Super 6 Trends that a Mobile App Development Company Should NOT Ignore

Mobile App Development
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • September 05, 2017
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Over the past couple years, mobile app development has seen a major development. It is quite clear that people are using mobile phones more than ever, thanks to smartphones. And different companies are making their services mobile friendly to offer convenience to their customer. This is probably the reason why mobile app development services are getting more popular in today’s time. And in the future the mobile app development is only going evolve more. Today with state-of-the-technologies such as Cloud computing, M-commerce, Internet of Things, Beacon, etc. the mobile apple development services have reached to a whole different level. In the coming years, mobile app development services in India is only going to reach greater heights.

Today, the smart devices in the market are a very important tool that helps in making the daily task easy. This convenience has resulted in the serious competition in the market, particularly in the application market. Each mobile app development company looking for the latest trend prevailing in the market.

If you want your mobile app development services in India to be on the top, you also have to stay on top of the game. Here are some latest trends in the market which each and every mobile app development company should not ignore:

1. Application Security:

Today one of the most common problem developers face in mobile app development company is security. There have been multiple security breaches that impacted the app market. In fact, in the year 2015, a huge of amount data was put at risk because of a cyber attack. It has been expected that very few mobile app development companies have been able to pass the security test. The security of the application can be one of the crucial factors, that includes the increasing the mobile devices consistently, the rapidly growing IoT and mobile wallets, and the practice of BYOD, etc.

2. Increasing Digital Mobile Payment:

Mobile app development services in India certainly cannot ignore the rapidly growing number of digital mobile payment providers. Apple Pay and Google Wallet are already ruling the market. Services like these have played an important role in evolving the mobile payments. Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and many other mobile payment options are also making their mark in the market. besides mobile payment trends have resulted in the growth of simpler and safer payments and its growth is expected to continue in the coming years.

3. The Hype in Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing can provide a lot of features such as scalability, reliability, powerful processing capability, better data storage, etc. This can effectively give your prolific development platforms that can be great for the developer. Augment app development by accelerating the process of development and provides an easy and efficient implementation of the cloud technology in the mobile applications. There are many cloud-based applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. and in the coming year, more such efficient applications are expected to hit the market.

4. IoT and wearables are in Trend:

Wearables have given a new dimension to the mobile app development services. The craze of Wearables are increasing day by day and we are sure to see more Wearables in the market in the coming time. From fitness Wearables to others productive application the trend is only going to get bigger. Industries are looking into new ways to associate their products with wearable technology and get benefits from it.

5. Provide Location-Based Services:

Location-based services such as Beacon has gained a lot of popularity in the mobile app development services in India. This technology allows the applications and websites to get the location of the users and according to that customizes the messages ad advertisements. Apart from Beacon, there are other efficient location-based services are becoming popular among the businesses.

6. Enterprise Applications:

Along with different app categories, the developers highly prefer enterprise application for monetary purposes. Currently, lots of developers all around the world are developing enterprise applications and more than 40 percent of these applications are getting a considerable profit.

Additionally, it has also been observed that the opportunities of working in enterprise application are continuously increasing for mobile app development services. This is because companies are using mobile platforms to either influence their products and services or increase the productivity and get the profit for their business by aiming at huge mobile users. Hence, enterprise applications are going to evolve further and will also provide profitable deal for the business developers

There are various mobile application development trends that are trending as well as failing in the market. if you want to stay on top of the market you have to know the trends that are ruling the market. with growing mobile app development services in India increasing at a rapid rate, the enterprises have to look for smart and unique trends for their users.

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