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  • December 02, 2017
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Website Development is something that every company looks forward to due to the growing environment of connecting over the Internet. Businesses often are in search for website development company to get their own website developed. In this process of looking for web development service, businesses often use the terms “website development” and “web design” interchangeably. However, both of them are two different terms requiring unique skill sets.

Website Development Services can involve getting a simple plain webpage to be made or getting a complex website with numerous applications being developed by the website development company.

How is Web Design different from Web Development Service?

Web Design refers to the usability and the aesthetic portion of a website. Web designers use applications like Adobe Photoshop for creating layouts and adding visual elements in the website.

However, Website Development Services are a little different. They involve the usage of website design to make an actually functional website out of it. This web development service is done by creating several programs using HTML, JavaScript and so on.

Web Development :
Website Development services include the making of a functional website out of the initial website design by the usage of several programming languages. Website Development Company takes up the task of developing the website for its client. The initial website design is studied and is then broken into parts to further add several programs and make it functional.

Web Development Service is not only related to the development of the website, but also includes several other tasks that need to be performed on routine basis or maybe on different and specific occasions. Some of these tasks include-

•   Web Engineering
•   Web Design
•   Client Liaison
•   Web Content Development
•   Client-side or server-side scripting
•   Web server and network security configuration
•   eCommerce Development, and so on.

Web Development Service involves the non-design aspect of the website development service like writing, markup and coding. Web development is now more related to the creation of the Content Management System(CMS). This CMS acts like a middleman between the user and the database through the web browser. The best part about CMS is that it can be managed by both the technical as well as non-technical individuals as it allows the alteration of data on the website via an easy process.

Number of individuals needed to provide with Web Development Services-
The number of website designers and developers depend on the complexity of the website. The simpler the website, the lesser developers it requires. Maximum small companies, having simple websites, hardly require more than one developer. However, larger organizations or businesses may require complex websites and thus may approach well-known Website Development Company to get necessary services.

Web Development Service Industry :
With the growing technological advancement, the web development service industry is rapidly growing too. Every business now plans to take his step on the web due to the growth of the e-commerce as well as the e-marketing. This rapidly increasing desire to make a place on the web has boosted this industry and it is growing at a rapid pace.

The other reason for this growth of web development is the availability of several open source software who have kept the cost of learning this process of web development quite minimum. Some of these software include GlassFish, LAMP( Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), and many more.

Knowledge of HyperText Markup Language(HTML) has also made it easy for the growth of web development service industry. People can easily refer to several books and learn more about HTML.

Not only these, all the web development software are quite easy to use and have efficiently contributed to the growth of this industry. Several software systems such as BlueGriffon, Microsoft Visual Studio, and others have made the website development company avail the youth and grow efficiently.

Process of Web Development :
The process of web development includes several steps. Sone of these are listed below-

1. Web Design or Graphic Design
Building the information architecture and copyediting and copywriting with the help of web usability, accessibility, and SEO.

2. Responsiveness
The server side of the coding in the website development service involves getting the website functional and the client side of coding related to the design and layout.
The next step is the Testing of the website. Before launching the website, every website development company tests the website developed so as to correct the necessary errors and ensure the capability of the website.

Security Measures In Web Development :
The Internet is full of threats and malware and thus, it is important to maintain the security of the website. Methods such as encryption and usage of SSL are some of the ways to keep the network secure and devoid of intrusions.

Web Development is a complete package in itself. The best part is that it saves the trouble for consumers to struggle with finding information and helps the businesses to expand throughout the globe without actually having a physical presence at all of these places.

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