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On Demand Delivery App
  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • May 04, 2020
  • 4 min read

As stated by EuroNews almost 50% of humanity is at present on lockdown because confinement has been called by 90 countries. In this COVID-19 global pandemic period, we have come across some new terms like lockdown, quarantine, PPE, contactless delivery, etc. The global cases have reached 2 million and COVID-19 outrage has shaken and walloped the entire global economy massively. It is true that businesses will take a long time to get back on track. Hence, to survive in this pandemic situation, you should switch to that business that is highly in demand in this global emergency period.

As the entire world is witnessing complete shut-down, more and more inhabitants are looking forward to home delivery services to fulfill their daily needs. People are skipping to visit the store and are depending upon on demand delivery apps to get everything from toilet papers to groceries and medicines delivered at their doorsteps.

Panic buying and the fear of getting contaminated is inducing people to download apps for meals, medicines, groceries and other essential items during this Covid-19 crisis. You can clinch this opportunity and start your own on demand delivery business via our fully functional and robust on demand delivery app and earn revenues despite complete lockdown.

Online delivery ventures like Grocery, Alcohol, Food, Handyman Services, Day to Day Essential Items, Pharmacy, Water, etc are flourishing immensely. You can either get an app developed for providing all these services or can get an app built that would offer only one or two specific services. There are many business entrepreneurs who have already launched their own on demand delivery app and are running their business smoothly.

Provide your customers with an enhanced shopping experience with a single tap on their mobile phones via our strategically designed on demand delivery app meeting the needs of the current time period. Our white-labeled on demand app solutions can be customized as per your business requirements and can be launched with your company logo and name within 4-5 working days.

On demand delivery apps can be categorized into three types – B2b, B2C, C2C and we hold vast experience in building each of them. Hence, before hiring our on demand delivery app development services, you must discover first which type of on demand delivery app you would like to start.

Why Are On-Demand Delivery Apps So Much In Demand?

Covid-19 is ruthlessly attacking people without even pausing for a moment. Hence, almost every person has switched ‘ON’ their online shopping mode and prefers not to step out of the house even to buy a single thing. Reasons, why on-demand delivery apps are considered as the need of the hour, are:

1. Coronavirus is transmitted when someone comes in close contact with an infected person. Thus, people panic to visit stores and demand alternative means to get essential items and services.

2. Though social distancing is maintained, people look forward to doorstep services.

3. Due to nationwide lockdown, people are unable to step out of their homes.

4. Due to panic buying, the shelves in the grocery stores are today running out of stock that led to increased demand for on-demand delivery apps.

5. Apps are easily accessible and offer multiple choices to the customers to choose from.

6. The app enables the customers to shop for all the regular items from a single app and from their homes conveniently and quickly.

It is expected that people will continue to shop even after this tough period because of the convenience received via online shopping. After having a gander at the need of having an on-demand app, for you present is the decent time to develop and launch your own on demand delivery app.

Problems That Can Be Eliminated Via Our On Demand Delivery App

Covid-19 is an economic as well as health emergency. Many small businesses have been impacted due to this black swan event. The problems that can be eliminated via delivery apps are:

1. High demand, shortened store operating hours and inventories can be managed easily

2. Achieve stability of the economy

3. Provide employment to daily wage workers to meet deliveries on time

Choose us as your technical partner for developing a on demand delivery app just like Deliveroo, UberEats, Zomato, Grofers, Fly Cleaners, Bloom That, Priv, etc. and enter the online platform before your competitors step into this digital platform.

Features Integrated Into Your On-Demand Delivery App

Loaded with versatile and essential features such as Order Pick-UP, GPS Tracking, Multi Payment facilities, notification, etc. Our designed app can provide you with a great opportunity for growing your business without any pandemic fear. Along with these basic features, we integrate a few more features like:

• Contactless Delivery – Very essential feature that should be present in every on-demand delivery app. From this feature, the customer can give instructions to the delivery boy on where to keep the order. Once the order is placed at the instructed area, the delivery boy will notify the customer via the app.

• Virtual Assistance – Through this feature, the customer can view the actual texture of the items and then can make his purchase.

• Emergency Care Kit – This feature helps you in stocking-up the inventory so that you can meet your customer’s futuristic demands.

• Donation – The customers who want to make donations for the needy in this coronavirus pandemic situation then they can donate via this feature.

We ensure that our tech-enthusiastic developers, designers, programmers and testers will create the best clone script for your app having an aesthetic look via which you can create your brand name within a short time span and run your business lucratively. Ensuring that your customers attain complete convenience and great online shopping experience, our seasoned developers utilize state-of-the-art technologies.

In this emergency epoch, we recommend you highly to build an application for your venture as online platforms are going to experience heavy traffic in the coming period. So, why waste time? Grab this golden opportunity with our outstanding on-demand delivery app solutions for setting up your online business.

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