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  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • November 04, 2017
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In this tech-savvy world, mobile applications have turned out to be the talk of the town. The tricky question is that which is the most suitable operating system for developing the apps? But for this purpose, we need to compare the different kind of platforms which are available in the market. Recently, Facebook has launched the react native platform that assists the developers to utilize the code which was previously developed for either IOS or Android. Probably, React.JS Development Company uses this platform to develop multiple the applications.

So let’s compare the platforms to arrive at the best platform on which the apps should be built.

• Entire functional application

The main conflict generates with regards to functional application. The complete application can be developed with the help of Angular.JS but it doesn’t go same with the React.JS. ReactJS will need an additional support for developing the entire functional application. Angular.js is a framework that includes the entire MVC structure and indulges it in the applications. Whereas, React.JS is the simple javascript library which can be utilized to form the user interface. In other words, it is just a V in the MVC structure. So there is a big gap difference in these platforms to develop the applications.

• Grasping power

For the developer who has just started opting for the development will find the AngularJS as the one that will work out in all the hard conditions. The project gets started very easily in the Angular.JS platform but when we notice ReactJS, it is the option that will quickly and rapidly make it easy for you to develop. XongoLab Technologies uses the React.js for handling the complexity. But using React.JS in the starting of the project would be a little bit difficult. In a matter of complex and difficult to handle applications, the nature of Angular.JS will lead to the failure of feasibility and reliability. But React.JS will give you much more flexibility comparatively.

• Assurance

We have noticed this thing that in the year 2015, it was icing on the cake for the React.JS which was considered as one of the most productive and effective javascript libraries. Even though React.JS is stable but depending upon the React can’t be the solution. React.JS can give you enormous flexibility and reliability but can’t assure you for the future development. At the same time, Angular.JS is another stabilized establishment which is a framework and it doesn’t require any additional support for the development of the applications. It is always used in its original form.

• Hypocrite

The significance of using ReactJS is that it will let you know about the errors very soon let it be the small errors also. It fails rapidly and tells the obvious error which would be arriving in the code. On the other hand, AngularJS will compile the code first and it will do it like a genuine hypocrite and sometimes might break down in the duration of the execution. As per the trivial, it seems like hypocrisy will delay the development procedure.

• Size

On comparing the sizes, we come to know this thing that the size of the platforms varies as per the MVC architecture. Angular.JS is currently available in the size of 764 k so it is going to trim as per the upcoming advancements. The size of ReactJS would be comparatively small as it doesn’t include the entire MVC architecture as angular does. Anyhow, if you add the extras in the React.JS it would completely make up the MVC architecture. ReactJS Development Service would be the best option with small size. But then also it would result in the smaller framework than the Angular one.

• Debugging

Most probably, Debugging is assumed to be the hard thing to do in the application development. But it is more interesting to know about the handling of debugging by different frameworks. Angular.JS will give the fewer data and information in the debugging time. The react.js will comparatively give the more information in the debugging time.

So it is concluded that for ReactJS, it would be the perfect choice if there is complex UI with numerous rendering and custom elements. Both are superior in their own way. It depends upon the requirement that you need to develop the application.

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