What is ChatGPT and How Does it Work? [Examples & Alternative]

what is chatgpt
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In case you use Twitter, you may have been acquainted with ChatGPT. A chatbot that was made available for free testing for the public on 30th November, its design is made in a way that human-like conversations become easy to mimic, and the technology has gone on to entice the attention of entrepreneurs. This is in their quest to improve the overall capabilities of bots.

So what is all the buzz about ChatGPT and why is this tech innovation gaining so much popularity after all in the first place? To make this understandable, we have brought forth this article for you.

So let’s not waste any further time and delve deep into the article to know about this innovation in detail.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI-based model that was launched by OpenAI in Nov 2022. Sam Altman is the CEO of ChatGPT.

OpenAI was founded back in 2015 by Elon Musk, Ilya Sutskever, Wojciech Zaremba Greg Brockman, and Sam Altman.

According to ChatGPT CEO, the software reached the 1 million users mark less than a week after its launch.

It enables users to simply feed in their query so they get an automated response from the chatbot.

Though similar to other chatbots, it is different. This is due to its capability in answering follow-up questions, followed by its ability to reject requests that may be inappropriate.

How Does ChatGPT Work?

With an idea you have gauged about the technology, let’s now gain perspective of its functioning so you know how it makes human-like conversation possible, followed by how it supports in providing natural language responses.

Check the image below to get insight into this.

how does ChatGPT work

Image source: medium.com

Using a neural network architecture, and unsupervised learning, ChatGPT makes it extremely easy to generate responses. In simple words, it does not demand the requirement of being fed with a correct response they need to provide on being asked a particular question by customers. This is done through the use of a multi-layer transformer network which imbibes in itself an input sentence. Thereafter, on receiving it, it gets processed through the use of its internal knowledge so relevant response generation becomes possible upon successful ChatGPT login.

Constituents of ChatGPT

Based on GPT- 3.5, ChatGPT uses deep learning for creating human-like responses to different questions. This may include, theoretical essay questions, delivering mathematical solutions, etc.

This is courtesy of the presence of the following components:

  • Capability to understand and respond to natural languages.
  • Deep learning utilization helps to produce human-like text so mathematical solutions, responding to stories, etc. seamlessly.
  • Possession of a unique memory helps the technology to keep updated on earlier comments within a conversation.
  • Using reinforcement learning received from human feedback the development of the technology has taken place.
  • The intelligence capability that the technology possesses helps users receive detailed answers on different topics, followed by getting a comparative analysis as well on different subjects.
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What is ChatGPT Used For?

Knowing the constituents that are present within the ChatGPT chatbot, let’s know what is ChatGPT used for so you know the different areas where the ChatGPT website finds its operations useful.

Restricted to language, albeit having an in-depth understanding of the spoken and written word, it makes processes like writing poems, full-length articles, and research papers easy and comfortable for users.

Regardless of the presence of limitations present in the ChatGPT website, it is nevertheless an extremely streamed process through it to understand different complicated matters at an accelerated speed.

Limitations in ChatGPT Website

Albeit the way ChatGPT chatbot streamlines the way response generation takes place, it has some limitations too.

• Is Resource-Intensive to Run

As a result of being a large and complex model, ChatGPT chatbot is resource-intensive to run. In other words, it becomes challenging to make its use in real-time apps like chatbots for instance that demand quick responses.

• Generative Model

When we use the term, generative model, it refers to a model that might make it hard to deliver accurate answers to extremely specific questions. Therefore, it may so happen that the responses may be irrelevant thereby making its usage difficult in certain apps.

• Limited by Quality & Quantity of Data

This is something that comes as a major hindrance for users when using the ChatGPT website. In a situation wherein the training of the model has not been done accurately on different data-set, generating accurate responses to inputs might be a roadblock.

ChatGPT Alternatives

Regardless of ChatGPT being the winner in the AI conversation world, it is nevertheless a good idea to check out the ChatGPT alternatives.

  • ChatSonic – A pre-trained dialogue response generation model, it helps in multi-turn conversations to ensure the generation of real-time data, images, and voice searches.
  • Chinchilla – Based on the transformer model, Chinchilla is another alternative that makes tasks like reasoning, creating sophisticated AI art, etc a streamlined task.
  • Bloom – Probably one of the top ChatGPT alternatives, it assists in generating text in over 46 languages, and 13 programming languages.
  • Replika – An AI-powered chatbot, Replika is a ChatGPT chatbot that acts like a friend to hear customers out when they share through texts their different concerns related to their life, love, career, etc.
  • Jasper – An AI writing software tool, Jasper known formerly as Jarvis helps users in their quest to create high-quality content in a reasonably short time.
  • LaMDA – Also known as Language Model for Dialog Applications developed by Google, it takes natural language input to generate a response that is context-aware, and natural, at the same time.

Relevance of ChatGPT Alternative

Knowing about these alternatives, you might be wondering why are their alternatives worth knowing about after all.

  • Does not generate visuals or AI art.
  • Lacks the ability to take voice commands and generate their respective voice responses.
  • Missing an API, it becomes difficult to have its integration on apps or any particular platform.

Let’s now present you with a list of some of the top ChatGPT examples that help in detecting vulnerabilities in security, and most important in keeping clarity intact in writing-related tasks.

Popular ChatGPT Examples You Should Know

You know by now the reasons ChatGPT has observed its popularity growing in a period of a few months. However, it has some flaws in it owing to which it is crucial to be aware of the ChatGPT examples to detect different issues with utmost ease and convenience.

# Example 1: Machine Learning on Smooth Manifolds

chatgpt example

Image source: learngpt.com

# Example 2: Write a Stack Overflow Answer Explaining Why 1+1=2

chatgpt example

Image source: learngpt.com

# Example 3: Analysis of Worst-Case Time Complexity like 1940s Gangster Movie

chatgpt example

Image source: twitter.com

Will ChatGPT Replace Google?

If we have to give a formative explanation that if ChatGPT will replace Google, then all we can say is that it is unlikely to happen.

Currently, there is a very limited amount of information available for ChatGPT with very limited options available.

In contrast, Google has the latest technical algorithms and is capable to store a huge amount of data, making it easy for users to find any kind of information on Google.

Moreover, Google proffers many options for user search queries, such as websites, news, articles, videos, and images.

So if we have to sum up and say if ChatGPT will replace Google, all we can say is that ChatGPT is currently not capable of replacing Google.

To sum up

ChatGPT is a kind of Artificial Intelligence that is able to comprehend and generate natural language texts. Trained through the use of a transformer algorithm as well as large amounts of text data, it can generate responses to prompts or questions based on what it learns.

The usage of ChatGPT is predicted to augment in the future. ChatGPT is still developing but isn’t as well-developed or advanced as Google, but it will be updated with more changes in the future, and company like Microsoft is also investing in improving the search engine. We hope that you’ve got a little grasp of what this ChatGPT means.

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