The world has shifted on the digital platform. Because of that, the online community has vast opportunities to say what they feel about any product or services. Digital marketers have to deal with both positive and negative reviews and feedback.

Ratings, reviews and feedback show how your app is performing in the market. Developers are agitated about receiving negative one in comparison to the positive comment. Even though it is indispensable to provide space to the users to express their reviews about app functionality.

As a developer you know how reviews and ratings are important. One of the facts says that 70% of people say that seeing a four or five-star app store rating for a brand’s app leaves them with a more positive view of the brand as a whole.

As a developer, you need to have a habit of handling the criticism. Negative comments could not affect you if you have the right mindset. So, you have to plan response to actions. The way you manage the reviews and feedback can convert your app from zero star to five-star ratings. If you would like to know how read the blog below:

1. Act Fast:
Don’t let your user report or file bug against your app. Before they go nuts!! You have to make sure they keep calm. Start by thanking him to provide help to improvise on the app. At the same time gave assurance that you will fix the problem as soon as possible.

Study by Convince and Convert, says 42% of your customers will expect a 60-minute response time and 32% of them expect a response within 30 minutes! That’s quick!

As per the social media rule, the faster you respond, the better you’ll look in the eyes of community.

2. Accept the reality on first hand:
Negative comments are painful and so that you have to agree to the fact that there is a problem. If you want to maintain the long-term relationship with the customer, you need to be honest and owe the mistake.

You need to communicate in a constructive way to the customer. You need to convince them that you are here to resolve the problem as per their needs. This act of acceptance will increase the positive image in consumer’s mind.

3. Remember comments are not personal:
It is obvious that reading negativity somewhere affects you personally. Your brand and company is personal to you, so whatever people say it automatically affect you on a personal level. As customer expressed their outrage on the by reviewing, you should not express the same feelings towards them.

Your emotional outrage on the negative comment can spoil the image of the company. Instead, you have to calm down and deal it. Never give personal comment to the reviewer or say anything bad on the personal level. Your task is to find out the root of that problem and give a solution to it.

4. Try to avoid trolls:
Sometime people have strategies say unnecessary lines to the people just for the sake of publicity. You should try for this kind of people who drag you into the trolls for their benefit. That unnecessary troll harm your brand image and develop the negative word of mouth.

Most possible ways to stay out of this is just scroll down. It is not necessary to repay everyone who commented. As you replay to one negative comment it will ignite fire more. Better to scroll and move from that negativity.

5. Apologize publicly:
When you accept the mistake, it is your duty to apologize on the same platform. Let them know what you’ve done about it, and replay them with apological words directly by the tweet or where you find the negative review.

In that situation you can explain your story and tell them what you can do in that situation. Chances are there you are not able to resolve that problem for the particular customer, but, you can publicly show your effort for a solution. Remember a quick apology make a huge difference in perception about brands.

6. Try to communicate on personal level:
When you make necessary corrections on publicly level, you should try to communicate further with personal communication. Some people might try to harm your image publicly more often, but you can request them to make further conversation via Email or direct/private message.

When you develop social media engagement, it is important to keep in mind that you need to look good while resolving the problem. Communicating on personal level gives the idea to the develop the relationship with the customer and it will enhance the brand value in customer’s mind.

7. Make it right and learn from it:
Adjusting your business nature with the ratings and reviews is a totally different ballgame. Every business wants to known as one of those brands, who listen to their customers. If you’ve seen significant patterns in customer feedback, you need to take the action and develop the positive change.

When you make it right and give solution to that problem. Next time is to make sure you don’t repeat the same thing for another customer. Learning can help you to grow your business in the right direction.

Posted by : Ankit Patel

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