8 Steps To Transform Your Idea into a Winning Mobile App

Winning Mobile App
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • July 20, 2018
  • 4 min read

The number of developers churning out mobile apps is uncountable. However, it is very easy to arrive at the number of apps which deliver true value to end-users and also to the businesses. Yes! There are a few apps which can be declared as monarchs in their specific niche. For instance, Whatsapp in the world of chat apps. There is no other chat app which has been able to claim the insurmountable position it has achieved in the last few years. Behind every outstanding and winning app is an idea which finally gave it a form. An app idea is the first stage of the birth of an app. After this stage there are other stages to be crossed to finally transform that idea into an app. So, have you got an app idea and been wondering if you could ever see it Live? Read on to know how!

1. Jot down all ideas

Take a notebook and a pen to scribble down all the app ideas that come to your mind. Yes, even the silliest ones! Who knows you might come up with a truly valuable app that makes millions. Also, write down all the points you can think about related to specific idea(s). Consider what problems people are facing in existing apps. You might come with a solution in your app. Market research will also help you update the feature list you have prepared for your app idea.

Tip : Always keep something handy with you to note down your ideas. It can be a simple notepad or a notes app in your smartphone.

2. Shortlist them

We all fantasize about a number of things. However, only half of them are truly feasible. This is why you should just keep that list of ideas in front of you and take ideas one by one. You should then analyze if that idea is truly feasible. You should also consider your budget while considering any idea. A challenging app or an app with too many features may not be light on your pocket.

Tip : Before finalizing an app idea also do some market research to know if your app idea is apt as per the existing market trends. Ensure that your app idea is unique.

3. Finalize the feature list

Once you have shortlisted a specific idea for your app, you need to create a list of features you will be including in the app. Consider those features which make the app more user-friendly. Research competitor apps to find out if you are missing out on some important feature. Conduct surveys to know about the expectations of your prospective app user-base. This will throw light on a number of points that you may have missed.

Tip : Keep constantly researching app, exploring comments and feedback to ensure that your app meets user’s expectations.

4. Name it

After the app conceptualization stage is done with, you can go ahead and give it a name. Select a name that rightly reflects its purpose. The name should not be complicated or difficult to spell; at the sametime it should be professional. You can consult developers to create a brand name for your app.

Tip : An SEO friendly name will surely make your app an instant hit. Consider keywords before naming your app.

5. Decide the platform

There are a number of platforms for creating an app. You may create a desktop app or a mobile app. Both the choices again leave you with a number of alternatives to choose from. For instance, if you are going with mobile app development, you again need to choose from iOS, Android, Windows, and other platforms. Arriving at the platform will help you contact the right app development service provider.

Tip : Before arriving at the platform for creating your app consider the demographics. If your app is going to serve the rich and higher income group, then you should consider building your app on iOS.

6. Develop the app

The next probable step is going to kickstart the process of transforming your vision into reality. You should contact an mobile app developer or a mobile app development company to create your app. Based on your requirements, you can hire either of them. If you don’t wish to get the app created by yourself, you can also approach other businesses to sell your app idea. Approach vendors who might be interested in your app and might also benefit from your app. If an app is going to increase business revenue, then you would certainly find it easy to sell your app.

Tip : Consider the experience and expertise of the developer ( or development company) you are going to hire for your app development project. Research well about the developer background and also take a look at their portfolio to ensure that you chose the right party for developing your app.

7. App Testing and Launch

Once your app has been created, it is time to test your app for any bugs which might have crept in during the app development stage. Rework on the bugs (if any) and your app is ready to be submitted to the App Store for launch. Once your app is approved, you must announce the launch of your app to your prospective customers.

Tip : During the development stage of your app, you can create curiosity among your prospective users for your app. Announce the features your app is going to offer through different social media platforms. The much marketed and awaited app certainly gets more downloads.

8. Launch a marketing campaign

No business makes profits without marketing its products or services. Create an extensive marketing plan which helps your app fetch maximum number of downloads. Don’t rely on just one marketing strategy or medium. Create alternative marketing plans which will help the world know about the existence of your app. In this sea of apps, it will be very easy for your app to be lost amid. However, with the right marketing campaign which utilizes the right techniques, it will be very easy for you to make your app successful.

Tip : Social media is no doubt the most popular platform for advertising your plan. Utilize the platforms where you will most probably find your target audience. For instance, if you have created an app related to photography, you will certainly find most of your audience on Instagram or Pinterest.

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