SMART TV APP – The Ultimate Guide from Planning to Launch

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  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • January 17, 2020
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SMART TVs, SMART APPs, SMART WATCHES, SMART SCREENS, SMART DEVICES… it seems SMARTNESS is playing everywhere with the race to reach that next level of smartness.

Well said, with a lot of many smart things available in the environment, it becomes vital to thing smartly in delivering the best to the end-users, who are always looking for SMART solutions.

With generations moving forward, and technologies booming, users are looking for more cutting edge products that provide the most intuitive experience. These SMART products are not just limited to functionalities but also provide the best user experience. And, one of the best examples of this SMART ecosystem is Smart TV. Over the years, television has greatly evolved bringing on the features that greatly improve the end-user experience. Talking about the SMART TV, let us explore how the journey of application development of SMART TV and find how smart TV app development services make the difference.

There are the major aspects to be considered before moving further for Smart TV app development.

Once things are planned and properly managed, the next level comes is the development steps of application.

Planning of the App

Planning is the core of any development whether it is an app or smart TV. however, app development for Smart TV, deep planning is quite essential considering the end-users and the purpose of the application. For developers, it is crucial to consider all the features for designing the app along with focusing on the extensive set of features with an enticing UI and seamless navigation.

Though smart TV offers a larger arena, navigation should never be ignored and should be quite intuitive without creating confusion in users with various options.

Key Points to Consider to Enhance Your User Experience

  • Do not use complex navigation
  • Navigation has to be intuitive
  • Navigation structure and content so go with each other seamlessly
  • Proper guidance for user to know which screen he/she is using
  • Develop easy to understand navigation

Developers and designers need to focus on planning and development of the application. With a clear interpretation of the requirements and needs of the users in the environment of the Smart TV. The first step starts with the creation of the Javascript Application.

The varieties of APIs can empower users to get complete control over the application while creating web-based applications for the Smart TV.

The JavaScript APIs

  • Input Control
  • Smart Interaction
  • Allshare
  • Using of Input Method Editors
  • The convergence
  • UI & Accessory

Harnessing the power of Javascript along with CSS and HTML, developers can easily create the app.

Implementation of the Code

Implementation Code

When the complete environment is set up including SDK, there comes the development process including coding, of the Smart TV application.

The SDK used for developing an app is embedded with the multi-functional emulator, which can help to test the app easily. All things including SDK along with the text editor for the creation of the HTML, CSS as well as the JavaScript files are leveraged for creating an intuitive application.

The entire structure of the coding is totally dependent upon the purpose of the application and the kind of the application to be built for the end-users. The deep understanding of the JavaScript language can help in creating cutting edge app utilizing the methods available and the components. Not just limited to SDK, Flash is also popular for creating the applications.

Debugging and Testing of the Application

The next phase after the completion of a Smart TV app comes testing debugging step. For the debugging of the app, the JS debugger tool is available along with the SDK. This enables app developers to easily track the performance and find the loopholes and set breakpoints for complete checking. Moreover, Smart TV app development services are useful when it comes to debugging and testing a SMART app.

Debugging Process

Usually, debugging process requires proper analysis and checking. Find here the major two steps of debugging procedure.

  1. JS debugger tool along with emulator supports in debugging the application, which is usually provided in SDK.
  2. Generally, the app designed provides much better results when tested on actual TV. However, the emulator provided works as an execution control.
  3. Once the debugging of the app is completed on the emulator, the same procedure NOW can be carried on the actual Smart TV.

Testing Of the SMART Application

The designed application, similar to the debugging process, testing of the application can be performed first on the SDK emulator and then carried out on Smart TV. The emulator helps app developers to find the coding errors, if any, during this process. It greatly helps in the step by step development of the smart application.

Once the testing is performed on an emulator while resolving any incoming bugs, the final test is carried out in a real environment, thereby providing easy testing. testing in a real-time TV environment, developers can easily find a range of differences compared to the emulator testing, the variations may include the different behaviors of video and audio playback, less memory in TV, remote actions and the browser behaviors.

Packaging & Launching of an Application

After debugging and testing of the smart application, the next phase that comes is packaging and launching of the application. Smart app designers and developers need to cover up the application with embellishment for flagship launching. For this, the first step is the packaging. SDK helps in this procedure. Once the smart app is wrapped beautifully, the next step is to register on the play store and launch it on Smart apps. Normally, Smart TV app development services are quite helpful in performing certain tasks, along with the developers.

In present days, Smart Apps offers all the convenient tools that help to manage application along with its functionalities.

After the successful launch of Smart TV application, the developer is provided access to upgrade the application or delete it completely from the store. However, a reputed smart TV app development company can also support app packaging and launching.

Along with the whole planning, designing, developing, debugging, testing, packaging, and launching of the Smart Application, it is also crucial to consider the following major aspects that are very essential when considering the app development for SMART TV.


When it comes to Smart TV app development, it is obvious to consider various programming languages, and pick up the right technology, software and tool for designing.

Varied Monitor Sizes

The configuration greatly differs when viewing on a smartphone, mobile to big-screen TVs. Resolution and screen size angular resolution are the key points when it comes to reviewing distance. Developers need to possess technical expertise when it comes to coding, APIs and knowledge about leanback library.

Various Kinds of Remote Control

Handling features with ease at a touch of the remote control is what users are looking for. Therefore, it is vital not to ignore user experience with a remote control when it comes to designing a smart application.


Clarity and easy understanding of app usage is what users always seek. Therefore, the following points are the center elements for user interface of any application.

  • Few words can suffice
  • Text needs to be readable
  • High contrast
  • Do not use acronyms
  • Words need to match icons
  • Simple and short text for easy understanding

These are just simple and smart elements that enhance the whole development process when given the proper considerations. However, app development for Smart TV requires huge efforts, these small things give developers the added boost and help them to deliver the intriguing apps meeting the users demands.

In a Nutshell,

Though Smart TVs have evolved greatly due to technologies, it is still a long way to go when these TVs work completely as a computer. However, it has already got hold of numerous elements that are present in Computers like navigation. With all these things, it can be seen that the WORLD of TVs has changed dramatically lately. With time, the user’s demands related to smart TVs are evolving with more specific needs, which has put down a great challenge for companies to deliver a richer experience. However, with a leading smart tv app development company, the overall process becomes easier and hassle-free.

Designing and developing a Smart TV application is a need of an hour helping companies to work towards innovation. Further, it not only boosts the viewership but also reach far and wide, and hence improve the brand value.

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