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When Google released Flutter in 2017, it has become the most in-demand framework among developers and app development companies. Especially when discussing a tool that is recommended for custom app development, then Flutter wins the day. However, it is to be noted here that when you want to leverage the best benefits from its use, you must connect with the right set of professionals too.

So why is Flutter popular? The reason is its capability in cross-platform app development through a single code base.

Now another question arises- Is it easy to headhunt these professionals? The answer to this is no. It is in fact quite tricky. This is because the tech stack is relatively new and thus using it, and understanding it will take time for the developers. Therefore, before you go ahead and hire these experts, you must know the process that will make this journey convenient. This includes the necessary skills that they need to possess.

In this blog, we cover everything you need to know about hiring Flutter app developers for your project.

Reasons for Flutter’s Astounding Popularity

Check out this graph below to gain insight into the popularity the tech stack has achieved over the recent few years.

tech stack

Image source: stackoverflow.co

According to the Stack Overflow 2022 Developers Survey, Flutter has been named as a tech stack that 12.64% developers recommend for cross-platform app development.

The reasons are:

• Platform Agnostic

Flutter allows developers to use a single codebase. Therefore, they do not have to create separate codes for the different platforms where they plan to launch their app.

• Accelerates App Development

Possessing an extensive widget library allows the Flutter app developer to get quick access to pre-made functionalities. Therefore, the overall time for coding and the costs for development gets reduced to a great extent.

• Easy to Learn

If developers know programming languages like Java, Python, C#, etc., it is easy to also get a grasp over Flutter.

Let’s now know the different reasons why you should hire Flutter developers and the benefits they will bring to your project.

Reasons to Hire Flutter Developer

  • Flutter app developer offers their support in building apps at a fast pace. Since they do not have to write separate codes for the different platforms where they launch the app, therefore development time gets reduced considerably for them.
  • Developers can take the advantage of multiple plugins present in the tech stack to make the overall app development flawless for them.
  • Time for testing gets reduced as one version of an app only requires the testing to be done that too by QA experts. Developers and their support are not required in fact for this.

If you’re looking to hire Flutter app developers, they need to be skillful in the below-mentioned roles and responsibilities.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Flutter App Developer

• Roles

A Flutter app developers role is divided into three main categories-

  • Junior Level with very less experience who are just embarking on the journey of Flutter app development services.
  • Middle Level with 2 to 4 years of experience who focus on the business goals and budget limitations to ideate a tech stack that would assist them in their app development journey.
  • Senior Level with 4+ years of experience to give the business access to a tech solution that is tailored to the business needs, apart from also giving their expert help in solving tech issues.

• Responsibilities

  • App design and development skills for building complex cross-platform apps with the desired features.
  • Writing clean codes so that app scalability takes less time and the development team gets clarity on the code’s functioning at a lesser time.
  • Fixing bugs so that the app functions at an accelerated pace.

Now you are ready to wear the recruiters’ hat, let’s get knowledge of the steps that promise to make your headhunting journey pleasant when you embark on hiring Flutter developers.

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How to Hire Flutter App Developer? Steps to Follow

• Know Countries Possessing Best Flutter App Developer

Check the image below to find the destinations recommended for having the best team of Flutter app developers.


Image source: existek.com

As you can observe above, five countries have these experts in the largest percentage:

  1. USA
  2. Europe
  3. Brazil
  4. India
  5. China

Want to know why these places are so much in demand?

  • In the USA, the services are of high quality. However, the costs for hiring remain the highest.
  • In Europe, Eastern Europe has more demand for these professionals in comparison to its western counterpart.
  • In Brazil, the developers’ number is on the rise with their increasing interest in learning new tech stacks such as Flutter.
  • In India, the hiring costs for developers are less. The Indian subcontinent today has gained prominence as the best option for outsourcing Flutter app developers as the quality of service of these professionals is of paramount nature.
  • In China, last, the business can be sure to get connected to a supportive developers’ community.
need flutter developer

• Assess Engagement Models

There are three main forms of engagement models, namely, outsourced, full-time, and freelance models.

1. Outsourced Developer

When you outsource a Flutter app developer, you get access to a large pool of talented experts alongside getting the desired support to save on hiring and infrastructure costs.

2. Freelance Developers

Despite being quite in vogue over the recent years, the engagement model has a lot of quirks associated with it. One most prominent among them is the business setup cannot be sure of the time when they can approximately expect their project delivery to take place.

3. Full-Time Developers

This model has the business hiring these professionals on their payroll. Therefore, the entire mobile app development process becomes easy to manage.

However, it is important to remember that it is not enough to only know these models. There are some points you need to also keep in mind before you select any of them.

  • Developers expertise
  • Consistency level of the professionals
  • Level of control you can maintain over the developer
  • The cost you have to incur for hiring the expert
  • Collaboration level the developer has with you

• Examine Developers’ Hard and Soft Skills

There are two main skills that you need to specially assess when you are wearing the recruiters’ hat to hire a Flutter app developer. They include hard and soft skills.

Hard Skills

  • Knowledge of Git
  • Understanding of software development life cycle
  • SQL knowledge
  • Programming languages knowledge like Kotlin, Swift
  • Prior experience working with OS like Android and iOS

Soft Skills

  • Effective issue resolution
  • Harnessing creative skills to craft out-of-the-box solutions
  • Teamwork skills
  • Communication skills to ensure effective collaboration so a unique app is created
  • Conflict management

• Ask Brainstorming Questions

You need to ask the developer the following questions before connecting with them so you know that you are connecting with the best.

  • Explain your experience in app development.
  • What do you know about Dart?
  • Explain the difference between Flutter and other such technologies.
  • What do you mean by Flutter SDK?
  • Can you explain the best way to ensure consistent formatting in Flutter?

Answers to all these questions in a detailed and descriptive manner will ascertain you are getting in touch with the right developer.

• Connect with a Flutter App Development Company

This is another recommended way to hire a Flutter app developer. Embark on the journey online and visit sites like GoodFirms, Clutch, etc. to locate the best Flutter app development company. Now after you locate the same, visit their website.

Follow these steps thereafter:

  • Examine portfolio.
  • Connect with their representatives.
  • Discuss your requirements and check to understand the company.
  • Examine models for payment when the company starts offering the services.

• Cost to Hire Flutter Developer

It is critical to equally place focus on the cost as it is not a wise business proposition to spend excessively on this especially if you are a startup.

Hourly rates of a Flutter developer vary from one location to the other. This area actually has a significant role to play in cost estimation. Below, we present a table that will help you to understand the Flutter app development cost in India and other countries.

LocationHourly Rate($)
North America$150 – $200/hour
Latin America$50 – $70/hour
Western Europe$80 – $150/hour
Eastern Europe$50 – $70/hour
Australia$100 – $150/hour
Africa$40 – $70/hour
Ukraine$25 – $50/hour
India$20 – $40/hour

Looking at the table, you can understand that the hourly rates of the developers in India are promising and affordable. Also, you can be sure about the service quality being the topmost when you hire Flutter app developers from India.

Wrapping Up

Hiring is undoubtedly a very difficult task. It demands utmost focus and planning. But if you have the right support for this, the task becomes a cakewalk. Make sure you have done your research well before you hire a Flutter developer for your next project. This means you need to pay heed to the skills of the developers, and their prior experience using the tech stack. Once you have these areas covered you can then go ahead and recruit them.

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