Top 6 Features of iOS 11 Introduced by Apple

iOS 11
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • August 22, 2017
  • 3 min read

The advancement of the technology has led us to the all new iOS 11. This is going to be very attractive to the people who are operating iOS 11. There are so many exceptional features offered by iOS 11 which will leave you amazed. These features are developed after the continuous testing and experiments so that when they are launched into the market, they can be used by every user efficiently. Below are the additional features of the iOS 11:

1. Screen Recorder

There is a new technology developed in the iOS 11 namely screen recorder which eliminates the need for the spare Mac for the apple users. Screen recording for them was a big issue as they weren’t able to do it directly, but with the help of screen recorder now it is easier to upload the tutorials to the YouTube or remarkable pictures on the snap chat. You can find this customized shortcut easily in the settings and make use of it as per your needs.

2. Innovative Notification & Control Center

With the advancement developed by the iOS 11, now apple users will experience all new notification and control center in which they can see the difference between previous and latest modification. The new invention is that now, lock screen and notifications are merged and developed a new center in which you can observe the things in a more customized way. Not only is the notification center now messaging features are also redesigned. You can share the emoji and games or stickers with your loved ones just by swiping the appropriate tasks.

3. App Store

The apple application store is redesigned in a stupendous form. This is done so to help the users to get more applications in the store so that they can enjoy all applications. This new interface will display a new tab stating today which will help in the discovering the new applications. That means daily you will get an update regarding newly added applications so that you can line up with it quickly. Also, there are some tabs which are endorsed with the new updates, applications and games. So now, apple users no need to struggle for discovering new applications or games.

4. FLAC Support

So far, all the apple users used to face the difficulty because of the scarcity of the FLAC support but now with iOS 11 music system has turn out to be more interesting. It has generated a new technology called FLAC which means free lossless audio codec that possesses negligible compression. When you music system works without compression, you can smoothly listen to the music and enjoy the surroundings. Apple has made this new loving advantage for the music lovers. iOS 11 supports the FLAC playback system which will take you to the different level of listening to the music.

5. Offload

Initially, what we used to do is when we needed to erase the dust from the apps we cleared the cache from the apps so that it will create some storage. But now iOS 11 has started a new option of Offload that will automatically delete the cache from the applications and provide some additional storage. This offload app will give you relief as you no need to erase the cache every time.

6. Siri

With the advancement in the iOS 11, Siri has become more powerful. With the extra ordinary features, you can quickly reach the destination without any interruption. Now Siri has a female voice as well as male voice. So you can choose any of the voices as per your requirement. The voice commanding is also clear from previous one.

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