AngularJS – Why to Use it?

  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • June 06, 2017
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HTML as we all know is really good when it comes to declaring inert documents but it abates when the same is used for declaring the dynamic views in the web-Applications. Angular if the future framework gives you an extended HTML vocabulary that is required for your application. And what results is something that is immensely readable, expressive and very quick to develop. We will give more light to the reasons for using AngularJS here in detail.

Reasons Why We Should AngularJS

• MVC done right
AngularJS implements MVC by giving options for you to split the app first into MVC components and then let Angular run a test. Angular will manage the components for you and will also act as the pipeline that goes in connecting them.

• Declarative User Interface
Angular uses HTML which is a declarative language to define the applications user interface. It is less brittle to reorganise when compared to other interfaces and also you can bring in many additional UI developers when it is written in HTML. It is also used to decide the execution of a particular app and the special attributes that is available in the HTML decide on which controllers to use for each and every element. This declarative approach of AngularJS mainly simplifies the development of app in WYSIWYG method.

• Data Models are POJO
The data models that are present in AngularJS are POJO or plain old JavaScript objects and don’t need irrelevant setter and getter functions. You will be given the option to change and add properties directly and also loop over objects and then collects at will. This will help your code to look much neat. The old times data models are the actual gatekeepers of the data and are responsible for the server syncing and data persistence. But AngularJS models being plain objects behave more like cord board (temporary storage are to put and revive data) and it is called as “scopes”.

• Behaviour with directives
Directives are the way by which AngularJS brings additional functionality to the HTML. Directives achieve the option of making the rich elements by enabling the users to invent their own HTML elements. The users can also separate them out from the MVC app. Directives are found in the forms of custom HTML elements.

• Flexibility with Filters
The filters filter the important data before reaching the users view. The filters also can do some simple changes in the data like formatting the decimal places on a specific number, filtering the array depending on parameter, reversing or changing the order of an array and implementing pagination.

Filters are meant to be used for standalone functions which are completely separate from your existing apps which is similar to the Directives but are only concerned or bothered when it comes to transformation of data. Filters are very much ingenious that it is even possible to create or make a HTML table that can be sorted with the help of only filters without having any JavaScript on it.

• Write less code
All the above mentioned points summed up means you get the option to write less codes. The view is defined with the use of HTML that is brief. Data models are very simple to write without getters/ setters and with data binding you don’t need to put the data into the view manually. Directives can be easily written by another team with very less integration issues. And finally filters give you to permission to manipulate the data on the view level without bringing in any change to your controllers.

• DOM Manipulations
With AngularJS the manipulation code of DOM should be inside the directives but not in view. Angular normally sees this like any other normal HTML page with required placeholders for data. This way of looking at the view goes nicely with the interface designers.

• Service providers where they belong
The controllers in AngularJS have only one job to perform that is to manipulate the scope. The services don’t get involved in the MVC of your app but provide gives an outward API to expose things that you want to expose. It normally syncs to a server for maintaining offline data store and also exposes methods to pull and push to and from the main server.

AngularJS is always powerful and it should be installed only for specific requirements. So, Why are you waiting for? Get the top AngularJS Development Services from the XongoLab Technolgoies.

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