comes to creating an on demand app like this. The messaging services on your on demand app will help in internal as well external communication. With the messaging services, the doctor and patient can transfer essential patient-doctor credentials like medical reports such as x-rays, diagnosis reports and more.

5. Mobile Health:
The on demand application is not only helpful for the patient and the doctor but also is helpful for numerous medical industries like the pharmaceutical firms, hospitals and more.

doctor on demand app

How Doctor On Demand App Development Takes Place?

• As a developer, you are required to make your mobile application responsive.

• As the main two platforms of the mobile application are Android and iOS, you will be required to make the app compatible with both the platforms and different users prefer different platforms.

• Must know the full functionality of the on demand mobile applications.

• Always use accurate testing methods or you can say robust testing because your application cannot afford to have bugs at the initial stage.

• Use cost-effective methodologies to create the app. You can use GrubHub’s API for developing the on demand doctor app as it offers a fully functional framework and is cost-effective too.

• As you will be starting the development phase dedicated to a single platform, say Android. Then you will have to code the application as per the play store guidelines.

• Other than following the guidelines for coding, your application must be designed in a way that it can get instant and guaranteed approval in app stores for every platform.

• You have to consider that deploying the application to the play store is free of cost.

• The on demand application you are developing must be designed on the basis of logistics focused platforms.

On Demand Doctor App Development Process:

• First, the prototype of the application will be created for the approval from the app store.

• You will be required to design the wireframe of the doctor app.

• After designing the whole wireframe and framework of the doctor app, you will be required to implement all the features of the application.

• Effective testing modules must be assigned before submitting it to the respective app store.

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