Factors to Consider When You Embark on Hiring ReactJS Developers

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  • June 10, 2022
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When embarking on having an app or a series of interactive web pages, the library that comes to mind is ReactJS. Launched by Meta (Facebook) in 2013, over the years has gained extensive popularity. This is due to its overall user-friendly nature and the ease it provides in understanding and learning.

All these factors thereupon make the dependency on a React.js developer immense. Their support helps to create web pages and applications that are responsive and user-friendly.

Some other reasons that make React developer and their demand so immense are:

Through these figures, you can determine the overall demand the tech stack has, and why thus businesses need to headhunt the right React.js developers to implement the right set of strategies.

Before that, let us first understand the roles and responsibilities of a ReactJS developer.

Roles and Responsibilities of ReactJS Developers

hire reactjs developer

As mentioned earlier, React.js is a front-end JavaScript library that helps to build UI that is sleek to keep the app performance above par.

Hence, as a React developer, it is vital to have sufficient knowledge in the field. In other words, they need to be well-versed in JavaScript and React.js components. This also comprises skills in front-end coding and PWA (progressive web apps).

Therefore, when you want to hire ReactJS developers, ascertain whether they know all these areas. Simultaneously be aware of these roles and responsibilities before going ahead. This includes technical and non-technical roles, followed by technical and non-technical skills.

Technical Roles and Responsibilities of ReactJS Developers

  • Write app interface code with JavaScript.
  • Optimize components to ensure seamless operations across multiple browsers, and devices.
  • Responsive web-based UI development.

Non-Technical Roles and Responsibilities of ReactJS Developers

  • Interacting with the developers and the designers to discuss UI ideas.
  • Reviewing the app needs and the interfacing elements thoroughly.
  • Adhering to documenting changes within the app and checking updates (if any).

Knowing the technical and non-technical responsibilities of the developers involved in providing Reactjs development services, lets us understand their different technical and non-technical skills. The same has been enlisted below and discussed.

Technical and Non-Technical Skills of ReactJS Developers

◉Technical Skills

  • Understanding of Reactjs and its different fundamentals such as JSX, Virtual DOM, etc.
  • Proficiency in JavaScript, and DOM manipulation, apart from data structures, algorithms.
  • Experience working with ReactJS workflow like Flux, and data structure libraries, to name a few.

◉ Non-Technical or Soft Skills

  • Skills in time, and project management, along with communication as well.
  • Creativity and accountability.
  • Team player who accepts feedback and offers suggestions alongside, side-by-side.

Knowing the different roles, responsibilities, and skills of these developers, it becomes understandable thus, until and unless the professional possesses favorable knowledge in all these areas, the success of the project, or its completion, will be under the radar.

Therefore, it demands keeping some factors under due consideration when you embark on the journey to hiring ReactJS developers. You can perform segmentation by defining some parameters.

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Parameters You Should Consider While Hiring ReactJS Developers

  • Based on Experience
  • Based on Skills
  • Based on Personality
  • Based on Cost

In the lines below, we list down the hiring strategies that you can adopt when you hire based on these criteria.

Hire ReactJS Developers – Steps to Follow

Take a peek at the image below to gain insight into the different factors taken into consideration during the hiring process for the React.js developer.

steps to hire react developers

The image above enlists the steps followed before the final hire stage. In the lines below, we discuss the techniques through which it becomes easy to hire React.js developers.

◉ Based on Experience

Experience and expertise are areas to analyze. This helps determine if the person you are getting for the task is competent or not. Therefore, when you set out to hire a Reactjs developer, you take cognizance of their experience and expertise.

This means you note the developers’ knowledge in React, JavaScript, ES6+, HTML, and CSS. This is to ensure you have developers having significant knowledge to perform tasks like component styling and templating. Also, note their communication skills. All this will help you to gain access first to a site or app that is visually appealing with a consistent design. This also includes knowledge of developers’ interpersonal skills. This will give you an idea of how well they collaborate to get project completion on time.

After you have gotten a green signal of the developers’ expertise, note the skills to determine the hiring of the right professional for this task.

◉ Based on Skills

You must know that React.js allows developers to create an intuitive UI, apart from being visually appealing. Hence, when you get these professionals, know first whether they have a degree in Computer Science or not. This includes the skills of being a team player. Next, assess their skills in working with different databases such as SQL, and NoSQL, followed by HTML and CSS to help you create a web page structure and add styles. Also, ascertain their skills in writing a code that is easy to read, comprehend, and extend, all at the same time. Finally, examine their eagerness to learn and overall adaptability skills. Taking these areas into cognizance will ensure that the final solution is of top-most quality. At the same time, you will gain access to a team of developers well-versed in these areas keeping you updated on the different stages of development by employing the best communication strategies.

After assessing the knowledge and skills, the area you need to examine next is their personality. Here’s explaining the steps you can follow to know if they can handle the project or not.

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◉ Based on Personality

The personality of a professional is key to understanding whether the person will help to propel your business ahead or not. It also determines gaining knowledge about the overall perseverance qualities. Hence, when you hire React developers, make sure to examine their personalities well.

To do this task, you need to analyze their capability to accept criticism positively and use it in their stride to enhance the final solution they develop. This includes developers’ planning skills, particularly sprint planning, and solving problems that may be easy and complex.

Analysis across these areas is crucial during the different stages of ReactJS development services. It will give you an idea of the techniques they will adopt to create an intuitive UI at the end for you, and if coming across obstacles, they ideate strategies independently. This is to create a flawless user experience through the end solution.

Finally, based on cost, it becomes easy to hire React.js developers. This is because, for a startup, it becomes a matter of concern to spend erroneously on the developer. Hence, it demands consideration of the cost factor. This is how you can headhunt these professionals. This is by placing a strong focus on the cost factor.

◉ Based on Cost

Take a look at the table below to gain insight into the cost incurred by businesses. This is when they set out to hire Reactjs developers in different parts of the world.

CountrySenior LevelMid-LevelJunior Level
Asia$80 – $130+ / Hour$30 – $70 / Hour$15 – $40 / Hour
Australia$70 – $120+ / Hour$50 – $90 / Hour$30 – $50 / Hour
Europe$80 – $130+ / Hour$50 – $100 / Hour$30 – $70 / Hour
UK$100 – $140+ / Hour$60 – $80+ / Hour$40 – $70 / Hour
USA$150 – $220+ / Hour$70 – $130 / Hour$50 – $80 / Hour

Through this table, you can get an idea of the cost that businesses would need to incur when they hire React developers from subcontinents like Asia, Australia, Europe, the UK, and the USA. This is on the level of seniority.

Hence, when you set out to get these professionals, apart from seniority, the place where you hire is also vital.

If you consider places like USA and UK, the cost will be high. Whereas, if you do this from Asia, you would not have to pay much.

Look at the figure below to gain insight into the overall finances and cost you would have to incur when you hire Reactjs developers there.

cost to hire reactjs developers

Therefore, if you want to get acquainted with a team of professionals who employ the best techniques while delivering Reactjs development services at an economical cost, Asia is the right choice for you. You will get acquainted with a team of professionals well-versed in this tech stack. They will use the best strategies during the delivery of services through ReactJS, thereby helping to maximize business value. They will be doing so at a cost that does not exceed your budget.

We Are Your Gateway to Topnotch ReactJS Services

Hiring and headhunting is not an easy task. This is in particular if looking for the right React.js developer using the best business practices while delivering ReactJS development services to produce designs with intuitive UI. This is followed by possessing the best developer tools, and making the task of template design easy is a challenging task. This is where we step into the picture. When you hire React.js developers from our organization, you gain access to an app that is responsive, user-friendly and reloads fast, enhancing the retention rate of users to the greatest extent. Hence, wait no longer. Connect with us today to hire ReactJS developers who employ the best techniques while building the app to eliminate any possible complexities, allowing easy updates to occur. This is to help you obtain maximum revenues and maximum customers right from Day 1!

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