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  • June 06, 2022
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Headhunting is probably one of the most critical areas of concern for an organization. Hence, it demands the task to get performed appropriately. This will ensure maximum success for the business.

If we look closely into the current business scene, it becomes clear that enterprises need to include innovations into their operations to boost their overall visibility and provide seamless services. Hence, it demands the use of the latest tech stack to ensure the achievement of this area.

In today’s era, we have many tech stacks assuring and promising seamless development and buildup of a product driving maximum value. However, one that is quite popular is NodeJS.

NodeJS is an open-source cross-platform back-end JavaScript runtime environment. Built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, it is best for creating fast and scalable, real-time apps. Side-by-side, it also eases the overall development process. This is due to possessing a reusable code, hence one code can be used across different platforms, without the requirement to write codes repeatedly. This is particularly when you want to use code. It thus boosts productivity to the greatest extent.

Therefore, it is a good idea to take advantage of NodeJS development services for businesses and find the right team of professionals that will render these offerings in the best way.

It is however first important to know the factors that have been categorically responsible for the runtime environment gaining so much popularity in the first place.

Reasons for Popularity of NodeJS Development Services

Platforms like LinkedIn, Netflix, Uber, etc., have observed their services streamlining to a great extent courtesy of using NodeJS.

You must be wondering why, and most significantly, the reasons for these enterprises taking advantage of this tech stack. So here it is listed below.

Have a look at this image below to know the reasons responsible for the popularity of NodeJS growing so stupendously.

benefits of nodejs

In the image, you get an insight into the factors significantly responsible for NodeJS development services gaining popularity.

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However, if we have to shortlist the most significant among them, they include-

  • Reduced time to market. Since it supports code reuse, for the backend, the browser, and the database level, developers receive ease to use the same code across all these platforms. Therefore, the end product is created fast, and the time to market is shortened.
  • Simple coding. Developers using NodeJS can enable code in the JavaScript for the client and the server end; hence data transfer between these two becomes seamless, followed by the task for performing data modifications.
  • Friendly open-source community. This community ascertains the delivery of modules to ensure an easy learning curve for new developers to learn and build robust web apps.

Looking at these reasons, it becomes clear that NodeJS development services indeed are worth using for businesses. It will enhance business productivity through a solution in significant market demand boosting ROI.

To achieve this, you must find the right set of NodeJS developers for this task. This is something you need to ascertain so that you can drive maximum success through the solution you create at the end and be able to generate a huge percentage of revenue.

To make this easy for you, remember these points below.

How to Hire NodeJS Developers? – 6 Factors to Consider

Experience is a vital factor that determines the overall success or failure of a project. Especially when you are in an industry such as IT, it becomes even more significant that the task (hiring) be done right.

So, if you are considering hiring NodeJS developers from the USA, you would have to then incur finances of around $92k per year. In India on the other hand, when you outsource NodeJS development services, the overall cost would be $9k per year.

Therefore, it is a good economic idea to get these from the Indian subcontinent as you would be able to save on costs tremendously and simultaneously be assured of getting acquainted with a team of dedicated professionals having the expertise in this field.

It however demands you keep adherence to some important steps.

Look at the image below to gain insight into them.

hire nodejs developers roadmap
hire nodejs developers roadmap

Image source:

The image gives knowledge on the different skill-sets important for a NodeJS developer, which includes possessing a flexible learning curve, possessing proficiency in cloud platforms, etc., to name a few.

In addition, it is also critical that they possess knowledge in these areas listed below. It will ascertain that the hire is done well.

1. Skills in Application Monitoring Tools

APM (application monitoring) tools are a prerequisite to helping developers remain updated with necessary data. This prevents service downtime considerably. It is something that the professionals keep at their perusal. This allows them (developer) to gain awareness of the NodeJS app performance.

Hence, note if they possess knowledge in using tools like Prometheus to perform multi-dimensional data collection, Grafana for providing developers with the flexibility to time the series databases into understandable graphs. Knowledge across this will ensure that the developers will support you in the way of the right decision for your business through a solution they create based on the size of the project, and requirements, to name a few.

2. Proficiency in Working with Test Runners

Check the developers’ skills in working with different testing tools based on the project type, the complexities, and business requirements. This will help you identify if the professionals you hire possess skills in pinpointing project gaps and risks (if any). It will also give you knowledge of their experience in citing strategies that deliver better business results.

Therefore, check knowledge in Ava, Jasmine, etc. These help in ensuring a detailed error output and writing tests easily.

3. Examine Communication Skills

Communication and collaboration are keys to ensuring a successful project in the long run. Hence, check skills along with areas like how well they report the project update and the mediums they use for this task, to name a few.

Team members and their interaction with each other during the project is something you should check on next. This identification can be done while taking online sessions with the team. It gives you insight into the communication pattern they (team) follow for project follow-up and ensures you have found the right professionals.

4. Learning Curve Flexibility

Experience working with coding and testing followed by practical knowledge in these areas is something you should try to identify. This is particularly when you are setting out to hire NodeJS developers.

Looking at their portfolio: client projects and open-source contributions (if any), you can assess and make the final decision if the developer is right for you or not.

You can therefore consider asking questions like the ones listed below.

For Junior Developers:

  • To name database used commonly with NodeJS
  • Definition of NPM and their primary functions
  • Explain Callbacks

For Mid Level Developers:

  • What is event-driven programming?
  • What are the types of API functions in NodeJS?
  • Explain stream types in NodeJS

For Senior Developers:

  • Tasks REPL perform in NodeJS
  • Explain callback hell and list ways of resolving it
  • Middleware – describe the concept

Once you have gotten a satisfactory answer across all these areas, you can give a green signal to the team. Yes, you can hire them!

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5. Comfort Coming Forward with New Ideas

A proactive mindset is something critical to possess for a developer. Hence, try to identify this in a NodeJS developer. In short, check their openness for reservations about the new solution. This also includes the comments they might want to add to the new solution.

Checking across these areas will give you insight into their comfort in adding enhancements to products based on the business requirement.

6. Project Management Methodology

The methods they follow during your project to ensure its steady completion is what you need to check next.

Hence, identify the course they adopt for project management. In other words, check if they are incorporating an agile development methodology, whether they are taking part in sprint planning, etc. With all these areas, you can be sure developers will achieve the seamless scaling of the project and the best app performance.

Check other areas in addition to these listed above.

These include-

  • Skills across custom NodeJS development, plugin development, NodeJS migration.
  • Engagement Models adopted to make hiring a time saving and finance saving task for you.
  • Maintenance and support developers provide during every individual stage of development until final delivery happens.

All these points clubbed together will ensure that the NodeJS development company or the developer you hire will provide delivery of the best quality project assuring maximum business value.

Apart from knowledge across these areas; you also need to know the overall cost that goes behind when you hire NodeJS developers.

hire nodejs developer

How Much Does It Cost to Hire NodeJS Developers?

Apart from the skills, and experience which are extremely critical areas of consideration for finding the right set of NodeJS professionals; a business setup also needs to have awareness of the cost.

To understand the cost, the level of seniority and location are two areas that get taken into consideration.

So, based on the location, and the level of seniority; it becomes easy to determine the overall finances for this.

There are three places that have the most demand for NodeJS developers; namely, USA, Europe, and India. Hence, if you do it in these places; your project would achieve maximum success too.

Thus, it is important to have awareness of the cost that you would have to incur during the hiring process.

In India, the cost would be between $15 to $40 per hour. Followed by East and West Europe, where you might have to pay between $45 to $55 per hour (East), and $75 to $95 per hour (West). And, for the USA, where you have to pay them between $75 to $115 per hour.

When you have understood this, you can then be sure that you have the right set of professionals for your project at a budget that is suited for your business. Therefore, in the end, success will be on your way for a considerably long time.

Supporting You in the Journey to Hire NodeJS Developers

Aesthetic, agile, and functional apps are the need of the hour to ensure businesses can deliver their different services seamlessly. The best way to achieve this is through NodeJS development services. Being a cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment, it builds apps that seamlessly operate across iOS and Android. However, it demands the use of the correct techniques. This is possible if you make the right hiring choice. Doing so will ultimately determine your business fate. Hence, before you hire, keep note across areas like experience in building customizable apps, scalable mobile and web apps, etc. With these taken into cognizance, you can get a solution that works efficiently and obtain maximum ROI.

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