Important Aspects of UI UX Design And Development

UI UX Design
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UI design is that process which enhances the interaction between the human and the computer by adding several features and improving the accessibility and usability of the computer. UX design, on the other hand, deals with the identification of the problems and the difficulties of the users and finding solutions for the same. Both of these UI UX Design play an important role in satisfying the customers by extending the usefulness of the product or service to be availed by the consumers and for bringing solutions for the existing problems faced by the consumers.

• What does UI design and development or UX design and development involve?

This process, aiming towards the increment of customer’s pleasure and satisfaction, involves the improvement in interaction design, information architecture, user research and several other disciplines.

1. Visual design
Also known as, UI UX Design, Visual Design is that element of the UI design and development that includes the use of different colors, images, and symbols to increase the user interface. It develops the aesthetics and works on what one calls “look and feel” part for the consumers.

2. Information Architecture
Information is the most important part of the system. It is important to ensure that the information in products and services is usable and findable. UI designers or UX designers, thus, make sure the structure and organization of the information architecture is user-friendly.

3. Navigation design
The way the elements are placed in the information architecture results in the comfort that the user has.

4. Interaction Design
Interaction design defines the user-friendliness. It is essential to have interaction design developed in a way that it leads to the efficient user experience.

• UI UX Development helps to attain

1. Usability:
With enhanced UI designs and UX developments, the usability of the product or service increases and helps the consumer to acquire more from the given.

2. Accessibility
Any information architecture is beneficial only when it is accessible. UI development and UX development improves the accessibility of the information on the product or service.

Who does this UI UX design and development?
Several Graphic Designers, Interaction Designers, and Visual Designers are behind the processes involving the UI UX design and development. When they work to design and develop the UI and UX, they get to be known as the UI designers or the UX designers.

Is there any difference between the UI and UX?
Yes, UI and UX aren’t completely same. While UX is more technology-based, UI is associated with the visual and interface part of the product. UX is more related to the technology that helps the user experience satisfaction due to the development of the product or service. UI is a small part and UX is a broader term.

• Some of the UI and UX differences are

1. UI = Visual Design + Interface Design.
– UX= Identification of consumer problems + Finding Solutions + Development of the same or new product.

2. UI makes the product beautiful. UI development helps to have better visual and interaction designs. This development helps making the products visually appealing.
– UX Development, however, helps to make the interface useful. It focusses on the technical advancement and problem-solving aspect of the product or service so as to provide a useful interface to the consumers.

3. UX helps the users to accomplish their goals. UI design and development is done so as to provide better quality product and services so that the users can attain their desired goals.
– UI is associated with making emotional connections.

• UI and UX designing tips one should follow include

1. Understanding the user
For both, the UI designers and the UX designers, it is very important to understand their users. Without knowing the user’s needs and demands, designers cannot really achieve user satisfaction. Before developing or enhancing anything in the product or service, customer needs should be known.

2. Keep it Simple
Simplicity is the key to everything great in this world. The designers may have great skills and know how to work with complicated products, however, that may not be the case with their consumers. The products and services should be simple so that the users don’t face problems while completing their work.

3. Identifying the problem
It is easy to identify different methods, however, a lot difficult to trace the problems. Identifying the problems faced by the consumers should be the goal before beginning the process of designing.

4. Taking Feedback
Having a positive attitude towards the feedbacks always help the designers to do better than what they have already done. One should take in positive as well as the negative feedback in a sporting manner. All the feedbacks should be considered and worked upon to provide more than before.

• Importance of UI UX Development

UI UX Development is very important as it ensures a better user interface and experience. This not only helps users in achieving their desired goals, but also attracts more consumers.

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