8 Essential Traits You Must Possess To Become a Good SharePoint Developer

SharePoint Developer
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • April 17, 2018
  • 3 min read

When we talk about web content administration and document management system, the first word that comes in our mind is SharePoint. Ever since its inception in 2001, SharePoint web development gained immense popularity among the developers and businesses across the globe.

Today, when a market is flooded with a huge pool of developers, the role of a SharePoint developer is not limited to merely customizing the solution to fulfill client requirements. But it requires a lot more to become successful in SharePoint application development. So, what it takes to become a successful SharePoint developer? What are the essential traits one should look for when hiring a developer for their SharePoint development services?

Let’s find out the key traits of a good SharePoint developer you must look for while getting them on-board for your SharePoint web development venture.

• Sharpen Programming & Technical Skills

SharePoint is built on .NET framework and most of the SharePoint development services require customization involving HTML, jQuery, JavaScript and so on. So, if you’re into development, you must possess strong knowledge of HTML and other front-end technologies. Aside from this, you must have good hands-on experience in servers and admin stuff related to database, windows server, active directory control and more.

• Ability to Understand Business Process & Goals

When you’re working into a professional SharePoint development company, you might get projects for small businesses to the large enterprises. And if you set the delivery goals without understanding the business process, you’re making a huge mistake. Business invests in SharePoint application development with two purposes, to make money and save their expenses. To help them achieve their goal, you must understand their business process and map it to the one offered by SharePoint to show how you can help them save money!

• Know How to Utilize Web Parts

When you’re into SharePoint web development, you should know that web-parts are key elements for web pages and one of the essential features offered by SharePoint. Understand how you can create web-parts, update it and transform web pages. It is very much critical that you know how to customize web-parts to resolve pain points of end-users. However, this requires decent hands-on experience and skills in .NET!

• Deep Knowledge of CAML and XML is a Key to Success

SharePoint application development, which requires something more than simply implementing “Hello World”, then don’t take CAML so easily. You must require deep knowledge of CAML and you can start off by shaping your basic XML skills at the initial level. Once you’ve an idea about XML, go for a next chapter of CAML to get clear hands-on it.

• Don’t Ever Overlook the Importance of User Experience!!!

You cannot develop or deliver a full-fledged solution to the client until you don’t know what are the expectations and pain points of end-users. A good SharePoint developer will first try to put himself in their shoe. It is not at all a good idea to start implementing something behind the doors and giving a little or no room what end-users actually expect and how they will use the system. Without knowing and understanding the end-user requirement, you will ruin everything. So, give importance to the user experience and try to deliver what is needed, instead what was not at all expected!

Alright, these were all technical skills you must require to get into SharePoint development services. Now let’s take a view on which are interpersonal skills you require to become a good SharePoint developer.

• Get Your Communication Skills Sharpen

Today, a good SharePoint developer is not who can only code, but he/she should have excellent communication skills too! Having a good communication skill will not only help you establish good repo in front of a client, but it will also help you understand requirements more clearly and deliver the solution precisely.

• Have Patience

A lethal truth about SharePoint development is that you need to learn about patience! Becoming a good SharePoint developer is not a kid’s toy and requires a lot of efforts and time to be successful. Sometimes you’ve to face failure, but that doesn’t mean you stop yourself. So, it is the must that you build up patience and try to focus on what you aim for.

• Never Stop Yourself from Asking a QUESTION…

A good SharePoint developer will never afraid to ask questions to the clients. It is not possible that you are aware of everything and you just have to start development. You must understand requirements and have to ask questions as much as you can get yourself clear about what you are going to deliver.

The success of SharePoint development heavily relies on how you’re implementing the best practices and technical acumen of a developer. However, if you’re newbie in SharePoint development, it is must that you develop these essential traits to start your journey to become a good SharePoint developer. Want to know more about how a SharePoint development company can help you? Hit the comment section below!

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