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  • Ankit Patel Ankit Patel
  • February 05, 2019
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How about a cup of coffee in the morning and reading news from your mobile? Yes, you heard it right; reading news from the mobile. That is what we all do now. What do we do when we are on Facebook or Twitter? We either watch interesting videos or go on links that are news articles. So when the digital medium is mostly preferred for propagation of the news now, why not have an app for your news and magazine? We all know for a fact that the demand for physical newspapers and magazines are waning. We can all see the print media dying a slow death. It is high time that your magazine or newspaper goes digital. In fact, if you will not go digital now, you might never be able to survive.

Let us introduce you to the news and magazine mobile app development wherein you can reach out to an increased number of readers all over the world. Surely, there is no better way than the digital medium to propagate your newspaper or magazine.

Before going into the features of the newspaper and magazine app, let us see how it is beneficial for the company to have one. If the news and magazine articles are for free, then how do the print companies survive? Where will they earn their profits? The answer is ads. The newspaper app is full of ads and paid articles that get continuously displayed on the screen. So that aspect is an important feature in the newspaper and magazine app development.

• The Models on which the Newspaper and Magazine App can be Built:

There are two basic models on which the newspaper and magazine app can be built-

1. Aggregator model – Here the news is collected from various resources and published in their newspaper and magazine app. This is advantageous for the fact that the resources can be collected from across the globe and uploaded. For instance, the trending news, the lifestyle news, film news and so on. As a paid partnership, you can also write about the various events and exhibitions that will take place across important cities.

2. News resource model – This works for who already are the owners of newspaper or magazine. They can get their newspaper digitized and improve the number of readers across the globe. Some can even start with a dedicated news app like for mothers, children, men, politics, sports and so on. When you target only a certain topic, you can get freelancers to write articles for you so that they share the link among their friends.

• Newspaper and Magazine Application Features:

Let us see the features to be incorporated during the newspaper and magazine mobile app development:

1. Login/ Registration
This is the first step in the newspaper and magazine app development process. Here, the user first registers their account through popular social media accounts, e-mail credentials or mobile number. Subsequent logins are through account name and passwords.

2. Profile Settings
The next step in the newspaper and magazine app development is the creation of a user profile. Fields to be included here are full name, age, city, country, gender, interests, likes, and dislikes etc. This helps the newspaper app in data analysis and show content that is relevant to the user thus making it more interactive and user-friendly.

3. App Design – Sections
A better categorization of your news articles will make it easy for the reader to land on that specific topic that he is interested in. There have to be different sections for viral news, trending news, breaking news, politics, sports, current affairs, finance, entertainment, education and so on. Then there will be news as per the important cities. To cater to the regional audience, the sections included can be as per the language also that has articles written in regional languages.

4. Filter option
The filtering option has to be planned and designed by your newspaper and magazine app development company during the development stage. This will help the user to land on the specific news they are interested in. Another filter option will be as per the dates and months. The better your filter options, the easier it will be to navigate across the news contents for the reader.

5. Search
The search option is to make it easy for the reader to land directly into a specific page without having to go through the filer option. The user has to just type in some keywords and the search will list all the options as per the dates containing those keywords.

6. Push Notifications
Push notifications are vital in the newspaper and magazine mobile app development to keep your readers informed about the latest news. This is also used to keep them engaged and remind them to open the app and go through the content. Any sponsored offers and contests can be alerted through the push notifications. Also, interview articles of famous politicians, sportspersons or movie stars can be instantly conveyed through the notifications.

7. Audio and Video integration
A different section for the news in the audio and video format will surely be a hit among the people. The newspaper and magazine companies can earn their revenue by displaying videos that will not only get viewers but also increase their reach.

8. Offline Services
This can be included during the newspaper and magazine app development process that helps readers to access the app even when they are offline. When there is no internet connection, the browser loads the document directly from the cache without accessing the network. This allows the readers to obtain continuous information even when they are offline.

Wrap Up
Hire the services of an efficient newspaper and magazine app development company, because your app has to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. There will be thousands of news articles and your app design will show how easily a reader is able to get the information what he wants. Surely, you will not want your newspaper and magazine app to be a puzzle.

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