Know What Makes Flutter Best for Enterprise App Development

flutter for enterprise app development
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  • September 15, 2022
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When you talk of a solution that makes internal operations management an easy task, the first name that would strike your mind would be enterprise apps, without any doubt whatsoever.

Businesses place their focus on developing custom enterprise solutions to enhance their level of efficiency, deliver the best-in-line customer service, etc, to name a few. To accomplish these with the utmost success, it is vital to make use of the right set of tools. This is where Flutter is seeing its prominence growing manifold. In other words, during enterprise app development, the tech stack is observing its use rapidly increasing.

Do you want to know why this is the case? Read this exhaustive article to get a grasp on this area. Before that though, let’s understand the importance of an enterprise app and its basics first.

All You Need to Know About Enterprise Apps

Enterprise apps are software that helps business boost their efficiency and deliver the best form of service to their end customers so that they can achieve maximum growth and expand their reach as well.

Knowing now about these solutions, you must be wondering about the lucrative scope of these solutions. This is covered in this exclusive guide.

Statistics Depicting Lucrative Scope of Enterprise Apps

These numbers are enough to give an estimate of the fruitful value these solutions hold. Therefore, to ensure that these numbers remain intact and the value keeps growing, it is important that tech stacks that are extremely robust be used. This is where Flutter comes into the scene.

Why? Because, based on industry verticals; the features also witness a transformation. In other words, every industry-specific app has a particular set of features that may or may not be similar. So in short, through the utilization of this SDK, it will become easy to create a custom enterprise solution that caters to industry-specific needs in a streamlined manner.

An Overview of Flutter

Flutter is an open-source framework whose development has been done by Google to create cross-platform applications from a single codebase.

Created through the object-oriented programming language Dart, Flutter is known for boosting the level of productivity for developers to a great extent. This follows next, by giving them the aid to create high-quality apps that can run with utmost convenience across iOS and other miscellaneous platforms.

Google has chosen Dart for:

  1. Productivity
  2. Object orientation
  3. Faster allocation
  4. High performance

But the main question is – Why is it observing its use growing so rapidly to create enterprise apps?

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Let’s understand what makes Flutter best for Enterprise app development.

Flutter for Enterprise App Development

Flutter app development services have seen their popularity growing manifold. Already used by big enterprises like BMW, Google Pay, Dream11, Tencent, eBay, etc, it comes as no surprise that the tech stack has some standout characteristics in them.

enterprises that used flutter

Features of Flutter Making It #1 For Enterprise App Development

• Layered Architecture

The first and foremost need of an enterprise app is to make service offering, business logic transfer, and data access an easy task to perform. This is where it demands that a layered architecture be implemented. This allows the following requirements to be met successfully-

layered architecture
  • Comprehension of documents related to the validated codebase.
  • Creation of easy-to-navigate app features.
  • Perform enterprise-wide communication and collaboration.

All these aspects become easy to accomplish courtesy of Flutter. With the implementation of Flutter app development services, the business gets access to the following resources:

  • JSON Serialization and Deserialization to boost enterprise app performance and the overall user experience.
  • SQLite for storing and processing large structured databases.
  • GetIT Locator for app code layer separation to take place smoothly.

• IDEs for iOS and Android Environments

The tech stack contains IDEs in them that make it easy to deliver a native app-like experience in the cross-platform solution developed. Alongside this, it also gives developers access to a huge library so that app development and maintenance is a smooth process.

This is how it is made possible-

  • The presence of the Dart ecosystem so apps can scale easily.
  • Compatibility with different app tests like Unit tests, Widget tests, etc., it’s easy to perform testing.
  • Native Android and iOS tool sets with enterprise CI/CD setup so mobile deployment on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store takes place smoothly.
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• Hardware Support

When you are building an enterprise app, you must place focus on incorporating features and platforms. This means as employees’ devices are different, their OS will be unique too. This is why Flutter and its use are useful.

Here are some hardware access present in them that make it beneficial for these applications.

  • Location
  • Camera
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Speaker and Microphone
  • Storage: Files and Media

• Security Encryption

Flutter’s easy integration with native Android and iOS sandbox environments gives it the edge in providing security to enterprise app development. It also contains the SSL certificate known for using techniques like app permission and sandboxing to accomplish this aspect better.

Alongside the SSL certificate presented by the SDK, it also contains these elements that uphold the data and keeps it secure.

  • Code Obfuscation to keep the app secure and hide API keys within the Dart Code.
  • Flutter_Secure_Storage plugin for safeguarding the app storage.
  • RootBear plugin to optimize the app for Android and DTTJailBreakDetection to optimize the app for iOS.

Knowing the different features that Flutter constitutes that make it perfect for enterprise app development, we are sure you must be thinking of the other requirements that get successfully met through it.

Enterprise App Requirements that Flutter Makes Easy to Cater

  • Widgets for Android Material, and iOS Cupertino to create a highly interactive app that has a native appearance.
  • Dependency Injection so that the code units remain independent and reusable.
  • Plugin for local storage.
  • SQLite Database for structuring large amounts of data.
  • Libraries for easily integrating the Adobe and Firebase Analytics tools.
  • Sentry Library to make app error reporting easy to perform and code debugging is quick.

Alternatively, through the custom Flutter libraries that developers get access to, it is easy to perform tasks like in-app sharing, creating and managing the personal contact list, receiving OTP SMSs, and so on.

flutter app development services

Key Takeaways

Reading this in-depth blog, you can understand that Flutter app development services have a significant role in creating an app that is highly interactive and easy to test.

Therefore, if you use it for enterprise app development, it will have more benefits than cons.

Some of the worthy pros are:

  • Accelerates speed for code development.
  • Reduces risk exposure for the business.
  • Fastens up the pace of product development for the final solution to reach the market quicker.
  • Keeps UI and code logic intact in the two platforms.

Wrapping Up

Enterprise apps have a significant value in ensuring business efficiency goes up. Also, it ascertains the end-users get top-notch customer service. Therefore, the app buildup needs to be robust. This is where Flutter observes its use growing manifold. Providing the support to create a cost-effective solution that promises innovation will give your mobile app a competitive edge in a reasonably short time.

Thus if you are planning to use the SDK for developing the application, connect with us now. We are a reputed Flutter app development company having the necessary resources at our perusal to support you in this. We will build a mission-critical enterprise app that caters to your business-specific needs so that you can achieve success like never before and gain the ability to give that push to your setup in a reasonably short time.

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